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  1. I dig the tabs within tabs options up top. It really makes browsing easy and straight forward.
  2. Hey gents! This weekend is the Sand Hollow Monster Tournament. Some friends and I are driving down from Vegas to play in it and we're staying at Entrada so we can play the next day at the course. One of our guys bailed for that round so I wanted to extend an invite to someone who is playing the Sand Hollow tournament to join our group as the fourth for Entrada. For those that don't know, it's a private course that is available to hotel guests and members. I've never played it but it supposedly is a great track. DM me if you're interested. Prefer a WRXer who is playing in the Sand Hollow to
  3. Let me know if you find a good league dude. I'd be interested to join.
  4. I've been discussing this with my therapist lately (yeah, I'm cray cray). We've been talking about why I should stop asking myself why as this illicits a negative response versus how or what, which provokes you to go into problem solving mode. Example: You've woken up late and missed your flight, you ask yourself why and you do nothing but tell yourself what a piece of trash you are that you overslept. Golf Example: You hit a slice into the woods, yell, "whyyy" and tell yourself how much you suck. Example#2: You've woken up late and missed your flight, you ask yourself how you can resolve the
  5. Congrats dude, quite the feat, however, IMHO, you're the exception, not the rule. With that being said, out of curiosity, what was the logic behind doing that? I can't imagine a fitter actually doing that but I have seen and experienced stranger things.
  6. Agreed with this guy. +2" is insane. I feel like you must have T-Rex arms if you need to extend them that much, but what do I know, lol. Go seek out a knowledgeable fitter and get fit for shafts at least. Even using Ping's color coding chart you are no where near +2". PING - Iron Color Code ChartEDIT: To answer your original question about balancing out swing weight, either add tungsten powder and cork it, a tip weight to each club or a crapton of lead tape. There's a swing weight workbook(spreadsheet) somewhere on this forum that you can put in the balance point of the club, plus it's length
  7. Who wants to get together and have a marathon movie mayhem night of Contagion on repeat? Haha, in all seriousness, ITTF just cancelled a large tournament due to safety concerns so it's only natural other sports will due the same if a need is seen.
  8. I just bought the off brand ones from Detroit golf, the weighting is a little different light is 285 Grams medium is 325, heavy is 370. I am just going to add some lead tape to the lightest one to make it 10% lighter than my current driver and do the blue only protocol. Currently I average around 106-107 ss and my goal is to have a consistent 170 ball speed. Sounds like it is pretty feasible based on everything I have read here. Anyone else tried the off brand ones from Detroit Golf on the Bay?
  9. I just remembered that I had this training aid from SKLZ, unfortunately, I have no idea what it is called but you can tee it into the mat so it doesn't move and then put a ball in between it. It's pretty helpful when hitting off mats.
  10. I have them in my 58, 54 and 50 degree wedges, to me they feel great. Easy to load, control, add spin, take it off and have a great feel around the greens. The spin that I put on the ball is anywhere from 8-10k roughly per my last time on FS XI Tour a few weeks ago. They skyrocket and land soft, which could be good or bad depending on conditions and yardage along with shot being played but that's just golf. I would highly recommend these shafts for your wedges if you are considering it. Based on what you play, I don't think you will regret it.
  11. Currently, I use KBS C-Taper Lite X's. I could get by with the S's, but I chose the X because it was a more penetrating flight. The S had a tendency to balloon into the wind. I've never hit the $-tapers, but heard great things about em. In my wedges I have DG120S and I am very curious to try the X's in my irons and see how they perform because they're easier to load when I'm having a day when I'm sore.
  12. Hard to see without video, though in the, “pull” sequence, the face looks like it is pointing left of left. The straight looks like it is relatively straight. What’s the ball flight doing? Is it starting left and then going further left? If so, then the club path is right of the club face, which would explain what I am seeing. If that is the case, just hold off the face a touch through impact.
  13. I was severely disappointed with my Club Champion fitting. They tried to charge me $1600 for a driver and a 3i, lol. I was not a fan at all. I was going to gain 5yds of carry and 10 yds total with my driver and 12 yards of carry with my 3i. I ended up doing my own testing and went to a setup that cost me $175 and bought my own 3i shaft for $120 plus $22 for install, length, loft, lie and swing weighting. I mean, how are they still even in business?
  14. You can always put a towel behind the ball and work on hitting ball first without grabbing the towel.
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