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  1. sorry, it's smyers. we are allowed brain farts. but thanks for the correction.
  2. absolutely the best set of greens in central florida and I'm delighted everyone gets to see this course in HD. It's a fader paradise. Koepka, DJ, Rahm.
  3. morikawa is teeing off at 932am PACIFIC time in the third round today commish. All my players made the cut. I'm net positive this week.
  4. i was down to 6 before baby. I've since almost double..... And it wasn't cuz I used to practice. I didn't. But the mind is so occupied now a days that i just rather drink when i'm golfing to get away. hahaha
  5. I preferred CH over Magnolia. Ask the pro shop folks for the routing. I forgot which sides is which for the Flynn routing. His holes are noticeably different than other holes. Tilts,swales and bunkering. Been a couple years since I been back.
  6. Cleveland Heights is a nice afternoon walk. William Flynn old school course though a couple holes are missing due to house constructions but it's an easy walk. Can ask the pro shop to circle the Flynn holes and follow it. Enjoy a beer and grill cheese sandwich after the walk is over. Florida weather is amazing right now.
  7. I am in! Great pics pete3putts! Love the monterey peninsula! I am looking forward to returning after the summer when we know for sure restrictions are lifted.
  8. Got my JOHN LYNCH 47 jersey on today. Let's go.
  9. with so many great public golf courses in the area, unless you plan to do business, just stick with the public golf scene. Just have to hound the tee sheets weeks in advance. Orlando is growing. Probably the fastest growing city in america right now.
  10. any updates on monterey area? trying to book a scramble at pebble with my wife in march but she loves hanging out in monterey. We got any locals that understand the situation? no politics. Just wanted to know if it's fine to wine/dine outside of the resort. thanks.
  11. Bandon is hard to get to but once you’re there you don’t have to drive anywhere. You don’t need to. Hands down the best resort in America. Top tier. Wish the food was better but I got tired of fish and chips in Scotland as well. So there’s that. Don’t know how pebble is holding up. We had canceled our annual trip there last august due to Covid. Hopefully the town opens up again since that’s where my wife prefers to hang out. As far as expenses goes bandon was a lot cheaper than pb. We are not talking just the golf and lodging itself. Fine dining is always going to cost more when you get there
  12. numbers are pretty high. There are no members only clubhouse or bars. Years ago I was a "member" during the summer, aka seasonal package. =P but I don't want to involve myself into this private/public debate of innisbrook so I'll leave it at that. I was able to book tee time 7 days in advance. Of course tee times would be gawd awful at the time with yearly members getting 14 days or so, but please correct me if I'm wrong. We would have tee time at like 1pm or later in the summer so it was either fighting afternoon thunderstorms or dying of heat. Needless to say I never want to do a season
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