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  1. Had to call in again this morning to double check some numbers from yesterday over 6000 calls. Close to 600 folks on the que box at 9am eastern. Only a staff of 28 for reservation. the demand is insane.
  2. finally got through after 11 hours. 2nd week of May 2023 for 16 folks from florida. 36-54 a day for 5 straight days. O.o
  3. Thank you gents! All in good form though I’m getting sick of listening to DMK discuss what strafaci has to do over and over again. Ha! Planning for 16 guys will be tougher than 8 guys.
  4. I’m on my 5th drop call guys. Been at it for 8 straight hours.
  5. i'm on my 3rd drop call my man. Trying to lock up 16 man ryder cup. I got 8 man locked up in april of 2023 but now we got 8 more folks who want to jump in.
  6. I been on hold since 9am Eastern time.... Can golfwrx folks please hang up and let me in. Thanks. =P
  7. not sure if they're doing it this year(up until last year), but between christmas and a couple days pass new years, streamsong always post a summer rate. I believe this past summer the rate was 129 for walking. The national gets the love but the green complex on the Piper course is way better if you're into golden age architect.
  8. Seems if you want to book a big group, you better get a head start. We were pushed to the end of April because there weren’t enough consecutive nights at the lodge. 8 man team going. Already counting the days. Cabot Cliffs is booked for 2021.
  9. This is directly from the reservation. We arriving friday afternoon and wouldn’t be able to make the last bandon preserve tee time.
  10. my wife's from the yale area and spent her first half of life in the NYC area. Prices are low right now. It was always a play to spend half the year in NYC and the other half in StPete. Don't let the media tear us apart. We are all neighbors and there are some mint clubs in the westchester area.
  11. this is actually kind of funny, my wife and I are heading to NY this december to look for real estate in manhattan. I still think the city has a lot to offer 6 months a year.
  12. have your pro call in Isla Del Sol; it's across the bridge Don Cesar. Greens are rolling pretty darn nice over there right now.
  13. That’s a tall order considering the love on this forum for bandon. I love bandon dunes and trails. But the more I think about it I’m going to have to agree with you. I consider the ocean course at Kiawah far superior over whistling. But this isn’t a knock on whistling. I absolutely love EH. Drink some rescue fescue and enjoy the walk. I’m giving Erin hills way too much love. Ha!
  14. it's the best course in wisconsin. I'm rather disappointed they made the first tee box a bit easier than before. Love me some EH.
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