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  1. Up for sale is a really sweet set of Callaway Apex 19 Pro irons (4 thru 9 iron). These are the 'dot' irons, which as I understand it means they are more of a pro head shape design (less offset). Irons are in fantastic shape (as you can see in the pictures). Shafts are Nippon Modus 120 in stiff flex. Standard length, lie and loft in the set. Asking $600 OBO (shipping in CONUS included)
  2. Just got home from a weekend trip to Florida with my buddies. This was the maiden voyage for the LAB putter and it not only didn't disappoint but it put a cork in all of my buddies who were laughing at me when I pulled it out of the bag the first day. They weren't laughing for long! In fact one of the guys on the last day said "I want to laugh at that putter but it's rolling so pure". Lag putts, mid-range, short putts...everything was spot on all weekend. If there was a miss it was purely on me mis-reading the line. No jumping off the face, no skidding, just a pure roll every
  3. I gamed the 745's for a while and still to this day I regret ever selling them. Moved to the 765's and really didn't like them for some reason. Been happy with the 785's and even picked up a "tinker" set of Z forged, which I've been playing the last few months. As soon as I saw the ZX7's had the old 745 sole I was in love and put in an order.
  4. The J15 CB irons were puuuuure! Still have my J15 3+ fairway wood. I wish I had my old J715 driver in the bag.
  5. You can still see the sweat stains! 100% guaranteed they were possibly his.
  6. Open to any trades? I have a pair of socks that Kenny Perry wore during his iconic 2003 Milwaukee Open win.
  7. The 785 driver might be one of the straightest drivers I've ever hit in my life. I'm not really in love with the look of the new ZX line in general so I'm going to stick with my current 785 irons and wood set up.
  8. Brooke Henderson chokes down on all her clubs, which is amazing to me because I just can't do that with the driver. I play a shorter shafted driver and have for years. When I try to grip down it just feels odd.
  9. First off, Jason and his crew are top shelf when it comes to customer service. I gamed a set of the 699 Pros for half of this year and while I loved the feel and performance I was really struggling with drawing the ball too much. I naturally hit a straight/draw type of shot but I could not get these to stay on line for the life of me. Maybe it was the shaft, maybe it was lie angle (although I had that checked) but I couldn't solve the puzzle and decided to move back to my Srixon 785's. Please take that as the indian and not the arrow, as Sub70 makes a darn good product.
  10. I absolutely LOVED those Cobra irons when I gamed them. I've played the PXG 0211 and was not a fan. Love the looks and the feel is great but I would get these really inconsistent yardages. Off-center strikes felt good but they came up short, so it really lacked the feedback I was looking for. In terms of how the 0211 compare to the i500 irons I think the PXG felt better. i500 kind of felt "dead" to me even on good strikes. If you're looking for a really good iron that is comparable to feel of the FlyZ+ I would take a hard look at the Srixon irons. 585 are nice and
  11. I have a Cobra F6 baffler set at 16.5* with a Ventus Blue Velocore and it's sick.
  12. About 5-6 years I ago I played in an event where I was sponsored by Bridgestone. Something got messed up on the order sheet and they cut my driver down to 43.5". Had no choice but to play it at that length for 4 days in the event. To say I was floored with the performance was an understatement. When I got back home I played several other rounds with my normal playing buddies and all of them commented on how confident I had become with the driver. I really wasn't giving up much distance either, which was the biggest surprise. Sadly I got rid of that Bridgestone J715 driver (still have maj
  13. I game a PXG 0311X in my 4 iron spot and love it. That said, it's probably the only utility iron I've ever really got along with. I tried the Srixon utility iron (still own it) and the Callaway UT and just didn't care for either of them. Feel was fine but I struggled to hit them consistently off the deck. Off the tee was fine. What's odd is that I can easily hit FW, hybrid and even slimmer sole long irons off the fairway pretty easily. Not sure what it is about most utility irons that I struggle with.
  14. I'm currently playing Vokey SM8 wedges - 50* F Grind, 54* S Grind and 58* D Grind. Of the 3 wedges I'd say the 54* gets used about 70% of the time. My PW is my 105-115 yard club. 50* gap wedge is 95-105 club. I honestly don't play a lot of "touch" shots with the 50* gap wedge. 54 is my "go to" inside 85 yards and the grind lets me play a lot of different type of shots. The 58* wedge is almost exclusively used out of the bunker unless I need to hit a really high shot for some reason. That said, I tend to use my PW a lot around the green to chip unless I need to get
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