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  1. Have a set of PXG 0311Ts with DG SL S300 shafts. Standard length .5 degrees upright. Grips are golf pride tour velvet cords. Clubs are in great shape. Some minor wear from half a season of play. No trade interests at the moment. 1800$ Shipped anywhere in continental U.S. Price drop 1800$
  2. In theory the 915 should be similar to the SLDR in the spin department, so I'd imagine a lot of people will need a bit more loft for ideal launch and height.
  3. Yeah Duck, the long irons are tough to hit if your long iron game is not strong. I also have a mp 57 3-4 iron and a titleist 712 u 3-4 iron. More often than not the mp4 3-4 iron are not in my bag. The 202's are not THAT much easier to hit, but the mishits are worse with the mp4s. Also i have DG s300s in mine but i have a set of KBS tour vs getting ready to go in them.
  4. I recently went from Miura 202s to MP4s. Loving the MP4s so far. I do carry my miura 3 iron and sometimes 4 iron on days when my swing is a little off and I need a little forgiveness for toe strikes in the long irons.
  5. I'd Like to win these so I can play with them when I go to Scotland in the spring. Go USA.
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