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  1. Long story short, I finished 16 holes with the 3 some I was paired with and walked off the course. Couldn't stand to be with one of them any longer, said my goodbyes and felt relieved that I would never see them again. On the 15th hole at Bethpage Black, one of the guys was having a tough time and he skulled a bunker shot from the green side bunker. We all saw where the ball went. Mind you these guys were slow all day with at least one open hole and two of them seemed to have no clue that we were slow. So one of the guys putted up while the guy who skulled his shot went to his ball. N
  2. I need to rant a bit here. Played Atlantic City Country Club this morning. Overall a very nice course, interesting holes and course was in great shape overall, especially the greens. I paid $175 to play. I hit into a handful of greenside bunkers and most of the bunkers had hardly any sand in it. Huh? For $175, they couldn't put sand in the bunkers. Also, there was only 1 hole on the entire course that had water. I played Balamor GC the other day (half the price also) and they had water on almost every 3rd hole. I really enjoyed playing the course but for what they're charging and no
  3. Just played Ballamor this week. First time playing. Overall in very good shape. Great course from tee to green, wasn't completely too happy with the contours of the green. Some of the greens reminded me of Crystal Springs, weird swales, bumps, undulations, etc. Will definitely play again
  4. Black is open and in great shape for April. Greens rolling well, if just a tad slow. Rough is already growing out on some holes. There were so many open tee times this morning, I almost did a double take
  5. Just finished playing Orange County this weekend, great courses, especially Pannther. Also played Mystic Dunes Resort. No one in our group liked it, too gimicky. greens were just stupid.
  6. Charleston Springs is a great course, they have 2 courses. I've played the South many times, it's wide open on most holes. More of a bombers course, if you can keep it out of the fescue, then it's easy to score. They always keep the course in great shape. The other Monmouth County courses, Hominy Hill and Howell are also great tracks, more trees and doglegs, classic parkland style courses.
  7. I live in Brooklyn Heights, there are 7 or 8 subway lines that can get me into Manhattan, either East or West side. Hoboken, Jersey City are also convenient. Maybe also Long Island City in Queens might work for you as well. Craigslist has lots of apt & roommate listings If you decide to move to NYC, your golf will probably suffer, Bethpage is close to an hour away, the local NYC courses are not the best to speak of. In NJ, there are lots of good county courses (Morris, Monmouth) as well as expensive daily fee courses that are all within an hour drive of the places you are looking at.
  8. I have a Burton light wieght bag, forget the model #. Has held up great for over 2 yrs. I had the Ping Hoofer before that, had problem w/the leg retracting fully. Sun Mountains are also reliable, had a couple of their models.
  9. They close on Mondays for maintenance. I played it 2 weeks ago, right after it opened, course was in great shape for this early in the season. I've been playing the course for years & in my experience it's pretty easy to get on as a single on the weekdays before June. Get there early (5am) buy a greens fee for whatever time is available. Go to the starter, hang out there b/c if someone doesn't show up, they call the next person on the list. I've sometimes gotten there aorund 8am, bought an 11am tee time & was able to get on by 9am b/c of no-shows, other times I've waited around fo
  10. I got a pair from golfshoediscounts.com, they were blems, the only blemish was the insole, wasn't 100% flush. Paid $130. Also won a pair on ebay from golfshoesonly for $140, waiting to get them anyday now.
  11. I'm also glad I got rid of my hybrid, replaced my 2 hybrid w/a Sonartec 5 wood & went back to the 3 iron. For me they were hooking machines & I was getting conflicting advice about how to hit.
  12. I also fought a hard duck hook w/the club everytime I tried to hit it hard. I was using the 16 and 19 degree w/stiff steel shaft. I think you need a smooth tempo to hit it straight, I like to go after the ball. Went back to the 3 iron and replaced 16 degree w/a 5 wood.
  13. I think you can get Apex blades on ebay for cheap, also Golfsmith was selling them for $399. They are the best clubs for me. I played 10 years w/the 1992 Apex blades, had a brain fart & switched to Callaway X-16 Pros for a year and a half. Went back to the 2003 Apex blades, feel is like butta, & much more forgiving than the older blades. Try them, if you can hit your irons pretty consistently they won't be a problem.
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