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  1. I previously gamed the Ventus Blue 6 and decided to switch to the Black 6 to try and lower the launch a bit. Couldn't be happier. The Blue was an awesome shaft but for me it was launching a little too high and spinning a bit too much, so I was leaving some distance on the tee. Plugged in the Ventus Black in my SIM driver and it's a rocker launcher. Saw immediate distance gains due to optimizing launch/spin. I'm hitting parts of the fairway I've not seen before. These are hands down the best shafts on the market.
  2. I love my Original One 11.5* and don't think I'll ever get rid of it. That said, it's not my everyday driver that's in the bag. I play a SIM 9*/Ventus Black 6 combo on most course layouts where I live but there are a few narrow tracks where I'll drop the SIM and opt for the mini driver. In terms of yardage it sits between my 3W and Driver but offers me really predictable performance off the tee when I need it. I'm a big fan of giving consumers options and this definitely checks that box. It's not for every golfer but it gives people an option on tighter courses or gives the pla
  3. I used a Callaway wrench to adjust my TM SIM driver.
  4. Based on his recent performance I think with practice and coaching he could definitely get to sub-90 and make his team. Having been in his shoes many years ago, the biggest benefit to me was course management. Guys I played with were always trying to swing out of their shoes and play risky golf. When I learned to drop the ego, focus on hitting smart shots and work on short game my scores dropped like a rock. Best of luck to him!
  5. My goal is and will always be to make it to a scratch or lower handicap. That said, I know it's pretty unrealistic. I don't have time to practice enough to make it to that level. So, what is realistic? I think my ideal handicap is a 5. Right now I'm floating between a 9-10 but I've recently been making some adjustments that have gotten me to some lower scores. Where I tend to lose shots in a round is inside 125 yards, particularly when I miss a GIR. So as I get into the "season" that's where I'm really focusing a lot of my practice - working on saving par from off the green.
  6. My co-worker picked up a LAB 2.1 a few months ago. I rolled it a few times during a round and was really intrigued so I pulled the trigger on a secondhand one I found somewhere. Turned out to be in the wrong specs so I sold it shortly thereafter and picked up one in the correct specs. It took absolutely zero time to realize the benefits of putting this thing in the bag. I haven't had a round with more than 32 putts since then and fired my personal best 9 hole run recently. For giggles I have tinkered with my old putters to see how they performed. Let's just say that trial didn
  7. Yeah as if my spin rate wasn't high enough they bring this fire.
  8. For sale is a brand new Autoflex SF505 driver shaft with TM adapter. I played one round and had two range sessions with this shaft in my SIM driver. Really cool shaft but I decided I'm going to stick with my current set up for now. Length from end to end is 45.75". Asking $750 shipped
  9. I just can't imagine calling up my buddies saying "hey guys...let's spend a bunch of $$$ on some tickets to Valspar, go slam some Michelob Ultra's and yell stuff at Dustin Johnson...it'll be awesome". There's a special place in hell for these idiots.
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