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  1. Distance control Has been great. I have 3 other putters with the stability shaft. Ha!
  2. no trades; 718 tmb 4i, modus120 x-flex, standard length, 1.5 degrees flat $105 shipped Epon AF301 with Accra i95 stiff shafts plays to standard loft. 2 degrees flat. Grips are pretty much new. $OLD DH89 with stability tour shaft. Plays to 33in. 1.5 degrees flat. Has clear sole tape on it. Can be removed. $650 Shipped Accra i80 shafts 4-PW. Standard Titleist length. Grips are pretty much new. 100 shipped.
  3. No one ever told me there would be no sleep. Now I got her on swim lesson 4 days a week. Had to shut down my participation in golf league. Playing Innisbrook copperhead this weekend. It’s a blessing to just be out there.
  4. my bad commish; very hard juggling a toddler and work and golf! I don't know what day is what anymore; hoping to get out to streamsong this weekend if weather prevails. The infamous bad service there is a blessing just to get out of the house. =P kisner Reed Bradley
  5. No one here blowing anything out of proportion my man. You claim it's over-rated, rather go spend your money at reunion. That's cool, and my response is it's not over-rated and that you can't get a coore/crenshaw/doak/hanse all in one for the money that streamsong is asking anywhere in the US with the convenience of 2 major international airport an hourish away. And that's a fact.
  6. Who's being a jerk? Who's calling others a liar? Please do QUOTE me so I can be 100% audited. I merely suggested the comments are over the top. And you dare suggested I'm full on bias because you think I worked there my man, which obviously can not be more further from the truth. I even admitted you're not going to get the full on high end service experience like other resorts, pebble, whistling, kiawah etc. But some of these comments make it seem like streamsong isn't even worth the hike. And to be clear, the service IS slow. The food is "ehh". But out of the 20 odd times I've been there
  7. FYI on the greens on red/blue. It hasn't fully grown in yet. The practice area above the range is what it'll be like by next year. They redid the greens last summer. I thought the greens were awful as well. Previous rounds before the new greens were exceptional. As far as towels goes, they told me no due to covid protocols. Before covid19, I've always been able to shower with towels. We're still technically in a pandemic folks.
  8. I love the bantar! No one here even butthurt my man. I definitely admit the service was/is slow. But some of the comments are way over the top. It makes it seem like the courses are not even worth playing and the journey here is a trap. Pizzas and reunion courses are better options? How can this be taken seriously? I waited an hour to eat some meatloaf proclaim as the greatest at Bandon. Proceeded to the bathroom every two hours before my morning tee time at bandon. But did I go into the bandon thread and proclaim worst service. Worst food. Don’t go to bandon? People even say don’t go to b
  9. haha, i'm so sorry; i'll try to put picks in on monday from now on. DJ Casey Reed
  10. Sent you a pm. Didn’t want dc to come in and accuse me of derailing the topic or leading you on to some club that he thinks I have some form of financial ties or work for said club. Ha!
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