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  1. I've been in quite the transition and golf has certainly taken a back seat. The Ex and I finally got our divorce finalized which was a long time going and has been a good thing for both of us. We're amicable and working together to both get to better places in our lives, so onward and upward. But, I've been moving and adjusting to single life and it has been hot. Summer has become my least favorite golf season in the lower PacNW. I did make it over to play Old Macdonald last Friday. Still my favorite of the Bandon courses. We played with a solid prevailing North wind and hacked it about. I did challenge the client to a match on the last 7 as I was getting frustrated with feeling like I was slapping it around. Won a nice meal in the pub afterwards. Hope I didn't jeopardize the deal by being all competitive, but golf is golf. I don't go out there and pay 400 bones to slap it around like a hack and couldn't figure any other way to get the train on the tracks. I finished solid with a hard fought par on number 15, Westward Ho! Blew up on 16, and then par on 17 and 18 to at least feel like I was playing golf. At times the front nine just felt like a windy slog. Hope the Confessioners are hanging tight and enjoying the long days!
  2. > @bu11dog said: > > @"Matt J" said: > > Ended on a good note, after the head cold flu my last week numbers weren't as good, but I got to nearly 8% lost and won the challenge. I'm mixing it up now with 3 clean days then a cheat meal or two. Basically eating clean at home and trying to keep it within reason out and about. Going to scan myself once a month with a 3 month goal to maintain body weight while building muscle mass. > > Nice work. > > Our department is starting a new challenge next week. I'll spend the weekend eating poorly to bulk up for the weigh in next week. :) Gotta do it. My last meal before the challenge was a meal deal at Micky D's. ?
  3. Ended on a good note, after the head cold flu my last week numbers weren't as good, but I got to nearly 8% lost and won the challenge. I'm mixing it up now with 3 clean days then a cheat meal or two. Basically eating clean at home and trying to keep it within reason out and about. Going to scan myself once a month with a 3 month goal to maintain body weight while building muscle mass.
  4. Dan, I'm probably not far behind you... You had a lot more cool stuff than me but reading down the list I think my logic would have been pretty similar. For instance I purged my Zing 2's which were my first "real set" and had a 2 iron. I loved that 2 iron off the tee, too. Thought about keeping it but it felt selfish as it's so hard to find a matching 2 iron. I'd guess I'm going to give a bunch of sets of shafts away and keep the heads of some sets in a box in case I ever send them back to be re-chromed. No putters will be left behind, though. That's just not civil. Next time we chat I gotta know how you "earn" a Scotty. Sounds like a good story.
  5. > @DustlnTheWind said: > Anyone's guess on Sheep Ranch public opening? May 2020? Later? Looking to do a a 3rd Bandon trip in 2020 but might book late shoulder season this time to make sure I play Sheep Ranch. I think it's anyone's guess. The Resort probably has some ideas but when I was there they were still excavating the middle of the golf course, hydroseed was down on the southern 5 or 6 holes, and although I'd guess the bases of the greens with grass had been put in I don't know for sure. I'd guess that as soon as they know they'll publish a "hard date" - probably into the growing season next summer or late spring at the earliest, but I'm sure they are thinking of every possible contingency before they offically promote said date. I've worked on some decent sized projects but never a golf course, though.... but, there can be setbacks. For instance, a tractor trailer delivering bagged mulch can flip over into the ditch trying to swing out to get into a driveway. That was the scene at SR when I drove down the beach access.
  6. Putting woes can be tough @Halebopp. My best advice is to take a putting mirror and a chalk line to the practice green. Find a straight 6 foot putt. Stand on a towel so you don't damage the green. Try and roll the ball end over end straight down the chalk meanwhile check your ball and eye position every 4 or 5 putts. Eventually we usually stumble into something that works. Create some visual landmarks to take that to the course.
  7. I think they do close one for maintenance most of the winter, Monday through Thursday maybe? I've called over for tee times a few times and was told a course was closed. Nonetheless, obviously with more golf and the same amount of lodging courses should improve.
