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  1. Same. I played with Carine Icher a few years back in the pro am event and learned that she had a couple of kids that traveled with her. Had no idea the LPGA has a mobile day care that goes to events. Such an awesome benefit that literally gets no credit publicly from the media.
  2. Awesome event in my hometown! We'll be out there for most of the morning rounds on Saturday. This is such a well organized tournament and it seems like it just gets better and better every year. Bummed to see the Korda sisters aren't going to be there but there are some superstars in the field so should be a lot of fun regardless.
  3. 100% echo this feedback. I've seen these in the golf shop plenty of times and I've been super nervous about ever trying them because they look cheap and look like they would get slick with the slightest bit of moisture on them. I picked up a set of irons on the BST forum that had the white versions and immediately fell in love with them. Soft yet tacky. Like you said, if they get any dirt or grit on them just a quick wipe with a towel and the tackiness comes right back.
  4. I'm certainly not a Reed fan but as long as he's healthy I think you have to take him based on his track record in the Ryder Cup. He's also had a decent year, outside of the recent health issues.
  5. Absolutely LOVE the look of the i59's. Don't so much love the price point, though. Will be interesting to see what the i210 replacements are and how these potentially combo with those irons.
  6. I love the camo look personally. Would love to have one of the white/gray camo bags that the Univ of Ark women's team are gaming.
  7. Being a Razorback I'm a HUGE fan of Brooke Matthews. Her swing coach locally has produced a TON of solid collegiate and amateur talent, including Brooke, so it's really no surprise to see her doing so well. I think you're going to see her name on some LPGA leaderboards down the road.
  8. I'd love to see a 14-way Vessel x Sub70 bag. C'mon Jason...make it happen!!
  9. I've been tinkering with a new 58* Zipcore and, sadly, I'm going back to my SM8. Really love the Vokeys but was hopeful that the buzz around the Zipcore would push me to make a switch. Just didn't work out. Not a bash against Cleveland by any means but these just didn't work for me. Feel off the face was "clicky"...not a soft feel like I expected and certainly not like the Vokeys.
  10. My DF 2.1 has a Blacked Out Tour Stability shaft in it. My previous DF 2.1 had the stock shaft and I have to say I couldn't be happier with the upgraded shaft. Very smooth and get a nice, soft feel off the putter face. I absolutely LOVE this putter and am rolling the ball better than ever.
  11. I know there have been a lot of examples of their stellar customer service but I'm going to layer on even more. Absolutely first class!
  12. Placed an order this week for a 699 Pro Black 2-iron, 639 CB Raw in 5-PW, and two JB raw wedges (52* and 58*). So jacked to put these in the bag.
  13. Right now I'm gaming 44-50-54-58 but am about to start testing 44-52-58. I've found better success practicing with my SW and LW on 3/4 and 1/2 swings and just dialing in specific yardages for those swings vs carrying a bunch of wedges.
  14. 100% agree. There are a TON of solid content creators on YouTube. If I'm an exec at Golf Channel/NBC I'm tapping into this creativity. Why not create Golf Channel "originals" like what Netflix and Amazon are doing? It could be a series or movies or content like Big Break. Right now it's just talking heads and that is so boring. Sadly, I don't think anyone at NBC has the vision on how to grow the channel.
  15. I've played with several LPGA , Symetra tour and mini-tour players over the past few years and their whole approach to their bag set up is fascinating. I think there is a TON that the majority of amateurs can learn about dropping the ego and leaving the 2-iron at home. For me I go Driver - 3W - 3 hybrid then have a progressive move from chunky 4 iron (PXG 0811XF) and more game improvement 5 and 6 irons then into CB irons in 7-PW. So far this combo has worked really well for me. In my opinion if you're stressing over a shot with a 5 or 6 iron then you need to seriously make some changes to something you feel comfortable looking down at. The days of playing CB's from top to bottom is in the past. Embrace the "franken-bag" and just enjoy golf.
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