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  1. I heard from Liam recently. It seems to me they are a very small company with tons of orders, so they might not have a 'round-the-clock customer service person. It's worth the wait, in my opinion, to have that personal touch and high quality product.
  2. I adore the B.2. What a great putter. Love how it aligns. Love the clean look at address. Love the sound and feel. So solid. Also love the way it strokes and returns to square automatically. Love it for short putts and long. The feeling on long putts is so cool- it seems to automatically take out the "hit" of a lag putt and converts it all into a pendulum, smooth, gravity stroke. It feels super stable on short putts. I would say it's crucial to get your specs correct and spot on. I ordered my first B.2 based on specs I had got on a different style putter from Club Champion after about a ten mi
  3. I think I finally figured out how to add actual pictures. I just have the DF2.1 and the GD AD GP left.
  4. Okay, I edited the original post to show which pics are which. Sorry, it seems like the process has changed since the last time I posted pics. Hope that helps.
  5. Shaft is the real deal. I bought it from ShaftShack.com for $380 less than a year ago. Has a Ping G400 tip on it and a midsize Golf Pride 2G wrap. $250 OBO. SeeMore Putter never been used in a round. 36.5", 70 degree lie angle. I am just not getting along with the SeeMore system. I was an idiot and got it custom stamped with "DP" on the bottom before knowing whether I'd like it or not. If your initials aren't DP, you can get creative... Bought this for $475. $250 OBO. L.A.B. DF2.1. 35.5", 70 degree lie angle. BGT Stability Tour - Black shaft. Press II 3 Degree. This put
  6. Hey everyone, update on my LAB adventure- I am still favoring the B.2 over the DF2.1, almost purely for alignment and set-up purposes. I also am pretty convinced that, rather than a 35.5" B.2 at 72 degrees, I need at least a 36" (if not 36.5") B.2 at 70 degrees. So my current plan is to sell both of my current LAB putters either on the BST or eBay and put the proceeds toward a 36 or 36.5" B.2 at 70 degrees with the white ACCRA shaft. None of these issues have anything to do with LAB or there processes or products, as I got my B.2 putter specs from a general putting fitting at Club Champion, n
  7. Thank you so much for the reply! Also like the look of the white and the classic taper.
  8. For some reason I had it in my mind that the next i-series iron was supposed to be the “end all, be all”, meaning that it would combine the best of i210, iBlade, i500, and Blueprint, and it would blow everyone’s mind. Then you’d basically have the i series for better players and the g series for game improvement. Nice and simple. I guess this could be that as we haven’t seen any marketing from Ping yet, but it sounds like the rumors are that i59 is simply an iBlade replacement, which is cool and all, as people seem to love the iBlade, and I’d give it a go, even though I’ve never hit the iBlade
  9. Thanks for the reply. How is the stability and feel of the ACCRA compared the BGT?
  10. Can't remember if this has been covered before here, but anyone have any experience with the ACCRA shaft in a LAB putter, particularly a B.2? I don't see a write-up about it on the website. I know some have said the BGT Stability Tour does feel more stable than the KBS CT Tour and also makes the putter head feel lighter than the KBS CT Tour (which I wouldn't mind). Any thoughts on the ACCRA? I'm becoming more and more convinced B.2 is right for me. I do think I need my putter to be an inch longer though (from 35.5" to 36.5" - I'm tall). I'm getting old and don't like bending over s
  11. Great write-up, BABC. I agree with everything you said about DF2.1. I think the reason I like B.2 better in the wild is all due to alignment and visuals. I like the ball position to be where I have the leading edge of the ball in line with the inside edge of my left foot. I also prefer a narrower stance and just slightly more weight on my left foot to kind of stack on my left side. I like the shaft to be straight up vertical (no shaft lean either direction), but not coming directly out of the middle of my body, but just forward of middle, kind of between sternum and heart. Also, I've always pl
  12. Update on my torque-free journey. I liked the DF2.1 better on my putting mat at home (straight six footers) as it felt just slightly more stable than the B.2. In the wild, however, I think I prefer the B.2 as I find it easier to line up and I like my address position better. I feel more confident with it. I am feeling more confident than I probably ever have putting. I am keeping the DF2.1 in the stable for back-up, but I think I'm pretty committed to B.2 (I know some of you will think I am crazy, since I was saying how awesome the DF2.1 was in my living room!). But stability of stroke isn't e
  13. I’m sure it’s in here somewhere, but does anyone know how far the tree he crashed into was from where he left the road?
  14. Got my DF2.1 out on the course for the first time this weekend on a trip to Tucson. Greens have been really bad so it’s tough to tell, but I’ve been getting ball position and alignment issues worked out. I’ve made a few nice longer putts and have felt solid over shorter putts. I looked up the YouTube video on ball position after the first day and that helped, but ummmm, I also stumbled across the “one ball, two balls” video and drills. What?!? I must have missed the discussion of those in the now-50 pages of this thread ‘cuz I know y’all must have talked about it because it’s AMAZING! Shows y
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