  8. Week 4 weigh in today and I met the goals, so now I just have to maintain for the final 2 weeks to get my initial investment back! Total on the week was 3.5 pounds of fat lost for a total of 15.6 pounds of fat lost. That is a total of 7.1% body fat lost in one month. Unfortunately I got a head cold day before yesterday and am out for the count until further notice, so no real exercise to speak of in the last two days.
  9. ^^^^^^^ this also dovetails nicely with the amount of local traffic the resort attracts. Once again it's anecdotal, but the last few times I've been over to the resort there were a lot of comments made about how Oregonians have started watching the weather, booking tee times, and driving over for just a night, maybe two, or in some cases (having done it myself) simply driving over playing and driving home in one day. The idea of "extra tee times" comes from the fact that the lodging was basically built such that 100% capacity should nearly fill the 4 courses, now with a 5th course you would assume there are something like 200 available plays that come available. So more flexibility when booking, and more walk-up ability for locals.
  10. > @"The Pearl" said: > I enjoy going downtown for food after the round. Not crowded and always a good vibe. We did not eat a single meal on the resort in March. I think that is a part of the puzzle with the food and lodging. The Resort has already finished the process to receive approval to build a hotel in town. So, I'm guessing they are going to make a 2-night minimum and divert much of the pass through traffic driving the 101 to their lodging in town knowing they'll likely eat off premise. Many big projects polarize nearby communities at conception. I would not accuse Keiser or anyone associated with the development of making promises they could not keep, but I do think that many of the "pro-golf resort" locals assumed that there would be more economic benefit and trumpeted the coming of the resort as a big boon to the economy. That never happened. With Kemper Sports at the wheel, the resort is run much like any big corporate structure with a huge emphasis on managing costs and maximizing profits. Of course, that is to be expected, but that resulted in the facility capturing the vast majority of the money it attracted in the first 25 years. Keiser was openly seeking a way to give back to the community and I think a little shift in the model to capture a few less dollars and let them cycle around town might be the idea.
  11. Wow, this place is rolling! Good to see all the Confessioners coming out of the wood work. A few confessions..... First, the lesson. So, a well acclaimed teacher moved back to our region and started an academy, he's using Flightscope with the motion sensing vest, belt, and glove dongle, as well as some other tech stuff. So, I gladly paid the $150 for the full assessment. He had a few interesting things to say about my move, putting, short game. Mostly the full swing stuff was a few changes at address, wider stance, taller upper thoracic spine, and a little less shoulder and hip rotation. That stuff has been paying off in spades. The putting and short game was a little more of a mixed bag, but I probably won't integrate a ton of it into what I'm doing anyways. Second, I've been in the middle of some major life changes (career, relationship, etc.) so some new stuff coming down the pipe. Really working on staying positive and looking at opportunity, not living in the past. Some of you may have seen the Weight Lost post over here in the 19th hole. I'm down nearly 15 pounds in a month, really clean diet, and nearly no alcohol, so I'm a little like Koepka, let's say, "my swing feels foreign" - of course without all the major trophies or really hot wife, or checking account with tons of zeros worked into a number with significant digits. Feeling great, and excited about the future! Third, I finally made it over to the coast with a blade 3 iron (from my TM tour preferred set) and a bunch of crappy golf balls. I've been fixated with this experiment to practice like young Seve, walking the beach and pounding golf balls at targets. It was a blast and I look forward to doing it more in the future. Hope all of you are enjoying the end of this beautiful spring and hope that the PacNW confessioners will have a get up sometime soon!
