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  1. played golf behind bill clinton at burswood park golf course in western australia...never seen so many golf carts with suited men and no golf clubs...wondered what was in their coolers on the back of the carts????
  2. still haven't got my set yet but still on the look out...the search continues as I have been teaching golf for the last year to kids and ladies at my club so haven't been playing much!!!
  3. correct shaft is the key!!!!
  4. I was going to go even older and say the X14s. Probably the easiest hitting irons I’ve ever played. YepaCallaway x14's are the correct choice...and I still play them...
  5. you should never avoid any clubs in your bag...if so... change them
  6. I still play a full set of x-14's and they are the best!!!!!
  7. 1. drop in price 2. free beer with every purchase ...problem solved
  8. minimalist golf...what is the point unless you are off a +6 hcp...isn't the game hard enough?????? you will need all 14 clubs on most days
  9. I am 42 and play off a 3hcp. I moved from stiff steel to regular graphite (2 years ago) and it has been the best change for me. When I changed my hcp dropped by 5 strokes and it is the most comfortable and enjoyable golf I have ever played.
  10. i don't wait..... i only buy irons that i perform with
  11. if you count the beer bottle tops in my bag you may say that i like to drink beer when i play golf....
  12. correct sonic!!!! The question is not how much longer is your driver???? the question is.... "how much straighter is your driver????" nuf said!!!
  13. Challenge accepted, I will try the r300 6 iron challenge!! The whole point of this thread was not to gloat . I could care less if anyone believes this or not really the whole point of this is that I was judged by my attire from someone who has never seen me swing a golf club. That's the point of this topic not anything else. The fact that I got to shove it in the stuffy pro's face is simply icing on the cake. Now I never thought that so many people would be so upset by my ability with a golf club. I'm sure most of these people on this forum are great golfers. I'm sitting at a 7 handicap but I have good days and bad. I think this thread is why I like golf but not most golfers!! don't stress dude....the boys are just having fun with you. the main thing golfers (and fellow wrx's) don't like are other golfers who tell them how far they hit it...let the score card do the talking in the future! ...lesson learned! lets move on!
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