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  1. Heard Johnny Miller use the term wood. Works Only One Day.
  2. In one of his post round interviews Casey backed BK up and confirmed that he was very helpful.
  3. Your short game is going to be money this Fall. Really fun to read this and follow your progress. Thanks for sharing with us.
  4. $280 shipped to your door Bought from CPO last Summer. Standard L/L/L per Callaway. Nice clubs, decent shape, picture of individual club is PW which is most worn face. Moved onto Maltby PTMs. Will also throw in Steelhead A wedge to round out the bunch. Appreciate you reading the posting.
  5. I have a Taylor Made M4 bought at a Global Golf warehouse sale and four shafts accumulated over the last few years. This Spring (before the quarantine) the fitter retipped all the shafts with TM adapters and we worked through each shaft with the M4 to find the best shaft for me. Once we settled on the shaft we then worked on setting the club head to the proper loft. I thought the process was valuable to best use an existing club which was good in this case because I don’t need any help buying a new club.
  6. Over the years I’ve come to realize that being on a golf course is a privilege and have come to realize that my only rational emotion should be one of gratitude. This has been especially true these past few months. Here in North Carolina most of our courses have remained open and this has only reinforced the feeling of gratitude. Still get irrational at times and cuss but trying to work on that. Next shot. Sean, thanks for starting this thread.
  7. October or April are the best two months of the year for weather. Agree with comments above on sparse March grass. Early November would be my vote. Hope you enjoy Pinehurst, cool little town.
  8. Play Titleist hybrids - 21*, 24* and 27* as 3, 4 and 5 iron substitutes. No gapping issues.Think they are 913, 915 and 816 and all set to A1. Lowest lofted iron is 6 iron. Setup works great for me. 27* is favorite club in bag.
  9. 9.5 Callaway CF16, 6- PW, stock XP95 stiff shafts. Three Titleist hybrids - 21*, 24* and 27*.
  10. Currently 9.5. TM M4, 12* turned up to 14*. Mitsubishi Diamana Red, 60g. SS high 80s, low 90s. Took several shafts to fitting session in February and this was the one fitter thought best suited to my swing.
  11. My favorite tournament to watch was the Open Championship at Hoylake. Tiger’s iron play was incredible that week. Rahm may have exaggerated to some degree but it’s true what he said even today.
  12. Had a nice winters day about 30 years and drove down to NMB from Durham for a couple of days and one night. My wife and I played Possum Trot, she had one daughter in the cart and I had the other daughter in another cart. Good memories. Nice pleasant course.
  13. Played there twice last year. Their claim to fame is that they were purchased by the same group that owns US Kids Golf (specific details may be off). Anyway they have several sets of tees marked colors, “if you drive the ball 200 yards play the purple tees.... blah, blah”. Decent course, nice range, many holes surrounded by houses. Wouldn’t go out of my way to play it but it’s fine to play there. Love Mid Pines
  14. Funny how that happened isn’t it?
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