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  1. Accounts also have a list of shafts that they can show you, but I don't think the list has been published since 2017.
  2. Thinking about adding a KM 008 to the bag. Let me know what you have!
  3. You are correct about it being called a secret setting originally (started off as completely unmarked & unpublished in the anser/G25/Rapture 13). Then it went away, until G410 (now only marked internally).
  4. I believe he means FLAT +1 setting. That flat lie angle option is good for a lot of people (especially if playing a longer driver).
  5. Pictures are great! Thanks for sharing all of this info. I’m interested to see if anyone has compared the numbers (launch & spin) of the 425 LST with the 400 LST. Would be an interesting comparison for a lot of us!
  6. For sale: Brand new lefty Blueprint 7 iron. SOLD! I was going to use it for a trackman fitting, as Ping does not have demo’s but I pulled the trigger on some i210’s first. * 7 iron only * PX LZ 6.5 shaft * std length * red color code/ std loft * Tour velvet std size grip
  7. Up for sale is my brand new Ping Blueprint 7 iron (left handed).....$119 shipped - Red color code (1 degree flat) - Project X LZ 6.5 - Std length - Golf Pride Tour Velvet std Grip Feel free to message me with any questions! Not looking for any trades at the moment. Thanks for looking.
  8. Golfturkey: a bit misleading with the AUS dollar quote. Someone with knowledge last page said no increase in price from 410 release.
  9. That concentrated weight makes the CG much more low/back than the SIM (also in a more eye appealing design).
  10. That Bettinardi Proto is the head designed for Luke List (L2). Great putter!
  11. BOS will refill the face for $55 & a refinish is around another $100. If this putter has sentimental value, refinish it. If not, sell it & by a T22!
  12. Functionally, a heavier mass will produce a longer putt (if force is equal). But anyone who has hit a putt knows that people adjust to the tool at hand. LONG story short: A heavier putter is better for a shorter stroke & a lighter putter is better for a longer stroke length. You have guys on tour at both ends of the spectrum (Thomson won this week with a sub 320g putter)
  13. Send it to BOS. I believe they were the ones that originally put the finish on that JAT for Scotty. Black oxide is the original (if my memory serves). Oil can would also look great! Labwrx also does great refinish work. I had Labwrx in Texas refinish a JAT in “silver bullet” and it looked exactly like pro-platinum. Both will be significantly cheaper than the custom shop & will be the same quality.
  14. Like Matt said, both will cause bouncing/ skidding. A slow motion video with an iphone (worm’s point of view) could provide clearer information for us.
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