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  1. ive had these in the bag for a since release. love the feel, look, and performance. i wrote up something in this forum about my experience with p790 and i500 called my 2 cents. I recently took these out of the bag for some honma twx irons but after going to club champion for a full bag fitting i put the p760s back into my bag.
  2. thats a crazy price on those irons. i just recently got fit at a club champion and pured my shafts as well. it costs a small fortune. GLWS!
  3. im a big fan of the gravity grips
  4. bushnell has the tour line and pro line of range finders. 2019-2020 pro xe - black waterproof slope on /off and wind feature. 2018-2019 pro x - black water proof and slope on/off feature tour v4 shift has slope on off feature 2017-2018 tour v4 has no slope tour v4 slope has slope that you cant turn off 2016-2017 tour x has the face that you can switch
  5. in my experience kbs tour shafts tend to fly higher and fell a bit softer. i would l check this out
  6. i would say the forgiveness of the 900 forged would be similar or a little more vs the p760. if you need more forgiveness i would say look to the p790 or the mizuno hotmetals.
  7. ad. but the standard smoke shaft is really good.
  8. i didnt like the shaft of the m6 and the head didnt really scream premium built. feel was pretty good and the distance was really good. the ts2 just checked everybox for me. the shape is really nice. sits behind the ball well. the feel and sound are excellent. flight is nice and high. build seems really premium down to every last detail. and i havent hooked one shot yet.
  9. i guess i hit the post button one too many times.
  10. ive tried so many different hybrids this season (cobra f9, m6, ping g410, epic flash hybrid, and finally ts2). i strongly believe that there is no such thing as a hybrid that is best for everyone. i really liked the m6 over the g410 but after i found out that epic flash was coming out (i had the rogue and liked it alot but i hated the look). i returned the m6 and blindly bought the flast after so many reviewers gave the flash high praise. i instantly regretted that decision. after trying to like the flash and even gettting different shafts i just couldnt like it. not sure what the reviewers are saying but it is not forgiving, at all. Im so much happier with the ts2.
  11. can barely see back at address
  12. They do a really good job of hiding the chunckyness
  13. i just picked up a set yesterday after going back to my golf store on 4 separate occasions to test them. being a club ho i went from: p790 - great feeling great sound, bulky head, jumpy distance. really liked the forgiveness on these irons but i would get the occasional flyer over the green. i500 - great looking, thinner topline than p790, long blade length, clicky feel. looked better than the p790s but feel was harsher and the paint wore off easily. changed out of this set fairly quickly p760 - thinner topline, soft feeling, not as forgiving. was the best of the lot for a long time. i would test other irons against this whenever something new came out (hmb, jpx, apex, t200) but nothing took these out the bag until now. twx - look. compact blade look (even though its about the same as p760 it looks smaller). love the satin finish and the design is very pleasing. looking down even though these irons have a wide sole they hide it very well. sound. feels very solid. not as soft as p760 but more of a solid miura like feel. sound is strong twack! forgiveness. really easy to hit. especially the long irons. went head to head with the p760s but the long irons is really what sold me. hopefully these stay in the bag for a long time.
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