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  1. Keep a list of ~20 swing thoughts in my iPhone Notes. An example, “turn back to see who’s behind you”. Try to organize them based on the swing sequence, for example “finish facing the target (Rory McIlroy like)” comes way after “one piece takeaway”. Will refer back to them on occasion when having issues. Also keep other things I’ve read and heard over the years in the notes, for example, Johnny Miller’s tips on hitting balls on the driving range.
  2. goobers80, congratulations on your successful season and championship. That's so great.
  3. Thanks for sharing this. Well written article as usual by Michael Bamberger.
  4. 6 iron out, hybrid in. Hopefully it warms up enough to play soon.
  5. Well, it’s still the holiday season.... Appreciate the feedback.
  6. Have been seriously thinking about switching from my current set of mixed model Titleist hybrids (21, 24 and 27*) to the Ping g410s. As a slow swinging old man thinking to replace my 6iron with a 30* hybrid and the Pings sound like a good solution. Thinking the 22, 26 and 30* Pings would do ok. Could not find a whole lot out there with a 30* option.
  7. The local Costco here in Durham had the v2 balls, putter and wedge set in stock yesterday.
  8. Tried to purchase the CaddyTek a few minutes ago but couldn't find it on line. Called Costco customer service and they told me it had sold out and that they weren't going to carry it any longer.
  9. According to their web site two options 16* 3 wood and 19* 5 wood, only $179.99. Visions of Dan Aykroyd flowing through my head.
  10. Second the foam roller, try to use it daily. It has helped.
  11. This is great. Loved the part about “too lazy... Garfield”. Thx for sharing.
  12. Heard Johnny Miller use the term wood. Works Only One Day.
  13. In one of his post round interviews Casey backed BK up and confirmed that he was very helpful.
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