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  1. I think everyone in Florida is in the same boat as you. It just rains this time of year and it is hot. I agree with you August through October is the worst time of the year to do golf in South Florida. The good thing is High school tournaments are not ranked on most of the major junior golf rankings so they can just go out and have fun Unless your willing to travel north of Orlando this time of year for individual tournaments High School golf is probably the best deal for a lot kids.
  2. Everyone will have a different answer. Even if you look at the best players in the game they all will have a different story. The only thing I can say is don't be the parent that plans every shot for their kid. Let them make mistakes it is hard to watch but they will learn. I would say the best thing you can do is figure out what is costing them strokes and just eliminate that in their game. What the kid scores at 9-11 today means nothing in 2 or 3 years and even less when there 18. Low scores are a result of lots of work.
  3. I think 14 or 15 if the most critical age when you start seeing those who are developing a full gamer vs those who took short cuts to win. To be a top golfer it takes a lot skills to develop shots you need. The players winning the masters or US Opens took years to develop. With Juniors the scores you see does not really tell a person the whole story. Generally speaking the kids who win at a younger ages most likely worked on putting and chipping more than irons. Makes sense because it i the easiest way to lower scores. Eventually though lack of being able to hit irons long or well enough becomes an issue on courses older kids play. In my daughters case we been seeing massive increases in distance on the irons over the last couple of years. In a lot cases the smaller girls have been winning those 11-13 year old tournaments. at 14 the distances are not moving as much and her scores are dropping fast and those other girls don't have the distance needed. I assume the same thing is happening with boys but you see it at 16-18 vs 14-16.
  4. Nothing wrong with recoil shafts. It's been a few years but I think they tend to be a little more flexible as general rule. They are also easy to get and good chance you can probably find them on eBay for cheap and save a little money. If you moving from junior clubs just want to take a guess they are a great choice. We moved on to better shafts since we wanted a different flex profile. Without getting things complicated they reason we ditched them is basically the way the shaft bent was not good for my daughters swing. To know that though you are going to need to try different shafts and have a trackman and have a repeatable swing to fit a shaft too.
  5. FJT events fJT girls events are not always that great of field. That is unless playing an exempt event which you have to earn an exemption to play. the non exempt events and open events in a lot cases don’t have a great field. In some cases they play pretty dumpy courses too. There pretty easy to get into too since you get a random draw. Lately everyone has been getting in a few of them. A lot girls only played because they are hoping for a scholarship which in this past year has not been that easy to get.
  6. Dallas I am going to assume from you name you live in Dallas. There is a guy in Plano that does a lot junior fittings you can't go wrong with him Bo Hodnet. https://golftechplano.com There really is no way to know what will work well. We have a few friends in Texas who worked with him and really liked him.
  7. I agree with you but I have seen more then one kid do it. Shorten the yardage by a few hundred yards and give free drops from bunkers with preferred lies and the scores are going to drop. It's either that or there fast and loose with the rules.
  8. I see this a lot with kids the parents intentionally play them in easier courses and tours that do things like free drops out of the bunkers and generally have shorter yardages then they post. Some these kids end up with high rankings too. I know about a dozen kids who can't hit a fairway or will take a few shots to get out of bunkers but because they play certain tours they can post low 70's on most their scores. The problem is every time they play a big tournament on the type of course that matters these kids get blown out the water and score in the high 80's. Long term this has to hurt development of a player.
  9. Here is a link from the USGA if anyone needs the basic rules this what every player should know. https://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/2019/rules/RulesPoster.pdf
  10. Just because a kid plays AJGA doesn't mean they will not cheat. While the vast majority are honest there are cheaters at all levels of golf. The coach should be teaching the kids on things to watch out for. The kids should be confirming the scores when finished the hole at the very least. The more important thing is to encourage them to call officials if they do not know a rule or think there is a problem. The basic rules of golf is not that hard to follow it is one the first things a kid who is playing needs to learn. If I was a coach I would give them a written test before they were allowed to play.
  11. If a coach can't control the kids and they put down what ever they want on a scorecard why would anyone want to play on that team. If they are cheating to play you have to assume they would cheat in a tournament. It's pretty easy to spot kids shaving strokes. If you got a kid who can't hit a fairway or greens and they writing 72 on their card you know something is up.
  12. The kids who are at the top all travel. It’s just what happens if you want to play at a higher level. Different regions have very different golf. Some areas the fairways are like concrete and others you might lose your ball. Also playing hot weather and cold weather is just as important. We live in Florida and try to play at least a few colder events in the winter. This is extremely important some the biggest tournaments are played in march and can be kind of cold. Most of the kids around here got good technique by 10 or 11. If your winning AJGA tournaments then what ever technique your using works pretty good the chances are you going to college anyways.
  13. This is wrong a kid needs to travel a lot at 13-15 if they have any chance of competing nationally. You have to learn how to play golf in a wide range of conditions and area. Try playing in the midwest vs California or Florida. Leaning to adapt is what makes you a better player. you may not have to travel to get a D1 but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t if you can afford too.
  14. My kids are doing online school. The first thing you need to ask is your kid self motivated. If they are then there is a good chance it is a food fit. kids that are not motivated need structure. That means lots of oversight by parents to make sure they work at school of they are home. I’ve seem a lot kids have issues over the years since we have meetups with other parents who do online school. My kids like to go out and git balls on the range mid day. They go out in the rain or heat and do it for hours by themselves. I think that why the school works for them. Other kids just need someone to push them. In most those cases attending an academy like IMG or one of the many golf academy’s like leadbetter in Orlando is a good fit. In my opinion regular public school is an issue for anyone who is looking to up their kids game. The main reason is most public schools are not that flexible with the schedule. In that case a private school or some sort of online school is going to be a better choice.
  15. There is a big difference between boys and girls in events. I am looking at the peggy kirk tour and the number of events are less and there is plenty of room . Some of the bigger events are well attended but the smaller ones look kind of small. Other tours also look like less girls playing too but peggy kirk makes a lot sense to play if you have a girl. Recent event with girls had I think 6 girls in Georgia. This is an all girls tour and you should see large fields. These tournaments are attractive to people like me because they have lots of divisions and that means my younger and older daughter can play same tournament. So it can be worth traveling if there is enough kids. We did a few before covid and it was nice not having to split up or travel to different towns.
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