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  1. I've a moderate arc putting stroke and am seeking more forgiveness in my putts. I'm liking the shape of these winged style putters with slant necks and was wondering if anyone here has used both and have some insights? Currently using a Odyssey 9HT.
  2. Sunster

    2019 ZStar

    Having played the Pro V1x all season I gave the z star a try today. Definitely softer feel. Low driver spin although I lost distance compared to the V1x. Less spn on the greens too. I can cope with these but I found it very hard to judge putting weight with the z star
  3. Are any apps for apple watch good enough to be compared to a dedicated golf gps watch?
  4. M6 has been a revelation for my scores this year
  5. Which ball are you putting in play this winter? I’ve been enjoying my season playing the pro v1x but suspect it’ll play too hard for the cold Canadian winter. Maybe go with the q-star. What are you going to play?
  6. I have a 2016 M2 and am considering updating to the new M6. Can I simply switch my shaft across without any work on the adaptor?
  7. How much weight to add to the M6 if you take an inch off the shaft length?
  8. Wasnt kidding myself into thinking it would but just to have a nicer looking smaller clubs. At the same time I don't want to make this hard game harder either
  9. I've been playing Srixon 545s for the past 2 years but the Ho has me looking at 765s or P770s for a bit of a change. I'm now down to a 12 index. Just wondering how good a player people here were before they made the change to player's irons?
  10. I've been literally buying up as much used recycled stock as possible from the usual ball sites.
  11. After trying out a number of different balls this season including Srixon xv& Prov1x, I’m happy to have been able to play the rzn blacks again by buying them recycled. 90% of “ mint” have been mint so I’m delighted to extend my use of my favourite ball
  12. Been playing different balls since running out of my RZN stash. Found a rzn Black in my old bag and played it today. Man do I miss this ball. My favourite ball still by a mile. Think I may just have to buy recycled RZN Blacks in future until supplies run out. Out of all other balls I’ve tried I’ve found the Prov1x closest in feel to the Blacks
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