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  1. This very true I can tell any instructor worth anything will tell you the same thing. I had the same advice from a very well known instructor. Improving mechanic is a must and the fastest way to gain distance. I see so many kids with extra long drivers and that is also a bad long term development. I was told worry about that when there older
  2. I am talking about average juniors out there playing average events and this includes High School Kids. If you say they are hitting more then half the greens and making birdies then either the course is way to short or your not watching them. Put those kids on a course that plays major events and watch them get crushed. The top kids for the most part all already hit it far enough. Once you get to that difference in driving distance is not really a huge advantage they all hit far enough. This where I am saying that it simply doesn't matter if one hit's it 5 or 10 yards more.
  3. There not the vast majority don't break 75 never mind par. Do you know anyone who isn't trying to get ball within a few feet of the pin most of the time? If you don't it's miss period. Most juniors are lucky to hit the green 9 times so there is a lot room for improvement. Why do you think everyone says they need a wedge in their hand. The worse the lie you have the harder it is to hit it well. A club from a flat lie in the fairway is always better then a sloped buried ball in the rough. If your going to miss the fairway it better not be a bad place.
  4. Well there is no such thing as anyone who hit's a pure shot 100% of time. Golf is a game of mishits. The biggest difference is what does those mishits mean. That though is another thread. Distance matters but just having distance alone is not going win tournaments. Golf is a lot harder then that.
  5. In the real world there is not going to be a huge difference in distance between a lot players in a given tournament. If Player 1 is using a wedge chances are at most we are talking about a 9 iron with player 2. The difference between a wedge and 9 iron is not that much if the player 1 and 2 is not much if player 2 is a superior ball striker and player 1 is an average ball striker. In this case chances are Player 2 will end up with a better score anyways. You could also make it up in putting as well. At the end of the day the differences are so small it's not going to matter.
  6. I never said length isn't an advantage that is obvious here but the truth is most Juniors are not very good ball strikers period. The people who hit the ball the best win a lot tournaments. You guys can believe what you want but if you have a 7 iron or less in your hand on most holes you going to have the ability to win a lot tournaments. You'll not have a problem hitting greens and scoring low enough for the tournaments we are talking about. You guys are not talking about a lot strokes difference in abilities if a player is a good ball striker.
  7. That's why most junior players will never break 75 consistently. You have to be able to make par when mistakes happen. It not should matter where the ball ends up. If it's in the rough though your going to have a hard time stopping that ball on the green unless you happen to be strong enough. Trying to have a kid play like a TOP PGA player without strength is stupid. You have to play to your strengths.
  8. Honestly sometimes you need to read what you put down here stats like this is kind of common sense and everyone just knows it. No one is saying a 4 iron is better then a wedge. Everyone here is talking about Bryson well he is a pretty good ball striker odds are he could hit a 4 iron closer then most people can with a wedge. You want to score low it comes down to this hit as close to the pin as possible. If your really good that means it be close enough that your get 4-5 birdies without even trying very hard. On the other half of the holes you happy to get par.
  9. Do you really believe that???? This is one the most ignorant statements I have ever read. I find the opposite most parents in US kids events just want to smash the ball down the fairway as close as possible and that works in those events. You will never break par playing like in Major Event. Distance matters but you also need have the ball land near the pin.
  10. Byron has plenty of control when it comes to the second shot. You also talking about a top player in the world he pretty accurate and can control the ball on the green. This sort of skill takes years. I am not also talking accuracy but actually control when your trying to score. A kid who has tons of power is going to have a hard time with distance and stopping the ball on the green.
  11. True Power means nothing if you can't control it. The kids with a lot power have a very a lot harder learning curve when it comes to controlling it. A lot kids drive the ball far because of mechanics but very few have power and control. The ones that master control over the ball with raw power are that are the ones you see end up winning Masters tournaments.
  12. I am not saying it's fair just this happens sometimes. Sometimes they also have no choice if they want everyone to play. As a parent I would have asked the official why they didn't but wouldn't dwell on it either. I assume this happened because of weather and if that is the case they may not had a choice.
  13. That is the key playing other sports if fine but there just not organized and as serious about it. Most kids pick the sport they like and are best at and keep doing it. Doesn't mean they are playing other things.
  14. Here is the thing if the Kid is 7 and you having to go to a program to build swing speed then there either kidding themselves or the kid must be slow. Anyone who is reputable will tell you not to do a program for a younger kid to just build swing speed. Now on the other hand they may have personal trainers who work with golfers who take on younger kids for an overall fitness program. Nothing wrong with a 7 year old doing planned fitness routine (running, sit-ups pushups etc) In some cases the way things are it might be the only way they play video games all day. If there living hea
  15. Sometimes you just don't get to warmup like you would like and have no warmup or have to cut your warmup routine short. . This means you have to be prepared to go out cold and play in tournaments. There are lot reasons this happens. Somtimes you get rain delay's for hours and then have to play other times it is just simply no space on the range or practice green, I also seen where the facility themselves closed the range other times it's your fault because you didn't arrive there on time. Play enough Tournaments and your going to eventually get into a situation where you not
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