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  1. I had them and the tips bent especially if you hit off mats. I have heard the new px ls is similar in feel and play to the ctaper. I’m hoping to get my hands on the px ls to test for myself.
  2. Im thinking of soft stepping 7.0s as well. Let us know how it goes.
  3. Let us know how it goes. I’m really interested in the 7.0s.
  4. Anyone else have any reviews? I loved the c-tapers 130s but the tips bent and ever since I have been playing around with different shafts. If these are like c-tapers without the tip bending issue then I'm in.
  5. I felt like the the T100 top line was between the two in size. I felt like the 7MC was very blade like. The P770 topline looked just a smidge bigger than the T100.
  6. I went to my local shop to get a wedge bent. To my suprise the TM rep was there showing off the new sticks. Before today i was thinking that I was going to buy the T100 because I had a 6 iron made and love it but now that I have seen these irons I'm not sure. The P770 look amazing not as small as the T100 but pretty close to my eye. I would say that the 7MC look amazing but I could never game these in the long irons. I saw a 3 and 4 iron in the 7MC and all I could think was that looks hard to hit. For comparisons I currently play mizuno mp62s and thought the 7MC long irons would be tough to hi
  7. I feel like the Mavrik sz isn’t to fade biased but it is easier to hit a fade. Then again a fade is my go to shot.
  8. I made the switch from the g410 lst to the Mavrik sz. I really loved the ping, it was so consistent and miss hits wouldn’t move offline the problem I had with the ping was that it would spin more and come up short for me. The Mavrik sz I thought was just as forgiving but didn’t spin up as much as the ping on miss hits. The Mavrik also gave me a couple more mph of ball speed so I made the switch and haven’t looked back.
  9. It happened to me twice with a brand new 818h2. It happened about 6 months after I bought it had it sent back to titleist And repaired under warranty. Then about a year after that it happened again but this time it was outside of warranty So I had the adapter replaced and then sold it. I just couldn’t keep it after the second time because it almost flew into a lake.
  10. Did you go with a different loft when you went from the ts4 to the sim?
  11. I was curious if any one has tried the sim vs titleist ts4. I like my titleist because of the low spin but would love a lil more forgiveness. I have played the m5 tour in the past but it was very unforgiving for me.
  12. What is your handicap: 10 Current driver shaft and flex: M5 with project x HZRDUS smoke green 70 gram 6.5tx Have you tried Ventus before: yes Choose your Ventus model (Red or Black): Black Choose your weight and flex: 70x Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Most certainly, and thank you for the opportunity.
  13. If a person starts a new workout routine to get stronger and leaner should they wait to be fit?
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