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  1. But wouldn't moving the COG closer to the toe mean that you would also start striking it even more to the toe? I would imagine that countering your pattern with the weight would help you hit it more in the middle, though the COG would then be a bit off from the middle. Can't really tell what would be the best approach, but maybe testing the hell out of it would work?
  2. I alredy bought a Ping G425 Max 5w with Orange Tensei, but decided to demo the TSi2 with AV Raw Blue anyway after receiving it. Hit them both for an hour or two, and the TSi2 felt MUCH better, launched higher, and had a tighter dispersion to all directions. Needless to say, sold the G425 Max and ordered a TSi2.
  3. I'm a big fan of the original Odyssey Versa line in terms of alignment, and still game the #2 wide white black white. However, I would desperately want something more stable such as the most recent Odyssey ten. As they won't provide any alignment aids that would suit me (90-degrees to the putting line), I probably need to paint it myself. Would anyone have suggestions how would I go about creating the following in a durable manner?
  4. I hit Max and LST for a short time. The Max wanted to go left really badly, but was somewhat longer than the LST. The LST hit low but straight. Need to demo them again with a bit higher lofted setup for the LST. Really liked the look of LST much better at address. Did not pay any attention or notice the sounds of either.
  5. Sounds like I need to throw the TSi3 into the mix, as I have similar ball speeds, "suffer" from too much in to out, and have approximately +4 AOA.
  6. Thanks! I was thinking of Ping G425 LST as it comes in D4 and 45,25", so wouldn't need as much extra weight when cut. But so you're saying Titleist could provide the clubs from the factory with correct settings dialed in, so no extra hassle with finding a clubbuilder etc.?
  7. I'm looking for a new driver that I could order at 44,5" straight from the brand, with some reasonable swingweight of D1-D2. What are my options? I've heard TaylorMade doesn't adjust swingweights for the factory orders, which is a shame as SIM would've been one option.
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