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  1. Nice price on the tensei! Absolute bomber set up with the max
  2. I think the only reasonable thing to do is to decide which one you will play and keep the other one in case you made the wrong choice.
  3. What you are currently experiencing are growing pains. If the club suits your eye, stick with it. Keep working on the swing, get your distances dialed in and enjoy the ride.
  4. Nothing high end, mostly stock ping stuff specifically a tfc419 x, Alta 55 s, and a tour 80s. I think the spin levels were up around 2700 on good strikes (don't quote me on that). I didn't keep any screen shots from it... Maybe I'll do a little comparison with data and post it on here, see if the gurus can help me out.
  5. It's winter... I've been messing around with shaft and head combos and this is the best I've seen. That's a g400 max 9 degree with the tensei po 60 TX. On most shots the launch is slightly lower but the spin is around 2100 ish... I don't know a whole lot about spin numbers but I've been really hitting this thing well.
  6. Tensei po is the most anti hook shaft I've ever swung
  7. Mp5 but I've hit a limited amount of blades.. So take my opinion for what it is worth.
  8. I haven't hit enough of the mp line but I game 5s and they are incredibly forgiving imo for what they are.
  9. Currently using a po 60tx. I swing right around 115. It's a really good fit for my swing and I won't be changing anytime soon.
  10. I moved on from my g30 set because I felt confident enough in my ball striking to go to something that suits my eye better. I still have the set though.
  11. My story is almost exactly the same. I was at golf galaxy hitting clubs I probably shouldn't from the fitting cart... I really liked the mp5s. They just so happened to have a brand new set on the wall, on clearance, and marked down even more from that on one of those colored dot sales. I think they were like $370 or something when it was all said and done. I traded some stuff I don't play anymore and 40 bucks out of pocket and I had a new set
  12. Sorry, I wasn't very clear in my post. That's the only fitting I've ever had and just provided it as a base line for people to go off of. I'll edit the post. Thanks I'm of the thought that really any modern head will perform similar. You can find a ping g driver for 100 bucks. The 2016 m2 is a crowd favorite. The epic was a bomber, I just sold a sz for 150. The cobra heads all perform and can be had cheap. Whatever fits your eye. Hit it in the middle and they will all be around the same
  13. If you were fitted for it and that's what you like but you can't afford it, my suggestion would be to wait till it's available used on the bst. I rarely ever buy new clubs (esp driver).
  14. Nailed it. I am not a great striker and the 5s are playable.
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