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  1. You may be right since my other approaches have not worked.
  2. I am friends with two great guys who struggle with pace of play for different reasons. One has a very long pre-shot, pre-putt routine. The other will look for lost ball for several minutes regardless of how deep the trouble is where the ball has landed. He also will methodically clean his clubs for about a minute after finishing out each hole before getting in the cart. On average it takes us about 4.5 hours to finish a round as a threesome. I have tried giving hints to them about just dropping, etc, but nothing has changed. What ways have you guys helped friends improve their pace of play? I figure at this point my options are stop playing with them, accept it, or only play 9 holes with them.
  3. As a lifelong Lakers and Kobe fan I am absolutely gutted by this. Not for the basketball player, but for the man he had become. I'm convinced Kobe was going to do even greater things in life than he did on the basketball court. It was eye opening because he and I are both the same age and it's a sobering reminder that life is precious and can be gone in an instant. The lesson learned for me is the small things we get all riled up about in life or the internet mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. I was angry at my son for the past few weeks for a bad decision he made involving money loaned and was not talking with him. I called him this morning and made things right because you never know man....
  4. Just FYI for a true diagnosis of NPD we look for the following: Sense of entitlement Wanting undeserved praise of being superior. Craving attention Callous feelings and disregard to others. Fantasies of grandiosity.
  5. I just don't see the need to bash and gang up on posters here.... With that being said, I do enjoy those old matches better than anything else on TV other than the majors. I watched almost all of them over the holidays. It's actually helped my game since I always grab a 60 or 56 but since playing shots around the green with my 52 and pitching wedge I'm getting closer to the hole and up and down more often.
  6. If you don't mind the drive, Golf Equipment and Repair in Covington, Georgia has a lot of good things. It's about forty miles east of downtown Atlanta.
  7. The forum has some solid advice and information, however sometimes the seriousness of some of the posters and the incessant need to gang up on or call out posters becomes too much. People should just relax and have more fun with posts that are not that serious. I know a few who post less because of fear of being ganged up on.
  8. So after losing out on some irons I thought I would only look at clubs with a buy it now price. Last night I saw a set of Tour Preferred MC irons from 2012 4-pw in good shape with a starting bid of 60 dollars with no bids on it. There was three hours left in the auction so I bid 60 and set my alarm for five minites before the auction was set to end. Well I overslept and woke up this morning thinking surely someone else got the irons. I was shocked when I checked my emails and got notification I won the auction at 60 dollars. I have no idea how but I'll chalk it up to luck LOL.
  9. For me it was years ago at Browns Mill in Atlanta. It's right in the middle of a rough neighborhood and people use to walk on the course and Rob people at gunpoint. They've since put a tall fence around the section where people use to come over illegally. There is still a sign in the parking lot saying park there at your own risk.
  10. That's good to know because it sure seemed like Ernie was taking this very personal due to Tiger being on the other side
  11. I'll see if I can find the links. I know Sergio and Poulter have said they can go without a major as "long as we beat the Americans". Of course that's the Ryder Cup but I meant international vs us team events in general. But is it not obvious that these events mean more to many international players based on their emotions? Some of these guys play like world beaters in these events but not in the regular tour events. I guess my big point that I didnt clearly state is that it's funny to me how seriously the internatjonals take these events. Look how stoic Ernie is LOL. Its like he believes this is finally hos chance to one up Tiger.
  12. Yeah Louie has the swing and the game to have won two or three at least. Hes been close at the master's a few times as well. Just goes to show how hard it is in this age of parity to win majors. It would be a travesty if Westwood or Paul Casey dint get at least one.
  13. You could be right. But thanks for not being condescending and ready to jump all over me like some self appointed junior moderators here LOL.
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