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  1. **Please no trade offers** Brand new 4-PW set of TM P770 irons KBS Tour 120 stiff flex shafts Standard length, lofts and lies Stock TM Z-grips $999 shipped Priority Mail within the lower 48 states Thanks for looking and happy holidays!
  2. **Please no trade offers** Ventus VeloCore Blue 6x with authentic G410 adapter No tip trimming and currently ungripped Plays 45” Only minor bag wear as shown in pic SOLD
  3. **Please no trade offers** Shipping via Priority Mail within the lower 48 Ventus Blue 6X with VeloCore and Callaway red dot adapter. Untipped Ungripped and measures 43.25” tip to butt and plays a shade over 44.5” Asking $199 Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 6TX with tour issue TM 1.5 degree adapter. Also untipped Ungripped and measures 43 3/8” tip to butt and played 44.75” in my M2 Asking $199 Feel free to PM with any questions. Thanks.
  4. **Please no trades (not even for high end apparel)** Shipping within the lower 48 states via Priority Mail Cobra Speedzone Extreme Avalanche 9 degree head with cover and wrench Head has been hotmelted to 202g to deaden what I felt was an annoying sound originally. Near new condition, just simply thinning the herd. SOLD
  5. **Please no trades (not even for high end apparel)** Cobra Speedzone 9 degree head only Has been played 3 rounds and zero range time. Almost indistinguishable from new. Headcover included (can’t find wrench but will include one that works) Asking SOLD New in plastic TaylorMade SIM Max 9 head only Not much else to say about this one. Headcover and wrench included Asking SOLD PM with any questions. Thanks for looking.
  6. **Please no trades** Will ship Priority Mail. Brand new Fujikura Ventus Black 6X with TaylorMade adapter. Untipped, ungripped and measures a shade over 44” from tip to butt. Asking SOLD
  7. **Please no trades (not even for high end apparel)** Shipping via Priority Mail US only. Ventus Black 6X with Cobra sleeve. Untipped 43 7/8” to play 45.25” and has GP tour velvet logo down. Shaft has seen 20 indoor swings, I just get along better with the Blue. Will install a different adapter if buyer would like. Asking SOLD SIM Max 9 head with new cover and wrench. Used indoors for about 15 swings on Trackman with premium balls. Would have to really look to tell from new. Asking SOLD. Contact me with any questions. Thanks for looking.
  8. Believe it or not they aren’t the only online retailers to offer “great stuff” and some actually deliver as promised.
  9. Please no trades (not even for high end apparel). Items will be shipped promptly via Priority Mail within the lower 48 states. Please feel free to PM with any questions, but given both items are new I hope there isn’t much confusion. New in plastic Bigfoot 60 degree wedge. Completely stock. Asking **$130** New Spider X Halloween “Trick or Treat” headcover Asking **$100**
  10. > @"Bill Broderick" said: > Upon reading the title to this thread, my first thought was "didn't I buy something from Carl's recently?" I checked my email and realized that I ordered from them last night. But, like most new retailers that I buy from, I used Paypal. I've had my credit card compromised multiple times. But, I always caught it quickly and the credit card company immediately removed fraudulent charges. > There are two things that I suggest when making online purchases using cards. First, check with your card provider to see what kind of communication options they hav
  11. > @RobYakes said: > > @cj4501 said: > > > @ObiwanForAll said: > > > I’m at 108-112 and 6x seems good. It’s not tipped so part of me might recommend stiff. You might feel more kick. I still don’t feel a ton of kick but this is a low torque shaft so I don’t think you’re supposed to feel a lot of movement. > > > > Yea I'm on the fence, I just know I hate my atmos right now. Impossible to stay off left side whether it's a hook or pull. Mostly my swing is the problem > > If Obiwan is right I bought too much shaft for me. Just got a Ventus 6X a
  12. I vote real. Not sure the counterfeiters are going to use the same shi**y paint that True Temper slapped on the T1100 series.
  13. > @TheSphynx said: > What’s the likelihood the clubs were actually shipped? Roughly the same as you’re earning on your Wells Fargo checking account, 0.25%
  14. That has to be some sort of new world record for epoxy usage. Now the real question is did they mix lead powder in with it?
  15. > @"double or triple?" said: > Apex and p790 are parallel tip so that they can accept pretty much any iron shaft offered. Some people just don’t like using shims This is not accurate information. Both are .355s
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