  12. > @mallrat said: > > @spud3 said: > > All I know is they better get cracking on the additional rooms and restaurant that they will sorely need once the SR is officially open! > > I kind of hope they don’t, just open up more tee times on each course. Maybe they want to wait and see how it alleviates play on the existing courses. It might give them that day to close each course for maintenance. This is my hope. I would imagine that is exactly what is going to happen. Ultimately part of the vision was for the community to have some access to more golf, but that went down the drain with the land swap disaster. So, perhaps they will just let this course get up to speed then look at all the data and see what kind of lodging would really fit their niche. It might be something more luxury, like the villas at Pebble, or it might be something more basic, like a hostel style group rooms for visiting high school golf teams... who knows? Without really looking at occupancy data and reading the feedback, we would be flying blind by guessing. I do not think the restaurants are fully booked for dinner seatings at the moment when the resort is full capacity. The issue as I see it is more that all of the guests seem to want to come back to the main lodge base area and eat at the pub. It makes sense. Guys trips, desire to socialize, talk about the round, etc. - only the experienced Bandonistas are exploring the Trail's End or The Gallery until they find out they can't get a reservation at McKee's. I think Pacific Grill does fine because of the popularity of the Punch Bowl. It's a complicated operation at this point, reminds me of a ski resort. Takes careful management to make folks feel like they're getting the full experience without having everybody at one place all the time. I would imagine they will address the obvious need to seat groups over 12 in more of a banquet type facility. That's really their niche, bigger groups going on their big informal men's club Bandon trips.
  13. I don't know if a lot of golfers would be moving their reservations to catch the Sheep's Ranch, likely some. Seems to me they do more big groups than you would guess, as much winter business as any other season due to rates, and many groups come every year. None of those things I would have guessed before going 10 or 12 times. Poked by head over the cliffs from the beach access to see the progress last week. The south side has been hydroseeded, but no greens. Still have a backhoe out in the middle of the course shaping and no fairway seed down. Looks great, but I still can't get over the fact Coore didn't design bunkers. Weird.
  14. Glad you're feeling better Dan! Hope to meet up sometime soon.
  15. I went in and had a full eval. cost me $150... money well spent. When I get to a real keyboard I'll explain more.
  16. One thing I had been meaning to mention.... The main reason I had never gone on a diet was that with as many fad diets as there are I wasn't sure which one to choose and if they are safe for long periods of time. The gym supplied the nutritional plan and I think it has been excellent for me. The backbone of the diet is that you eat a low fat source of protein 3 times per day, for a meat it is only a 6 oz. uncooked or 5 oz cooked portion, but I also used egg whites and greek yogurt as a source of protein. Also, each of those three meals always includes a leafy vegetable, leaf lettuce, broccoli, brussel sprouts, spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, and kale are about the whole list. There were a few variations depending on the participants goals, and I didn't get to see the other people's diets but mine allows for a clean carb at breakfast and lunch, and no carb but about a 1.5 to 2 tablespoon serving of a clean fat at dinner. All the carbs have to be low glycemic index carb so even a lot fruits like a banana are not allowed. It was basically explained as when in doubt the meat is the size of your palm, the veggies and carbs your fist, and the fat your thumb. No dressings, just a tad bit of olive oil on your salads, no condiments, nothing that has sugar. I guess it seems pretty extreme as I type it, but after doing it for nearly a month it seems pretty simple and easy. You could also throw in a couple of protein shakes as long as the mix doesn't have sugar in between the meals. If anyone has any questions and wants to give it a try, shoot me a PM and I'd be happy to give more details and some strategies that worked for me.
  17. Seems there eventually has to be some resolution. I would argue that the Supreme Court got this one wrong, and eventually it will have to be challenged again as far as the PGA Tour goes. As for the R&A and the Open Championship seems they have the chance to go ahead and dictate that walking is part of their terms of competition. The daily dose of weird angst bickering is very present in this thread. Truly don't get the point, but day-by-day my interests get further and further away from the direction this forum is headed.
  18. Seems the game requires you to walk and swing your club if you can't do both than perhaps you should compete in an adapted version of competition. If I wanted to compete in the winter Olympics in biathalon and I could shoot, but I wasn't physically able to complete the ski would they allow me a snowmobile? I think the courts screwed this up with Casey Martin and now Big John is taking advantage.
