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  1. Theres some helpful info here https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1622972-anyone-played-near-destin-lately/
  2. Im at about 7 rounds this year. As a Golf Course assistant superintendent working 28 days out of the month. The last thing I really want to do is stick around the course for another 2-4 hrs playing golf(9 or 18 holes). I always say to myself today is the day im sticking around and playing and then the end of the day comes and I quickly toss that idea out. Tired from working out in the hot sun all day. Out of those 7 rounds 3 of them were last week when I was playing down in Destin on vacation. That was a nice break. I have a nice private club I can pretty much play at anytime I want im just having trouble getting motivated to play. My motivation has kind of peaked a little more since I played 3 times down in Florida so hopefully I can make it out a couple more times before the season ends.
  3. Just got back from Destin last week and played 3 times. Regatta Bay($110- 7:50am), Emerald Bay($78- 9:00am), Kelly Plantation($115- 11:50am). All tee times were booked through Golfnow. RB was in the best shape followed closely by KP. EB greens were rough and very bouncy. Looked like they had punched holes a few weeks ago but needed to roll them very badly. Our group was pretty disappointed with EB cause it was always one of our favorite courses when we go down and play on our yearly Destin trip. I'd definitely recommend Regatta Bay and Kelly Plantation.
  4. Pretty much every RN Thompson course budget. On a side note I played The Players Club in Yorktown a couple weeks ago and it was in really good shape.
  5. Im heading down to Destin next week and always wanted to play Burnt Pine. Have played just about every course down their but this one cause I always thought it was private. After reading these posts I may have to give them a call and try to get on.
  6. Cool idea! I'll share mine when i pick one up tomorrow.
  7. How much are the fees for golf now? I haven't used the site in about a year. I may try using it in about 3 weeks.
  8. Interested as well. I'll be down in Destin the week of Oct. 2-10.
  9. I work at a private club in central Indiana as a assistant superintendent. Been doing it for 11 years and I love every bit of it.
  10. I guess I"ll start things off with the posts. Congrats on 1,000. Heres to a 1,000 more!
  11. Ebay has become all about protecting the buyer. That's why I rarely sell anymore and just buy a few things here and there that are cheap items and I cant get shafted(pun not intended) out of a lot of money. The Fees are just getting higher and higher over the years. You lose a lot of your money after PP and Ebay fees.
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