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  1. Why do think they need to have large camps or have to teach on the side????
  2. The fact you said it is intentional is why I am calling you out on it. It's sort delusional to say you have a tournament in one the worst states to travel to in the country and even think you can attract girls in the top 50 without any exemptions. There are tons of top tiered events that time of year. If you truly a decent player who can be ranked in the top 50 on JGS why travel to Jacksonville MS in August. I know would much rather do Pinehurst, California or just about anywhere else that time of year. If you a girl in the top 50 you should be playing in Big Amateur
  3. launch monitor are good and the camera setup helps. But i also don't think you want to overthink things and just teach to a launch monitor. Lots people think perfect numbers = low scores which is not true. Also be aware that there not 100% accurate. Yes accurate enough but if something is not setup correctly they will be off. Even trackmans can be off quite a bit because setup is not correct. You can usually trust a trackman because it easier to setup vs a mevo plus.
  4. Hard to say but it looks like a good tournament from what I can tell. Not sure if I read it correct but looks liker there was no cost to play it. That is a nice surprise. Trying to play tournaments to game rankings is stupid. Just play what makes sense. If you score low enough your going to be just fine. At the end of the day you should be playing tournaments that are fun and make sense financially or you do them because provide a fun time.
  5. The mevo plus is worth the money if you don't have access to a trackman and looking for very small changes. On the other hand if you are not very specific on what your working on it could actually do harm. We have one but I think it is more of a luxury then needed. No matter what anyone tells you there is no reason to buy a launch monitor since there are many ways to get access to one. Go to a trackman simulator golf range near you (trackman has a map). Lots of places have trackman. The place we have locally rents a trackman for $35 an hour. Thats a pretty good deal for the few
  6. What you described was parent who wanted to take advantage of the situation and just looking to run up scores on a kid who is probably better then their kid. if you seen the ball go in the water it should have been presumed to have gone in. Going back and playing 2 balls in this situation is why you have 6 hour rounds and just hurts kids scores.
  7. First off the Dixie Amateur is not something you should want to play it's played at Palm Aire in Ft Lauderdale and is basically on a course that needs to be shut down. You also do not need an exemption to play that tournament they take anyone with a pulse. Scott Robertson is easier to get into then the Gator Invitational. So no reason to play a qualifier for a tournament that you most likely will get into anyways. (By the way read the social media of parents who were there. It is very informative and quite sad if what was said is true.) The Kathy Whitworth would be go
  8. What is the attraction of this tournament for top girls. I don't see any exemptions that makes it a must play tournament. If your going to play tournaments you are looking for large fields with exemptions and it just isn't here with 24 girls as a field. Not only that it's not ideal to play in a Hot humid area of the south in August. Maybe for boys this makes sense but when I looked at the requirements didn't seem to fit the venue and to be honest this looks like sort the thing you want to avoid if you in the top 50. Tournaments like this are dime a dozen.
  9. The first question you need to ask is does she want to get better????? First always keep it fun as they are having fun they are going to improve. I see a lot parents who push their kids but the kid hates golf or just doesn't care. If you are like most parents you have to work or have things to do and can't be on the practice rage all the time. A kid that doesn't like golf is not going to practice. As a parent you job is to help her find what she needs. If you can afford it find the right coaches. If you can't afford it there are a lot people who are willin
  10. I agree any kid needs to have fun first. If not why do it. The ones who love it usually are all over the place because they care. The answer is let them fail and pick them up and show them why they failed. They will get over it. It okay if they cry after a round that is how they learn how to control thier emotions. Any kid is going to have emotions if they are normal. I've seen way to much abuse of kids over the years. You have to sometimes have be a parent so it's fine line. You can tell the difference .the parents who are too intense will get mad over ever
  11. I agree we have the mevo+ and while it has issues it defiantly accurate enough for practice sessions. I wasn't a believer but was told I needed something and now feel it was a good purchase. The biggest complaint I have is you have to make sure it setup correctly. That will be an issue with any launch monitor though. The more you pay the easier the setup is from what I can tell. The regular mevo for under $500 really is a good investment. It doesn't have all the data of the Mevo plus but if your not looking for some those extra features it work just fine.
  12. I personally think it very unprofessional that a coach talk about a student in bad light anyway in public. A lot girls Dads though need to lighten up their kids. Most them couldn't break 90 if they wanted to but will yell at their kid who misses a 15 foot for birdie or just simply has a bad shot Also more then one coach has said they will not teach her from my understanding..Honestly I think we are talking about 2 different coaches because I know nothing about US Junior Girls Issues and the post mentioned nothing about that. I am about 99% sure what the coach
  13. Her former coach put a lot comments out there on his his Facebook page. It is almost certainly true what he said and I based my comments off that. Her dad is very aggressive with her. I don’t agree with the coach going public with all the information but he did and in some ways I understand why he might have felt the need to. A lot girls take a lot bs from parents it isn’t right and not helpful. I don’t think he liked what he seen and just couldn’t take it anymore. Also her Dad has put her out there since she was a very young kid. He also stated her desire to go pro in
  14. Stuff can happen to anyone. Heck you could slip fall almost anywhere. That sort just life. He also probaly hit what amounts to millions of balls in his lifetime. My hands hurt just thinking about.
  15. Very few girls 2025 can carry 240plus if you look at LPGA numbers they include roll. you placing them in the top LPGA driving distance which is not happening at that age. At most there probably 240-250 average with roll. Average is very different from peak. Most people need to care more about there worst drive during a round then there best drive.
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