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  1. A mini I milled at work when it was just finished. Now it's developed some patina, I'll post later when I get home.
  2. I, too, liked their Fin model. Unfortunately, my second email was never answered. In the end, I got a Fin off the Classifieds and also milled one very similar albeit smaller at work for myself.
  3. After I posted the comment I stumbled upon your wide body Lefty. She was a beauty. 1.5" wide if I believe. Yep, 1.5" is my width of choice for my putters and Stu had no issues with making it that wide for me. He's done some impressive putters since my build....gives me lots of ideas! Yeap, it's as simple as modifying the original 3D design, new program for the CNC and boom, you got your (modified) putter. And Stu doesn't charge an arm and a leg for custom works like that, I presume? Unlike the "other" new guy :) BTW those hand-stamps, wow.. steady hands lol
  4. Again, I have had the pleasure to chat over things with Stu. Superb guy. Are those hand-stamped? If yes, wow..
  5. Wow. These stories keep coming... Lefties always have it rough. I have always thought doing a lefty putter is as simple as mirroring everything. That's what I did. Anyway, just wondering. What is this "level of customization" people speak of? I see his putters, they all look.. "normal". They are nothing that an extra hour or two on the CNC machines wouldn't be able to finish. Any, I repeat ANY, CNC machine operators can replicate that. What's the buzz, I wonder.
  6. Awesome putter, awesome guy! Can't go wrong with Stu's products.
  7. Oh I can mill you a neck if you want, rather than going with what I think is a cast neck available on the net.
  8. You can always do a quick torch oil can, simple and fairly straight forward to do.
  9. Good luck. Can't wait to see how this turns out. I milled mine in 4 different materials (the latest being brass), and I would say I like copper best, carbon steel a very close second, followed very closely by brass. Don't really like how the stainless steel feels in my hand. BTW just in case you don't already know, if you want to mill one in copper or brass, keep in mind copper is about 10% heavier than steel due to its density. Brass is about 6-7% heavier than steel.
  10. Yes, and if you searched my previous posts, I milled one for myself just like that. And it's been in the bag for the past dozen rounds or so :) At this stage, the center of gravity should be more towards the toe, correct? Shaving a bit more off the toe side will bring it back towards the center.
  11. I think it needs a radius all around it, maybe 2mm radius to break the sharp edges? And a little slant at both ends so it is not so upright, if that makes sense. Looking good!
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