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  1. Baltimore blowing a 30-7 lead to give me a giant L. Can’t bet against them. Can’t bet on them. I hope they never see the Lombardi trophy in my lifetime. =P
  2. laying all chalk this weekend; pittsburg KC Balt
  3. Lakewood National; the Commander course is on the web.com tour and piper isn't too bad either. Rates will be heading to peak season soon so there's really no real cheap option. Personally if you're in the area, just walk on at streamsong and treat yourself.
  4. can't seem to pick any winners this year so fade away! carolina pittsburg cincy
  5. all apologies; I dont' even know what day is what anymore tbh!
  6. dang, tough first week. =P lions cards dolphins
  7. always in; we should send $5-10 per week to make it interesting.
  8. i bought a roof top tent for my land cruiser so I will be planning a cross country trip to bandon with the entire family, via grand canyon and moab, in the near future, with covid or not. bandon is magical. it's like the disney of golf.
  9. anywhere along US19 from clearwater to dunedin is fine for Innisbrook. If I lived closer towards US19, that's my preference. You really cant' go wrong with innisbrook. There's 4 courses with the copperhead being the best course on the florida tour swing (bayhill, sawgrass, pga national may think otherwise but anyone who's played them all would agree with me on this). And unless you're willing to fork out $120 each round for mandatory caddie fee, OM, PGC and Concessions is off your list. (yes they are mandatory and yes its uncomfortably humid during summer time from May-October) they are s
  10. Also don’t get offended. Just trying to veer you toward other options. belleair is getting renovated. Feather sound as well. They are using the same turf as old memorial. Hopefully the greens don’t end up as OM. All are great clubs. Another choice I would pick if you want most bang for buck is Innisbrook resort. 4 great courses to play including copperhead. You can walk the north/south. One of the best value in golf.
  11. those numbers of pelican are incorrect. you're not getting into pelican and it's not about the money. It's set up for those deeply rooted in the tampa bay community. best membership in florida. i played there a couple weeks back. finishing up 17, the guy putting on 10 won it all in 75'.
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