  19. Week three weigh-in completed on Monday. I had been fearful as my static weight has not dropped as quickly as the first week. But, I guess I was adding a bit of muscle because my numbers look okay. For the total of the challenge I'm down 12 lbs. of fat and up 2 lbs. of muscle, so I only need to lose another pound or so of fat to win the challenge over the next three weeks. The InBody report states that I should try and lose 10 more pounds of fat, so I'm going to shoot for that before coming off the Nutrition Plan. That would take me from about 26% Body Fat to 10% or so. I'd would be nice to do it before the end of the challenge, but I think it would be worth it to extend it 2 or 3 weeks and really cut down pretty lean, so I could start to add calories and never have to go back on this super cut no fat diet.
  20. I stalled out pretty bad in weeks 2 and 3. I think I will still succeed in the challenge, but I want to know how to really activate some fat burning. Was thinking of times I lost a lot of weight and realized I was always working out early in the morning. Tried it yesterday and it seems to work. Going to do early workouts 4 to 5 days per week for the next 3 weeks.
  21. It's as much a party as a golf tournament, so plenty of clickbait opportunity. E, hope you're weathering the storm, going through the same thing myself, so I empathize. Stay strong!
  22. Match play is it's own beast. Hard to right a bad start. You should drive up from Cali for our big match play tournament over Labor Day! It's just 30 minutes over the border into Oregon. Biggest match play tournament in the country and a ton of fun. [https://rvcc.com/SOGC/SOGC_(1).aspx](https://rvcc.com/SOGC/SOGC_(1).aspx "https://rvcc.com/SOGC/SOGC_(1).aspx")
  23. > @QuigleyDU said: > > @"Matt J" said: > > > @QuigleyDU said: > > > Everyone tries to get an advantage if possible, I don't call that cheating. That is gamesmenship. Also, if you are in the group and do not hold your ground when you think a playing partner is wrong, and say something like "if you can sleep at night" then you waive your right to complain afterwards. If you think he is wrong, hold your ground. > > > > Taking a drop 200 yards closer to the hole is "gamesmanship"? > > > > What exactly would you call cheating? > > Sorry let me be more clear, I agree it is cheating. What I am saying is that every player. I don’t care who you pick or who you are is going to try and get every advantage they can. Some will bend, others will break the rules. There is a fine line at times between the two. That, is gamesmanship, trying to get an advantage. > > The rest of my point stays the same. If you feel a partner is cheating hold your ground or hold your tongue. Don’t let it go during the round only to say he cheated later. I don’t think you can do both. To each their own, to me it is clear. They found his ball, it is beyond improbable that it re-crossed the hazard. He actually backed off and moved 40 yards deeper from the pin once he realized how absolutely ridiculous his initial claim of pin high appeared. Lowheel has some other agenda, probably a Malaska fetish... read the other thread it's an absolute blood bath. I cheer for Si-woo Kim, I thought it was honorable he went back and served his country. Kang is a rat. He shouldn't be allowed to play after signing that card.
  24. > @highergr0und said: > Man 10 lbs of fat and gaining 4 in lean mass is insane for a week! I'm about 6 weeks in to my latest adventure, down 9 lbs at 40, down about 8 lbs of fat and 1 lb of body mass. I'm switching to more weights / less cardio this week as my endurance is way improved. Just got to get the diet dialed in Turns out I had the calculations wrong. I was so proud too! Week 2 weigh-in yesterday and my totals for the 2 weeks are down 12.8 lbs fat and up 1.5 lb of lean muscle.
  25. > @Mych said: > My wagon lost a wheel over the last week. My mom came to visit and loves spoiling the grandkids, so there have been cakes & cookies at waiting every day after work. I swear the next time she visits while I'm working on my weight, I'm getting a hotel room. Just don't use it as an excuse to quit. We can't change the past. I was starving last week after league night, dinner is included, and they served lasagna which isn't on the nutrition plan. I cheated. But, I ate as small of a portion as satisfied me, ate a ton of salad, and got back on the wagon the next meal. Make a plan to not let it happen again and get on with it. You got this.
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