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  1. Les, Happy you;re getting your new Machine. A gentle suggestion with good intentions... perhaps not a good idea to post your address and stating you're away with just the wife at home. I hope no offence will be taken. +1 lol
  2. [quote name='rharvey3' timestamp='1443306344' post='12371694'][quote name='ttm27' timestamp='1443305137' post='12371642']Myself and two friends of mine (all of us single digit handicaps) had the wedges and none of us are playing them anymore. Mine on full shots were just awful from tighter lies. I think it was a bad fitting.[/quote] What are you playing now? What did you feel wasn't right for you, would you redo a fitting and try again?[/quote]the grinds are amazing the fitting is perfect and the customization is endless
  3. [quote name='rharvey3' timestamp='1443145966' post='12364434']Okay, I have an Edel putter and am extremely impressed with it. Wondering what people's thoughts are on their wedges and irons, any feedback, concerns or thoughts as I'm looking for a new set! Thanks![/quote]wedges are amazing
  4. [quote name='Ivyguy' timestamp='1442425233' post='12322652']I'm partial to s55 myself.... But the new ping I series looks fantastic too and there have been some great reviews from them. That being said (I'm gonna hate myself for saying this) but if your miss is thin, aren't the tmag irons with the face slots built for that miss. I am NOT a tmag fan, but I hit them and they are nice (kinda spinny) and forgiving (I'm a slider driver myself so thin is my miss as well). They look good. Another thought would be to try and work out your kinks. I bought some new irons and struggled greatly wi
  5. [quote name='Bama87' timestamp='1442424307' post='12322578'][quote name='Noahlevine2145' timestamp='1442089049' post='12304750']my club fitter at the academy I go to [/quote] Trying not to get too off topic here, but I'm confused. It seems as though you go to a golf academy, but a club fitter there is telling you you need more forgiving irons because you are "loosing like 20 yards with them"? What are they teaching you at this (golf?) academy, if not how to improve your game? Is the fitter saying even with a swing coach you aren't able to be consistent with your irons? Mizuno claims the MP
  6. [quote name='oskaru' timestamp='1442421114' post='12322308']Also: if he claims that you are losing 20 yards with the MP-15's what is that based on? Have you pitted them up against a different set of clubs? If he fitted you for those clubs in the first place I would ask to get my money back.[/quote]like when j Mishit it
  7. [quote name='dunn' timestamp='1442112050' post='12306156']Than why are you on here asking us[/quote]curious what irons you think I should get
  8. [quote name='dunn' timestamp='1442109059' post='12305924']Loft is loft Mizuno has traditional lofts Forgiveness is whole different matter if you have too much club for your game.... Mp15 is phenomenal iron and is fairly easy to hit.....if you have wrong shaft than it doesn't matter what head it's in you will struggle.... If you can't find center of face your gonna find most irons won't really perform.....with any iron you still need some sort of consistency... I would say stick with em if shaft is correct....you will adjust and there is plenty of help there if you dial in swing a lil
  9. [quote name='Kingcat990' timestamp='1442101993' post='12305474']Titleist TMB's would be pretty sweet, and they'd be nice to look at. If you're not brand specific, the options are unlimited. Just can't believe your instructor suggested clubs over shafts. Or failed to instruct in avoiding hitting thin. I don't normally project my expierences in someone's thread, but I jumped around SGI/GI irons for quite a few years. It wasn't till I purchased a set of RAZR X mb's that I found I preferred a MB. I have 545's with Nippon 980's and I don't hit them anywhere near as well as I do my FH1000's with
  10. [quote name='Kingcat990' timestamp='1442101503' post='12305440']Don't get new irons. I'd play those 15's till you strike them right. If you need more forgiveness, then the jpx series are your friends.[/quote]what about Titleist Tmb [quote name='Sean2' timestamp='1442097453' post='12305232']What did your club fitter recommend?[/quote]just somthing more forgiving
  11. [quote name='Kingcat990' timestamp='1442092894' post='12304958']Probably a shaft problem. Have not heard of the 15's being short. But if you're dead set on new irons, maybe buy something with jacked up lofts. Try 545's. Or, find someone at your golf academy that isn't a tard that can put you on a scope with different shafts. Shafts are cheaper than clubs.[/quote]no like they are to thin so when I Mishit them I lose tons of distance
  12. Okay so I have the mizuno mp 15 irons and I love the look and feel of them but, my club fitter at the academy I go to said that I am loosing like 20 yards with them, anyway as much as I love them I agreed Which irons can I get that will give me that forgiveness, not look like a block and feel like a rock but also is not all names and releases like taglirmade Please help with what heads I should get
  13. [quote name='ian1974' timestamp='1441414255' post='12265542']So I'm thinking about buying Edel wedges and irons. I like the look of both the wedges and irons and from what I've read they seem like good clubs. Unfortunately I don't have a fitter close by so I'd just be buying based on looks. Obviously there have been others out there who have owned the wedges and irons and sold them here. For those of you who have owned Edel clubs and have moved on to something else could you tell me what it is that didn't work for you? Just looking to get as much info as I can before pulling the trigger (
  14. [quote name='CollegeGolfer21' timestamp='1441497403' post='12269530']Noah - Don't let people spoil your dreams. You can still go to UCLA and play golf. Worst case is you can play for the club golf team. You should pursue your dreams and go to a great school like UCLA.[/quote] thank I really appreciate it
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