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  1. Looking to buy the 2019 Ping Stars and Stripes bundle (or the putter cover if that is all you have). I already own the recent one that they made a ton of…just looking for the exact one pictured!
  2. S55’s are yellow color code & standard loft. I210’s are sold. Thank you!
  3. All Prices include shipping & will be fully insured. Thanks for looking! 1. Ping s55 irons…..$199 shipped *3-PW *SR Graphite shafts installed by Ping (great candidate for head pulls if these do not fit you). * Orange size ping grips * Important information for club builders: Yellow color code at their current length of +1/2 inch (1.5 degrees upright). These would be blue color code (.75 degrees upright) if you shorten these back to standard length. 2. Ping i210’s in Fantastic Shape..SOLD!!! * UW, PW & 9-4 iron (matching serial numbers that were all ordered at the same time) * DG 120 stiff flex shafts * Tour velvet White size grips (grips have seen very almost zero use, but Tour velvets seem to dry up by just sitting around (I’d rate the grips as 7/10). * Heads/ faces are in excellent shape! You won’t be disappointed. 3. Brand New Ping Eye 2 Golf Balls…$400 shipped for the lot * 1 and 1/2 dozen of the rare “Merry Christmas” Red & White logo’d Eye 2’s. 5 other brand new other colored Eye 2’s (all display-only in my home.
  4. Thanks for looking! Feel free to PM me with any questions: 1. G400 LST 8.5 Degree (Sold) - Still possibly the hottest driver of all time....with one of the best shafts ever made. - 45.25 inches in length & gently used - 3 grams of sound-deadening hotmelt installed by Ping during the original build process - Face & crown are in fantastic shape...you won’t be disappointed! 2. Virtually brand new G425 LST 9 Degree Driver....SOLD! - Only Used 1 round (not enough loft for me) - 6 grams of sound-deadening hotmelt professionally inserted by Ping at the initial club build - Comes as head-only (or a Alta CB stuff shaft that is unused...I used the head with my old G410 shaft). - headcover included ****This is basically a $125 discount & you won’t have to wait the current long order times!!!!!
  5. I rolled a guy’s i-series Piper H the other day and was making everything. Does anyone currently make a putter with so little offset? It was 1/4 offset at the most, which I’ve never putted with before. I’d just buy a new Piper H, but they were released when Lincoln was president and aren’t really around anymore. I guess the custom route is always an option through guys like Byron. Just curious if anyone knows of one from a major OEM? The new Mizuno line is has something close, but not quite.
  6. Nothing personal, but that’s crazy talk. They can’t keep up with sales, and have far greater production capacity than pre-covid. They also pay guys on Tour way less than competitors (and sponsor fewer guys). To win the iron & driver count speaks volumes.
  7. To be fair, Ping is probably the least self-hyped brand of all time. Starshot is fancy sounding, but their other blast finishes are pretty utilitarian in name (Stealshot, whiteshot, guyson...ect).
  8. Starshot is a media blast finish (not plated). It does not wear off, as it is simply a texture. I’ve had two putters with it & both looked fantastic.
  9. Didn’t mean that to be abrasive. Just mentioning a possibility. Sounds like you’ve got a handle on things. You’d be amazed how many guys have a basement loft/lie machine and walk into a shop claiming their new Odyseey putter is 3 degrees too flat (when in reality it is spot on).
  10. Not everyone’s swingweight scale is set to the same standard. Just like when I go to the doctor and the tell me I’m 10 lbs lighter than my home scale!
  11. Ping Sedona (i, F, WRX F) Ping Tess (G2, JAS, G5, Sigma G) Flanigan Bilt Bettinardi BB2 Odyssey 8 (differing names) This OG post is listed as Feb 2, 2021...but I also see 2008. Sorry if this is old!
  12. Most underrated putter out there right now. Very compact & detailed.
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