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  1. Here is what I am seeing. Some parents care way too much about AJGA stars and go all out trying to get them. They then go out and play AJGA events after they accumulate them and burn through them in a couple of months. So they have to go back to chasing stars again. A lot these kids and girls in particular are great DII candidates but can't compete at longer yardages or the harder courses. They are probably better off playing events and focusing on DII chances. The girls who are best served by AJGA are the ones who can drive over 250 yards hit the green in two and make a decent number of birdies a round. If a girl can do this then I would expect they will have no problem qualifying and getting exemptions to play with minimal costs and will be one the better players in the country by the time they graduate. I know a few girls who played a lot US kids and even were successful with regional events to this day but they can't drive more than 210 yards. These kids are going to have a hard time competing and winning AJGA events. There better off playing non AJGA events that are little shorter and looking at top DII schools.
  2. We are getting new irons I wanted to get rid of the hybrid and replace it with the 4iron. Her swing speed is defiantly fast enough to consider it. We kept the hybrid after I asked my daughter when does she actually use a hybrid. Her answer is the majority of the time is when I hit a bad drive off the tee and is in the rough. As much as a 4 iron sound good it really not as good as a hybrid from the rough. I think most PGA players have the strength to hit out the rough and a hybrid is a great way to get rid of a wood in their bag. Most kids are better off with a hybrid than a 4 iron though.
  3. if you just signed up you just started to learn about JGS. while the diff score makes sense that is until you dive a little deeper. Less tournaments rather then more works to your advantage. Some kids can move 1000 spots up with 1 good tournament if there only have 4 tournaments they played. The flip side is they can drop too. There are really using CCA as a stealth strength of tournament but it is tied to higher ranked kids. It based on an average of field but it comes down to this. If you are high enough ranked it tends to adjust higher if you have a bad day. what is really bad is if you improve too quickly it works against you and moves the course rating down. If you do not play with the higher rabked kids expect a higher diff by 1-2 points on average. This also effects girls a lot because fields can be a lot smaller so you see big swings on CCA sometimes that makes no sense at all.
  4. One the hardest things for me was i had to learn to leave the clubs at home. Everyone thinks if your kids golf it means more golf time for you but when i talk to other dads we all complain about how we never play much now. You have to focus golf on them. My wife will take her clubs out and my girls hate playing with her.
  5. Here in florida we play golf year round. I’ve seen kids with non stop golf and it doesn’t work. i would like to say we have a set schedule but really do not. We pretty much go all out for a few weeks and then when needed take time off and sometimes have downtime for a few weeks. Generally revolves around big tournaments. I really don’t know how anyone does over 30 tournaments a year or more and think they can sustain that level for long.
  6. The problem here is not the schools it's the kids and parents who are told that scholarships are an easy way to get free money. Really think the old rumor that any girl that picks up a club gets a free ride is where so many people beliefs came from. It was never true. If your going down the path of pursuing playing college sports and want them to pay for you then you most likely not going to be doing a degree where you have spend almost all your free time in the library. If your goal is take on a heavy course load you really should be looking at studying more and doing academic scholarships and forget about doing sports to pay for it. Playing college sports is a terrible return on investment. Every school where kids pick to play sports has students that actually pay hard cash to go to it and think it is good. I can name 10 schools off the top of my head I have no idea why anyone would bother to go there yet they get new students ever year and keep growing. It's your fault if you go there. If you pick a school and play on a team that offers you nothing you really have only yourself to blame.
  7. Get back to the basics and make sure golf is fun. Does he like to practice? This is key to everything. If he has fun with golf just have him keep playing. The hardest part is seeing a kid with good fundamentals seem to fall apart in tournaments. This is very common because he is growing and maybe working on tons stuff. It's an age thing for sure. Good chance he is just frustrated more than anything else. So this assumes he likes to practice and play. If not then this is not going to work. 1st forget about how they place in tournaments. It doesn't matter turn the focus on them improving their score. At the end of a tournament just pick 1 thing and eliminate it that cost the most strokes. If they don't do it in the next tournament it was a success. Small goals goes a long way in setting up expectations. If he likes in about 2 or 3 years you see massive improvement. This what I did. At the end of the day your the parent if they want to play video games I would push them to play golf.
  8. When I see a kid using a launch monitor when there warming up or pre tournament it's sure sign that there tournament is not going to be good for that kid. You need to just play with what you got that day. There not that accurate even trackmans can be way off if you just plunked it down without any setup time. What could you possibly gain from the numbers a launch monitor gives you that you don't already know on the day of the tournament.
  9. If you find a indoor simulator place with a trackman it usually the cheapest way to rent a trackman for a practice session. They good ones record every swing and puts the numbers up. Spend an hour in the bay working on what you need then come home and review your swings. There is one local here and for $35 an hour that pretty cheap to play with a trackman.
  10. That' ok but I am talking about teaching and practicing to the numbers on a LM. No one does well doing that. It different then just going out and using the simulator because lack access to a range. Maybe you never explored the numbers like I have.
  11. Because it can really hurt you when you practice and focus on numbers too much. You just get too technical out on the course. All those numbers don't need to be in your head when your playing. All you should care is the ball does what you want it too. Really no different then the club junkie who keeps messing with their clubs. Use for a few days then put it away. Never use them just before a tournament unless all you care about is distance of clubs.
  12. You need the face path and a few other parameters for sure otherwise they are useless. Also people forget using a launch monitor every day is a good way to destroy your game. It's great after a lesson or trying to figure out things but nothing beats seeing it on the range and then going out to the course and executing the shot.
  13. The mevo+ is a good unit for the money and works well on the range for us. The mevo+ is actually pretty close to the trackman. It works good enough to check out numbers and make sure we are doing things correctly. I brought it because there are numbers we needed in between sessions with the coach. You have to remember all these launch monitors can be off for a number of reasons. I wouldn’t worry about a trackman unless you working on advanced stuff. Nothing is 100% accurate trackmans even vary based on setup.
  14. It really not worth mentioning much more about this. Lots of people go to IVY league and never make much either and would have been better off going to school somewhere else a lot cheaper. a Big public school with 50k kids is diverse and has a lot going for it with a lot smart kids attending. You are not going to get a substandard education either.
  15. Member at a private club. When you have slow people playing in front instead of telling them to stand aside you told to pick the ball and go around them because your too fast. Same club they decide to do extra course maintenance during a major club champions ship so members have to play around the mowers and workers. Might be time to move a lot new members just joined last few months.
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