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  1. I went to the Lamkin Players Cord in standard+, but unfortunately they discounted them this year. Can still be found on eBay. Great grip.
  2. This is my grip as well, but I'm concerned that it isn't on the website...Anybody know if this was discontinued?
  3. Modus 120 is THE direction to go for soft butt iron shafts. Such a smooth feel to it.
  4. I'd echo the thoughts on the balance of the bags between Jones and Macs. It might be the spine down the Mac, where as the Jones is unstructured, but the Mac is definitely a touch less of a burden than Jones. I do carry my trestle sticks with my Mackenzie and use them when necessary, but sparingly. Most of the time I drop it on the ground. This winter I have actually gone to a Vessel Sunday 2.0 bag for the rounds that I know I'm going to want to keep my bag out of wet grass or mud and/or need a rain hood. It's kind of like a SUV vs. sports car for me. I'm taking the sports car out on a great day when I don't have to think about anything except the enjoyment factor. If there weather is questionable or I'm going somewhere rugged...I'm pulling the SUV out. All this coming from a guy with 6 golf bags, so maybe I just have a problem...
  5. These look awesome. I love that Byron has heard the calls for the 006 and created the next version of it. Will be in on a 620 for sure.
  6. I play a KK Silver TiNi in 70s in my 2016 M2 3 wood and love it.
  7. I have played quite a few of these and liked almost all of them. 2016 M2 (super forgiving), 2017 M1 440 (low spin monster), M4 (the only one I didn’t love, feel was off for me), M3 440 (as good as the M1, but twist face helped my heel miss), M5 (my favorite so far). Wish I could steer you better. I would say that M5 has been worth it for me so far. I went back to the 460 size with this one and the sweet spit definitely feels bigger, especially on the high face miss.
  8. I think what Lamont is getting at is that this project is certainly doable, but likely to be very expensive. By the time you cut the neck, install a nub to accept the double bend shaft, drill and install weights in the sole and then clean the finish up...the cost will be crazy. I’m just guessing here, but I’m thinking this would be at least $500.
  9. Two things that I added to my bag that I would add again are the water bottle holder and the D-ring near the buckle. I drink a lot of water during my rounds and the outside pocket for my water bottle is much easier to access while walking down there fairway. The D-ring is nice to be able to attach a rangefinder or speaker if you use either. Mine hold my JBL clip perfect.
  10. I was able to pick up a "grip in plastic" Newport for what it would have cost me new with sales tax and shipping. Mine will definitely be a gamer. I put at matte black C Taper shaft and a black stitch back grip on it and it looks sexy. Feels great on the practice green and I'm going to give it a run next time out. One thing to remember with all things Scotty Cameron, is that anything that is "limited" is being produced in far greater quantities than previous years. The limited release head covers, ball markers, bag tags...even the stand bags. There are two ways to slow down the secondary market. Flood the market with supply at current (or similar) prices or jack up the initial price and take the profit out of the flip. I'd rather see more people get their hands on the goods than a crazy price jack (let's be hones, they're already high enough).
  11. I haven't started yet, but I did buy a set of the blanks and the equipment to grind them though. Unfortunately, with a 12 week old and a 3 year old, even my weekend time seems to be spoken for lately. I have a few old wedges that I going to grind on first. I want to get a feel for the multitool sander before starting in on my blanks. Ended up going with the multi tool linked below as it was the best deal I could find. https://www.eastwood.com/multitool-2-x-36-inch-with-3-4-hp-belt-grinder.html
  12. Since you're already playing a T-MB in your 4 iron, assuming you like it, I'd throw in the 3 iron since height, spin and distance don't seem to be an issue. I'd also vouch for the UDI as a good choice and throw in the new Mizuno HMB. I recently bought a HMB 3 iron and it is large enough that it gives you all the confidence in the world to go after the ball, but still retains decent looking lines.
  13. Thanks. I may have to take a look at Oughtns. I play 1/2" over standard, so a slightly lighter head wouldn't be the end of the world.
  14. > @jgrzask said: > > @swgolf12 said: > > For those guys that had Oughtons do the work, can you post some face shots? Did they touch the grooves at all or just remove the chrome? > > Face on of my pitching wedge and 8 iron from oughtons golf. I think he said he sandblasted the faces and that was it > These looks really good (especially with the BB&F ferrules). Any idea what the before and after weight was? I have a set of Srixons that are the perfect irons for me, but I do wish they were raw.
  15. Twist face was the big addition, but the speed slot also got a new insert to help with turf interaction. I put them side by side in the store and didn't visually notice anything significantly different, but TM did not publish the head volume on the M6, so I don't know if it is bigger or smaller. I played the M4 hybrid and liked it, but it didn't get through the turf as great as I wanted. I have a tendency to be a steep, divot taking swinger, so this may be a case of the Magician, not the Wand. I'm currently experimenting with the Cobra F9 hybrid since the baffler rails seem to add bounce to it (I love me some bounce, hybrids, irons, wedges and all). It sits more closed than I'd like at address, but the turf interaction is far better than the M3 was for me. If I can get over the though mental image of hooking it at address, it will stay in the bag.
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