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  1. I've been using Cogorno's Twist Away move.
  2. So how does one clear the hips without thinking about clearing the hips? At the moment if I don't think about it, my pivot stalls and I flip.
  3. I think tennis might offer a good analogy. I played competitive tennis for decades, and found that hitting topspin and underspin shots I was better able to control depth and direction as opposed to hitting it flat.
  4. Feeling the clubhead. Started swinging the club in the basement this week with passive enough wrists that the club lags in the backswing. My swing has never felt more in sync and tempo.
  5. Re: Nail_It: Another one in this vein (my favorite):
  6. I think for the average golfer, a "full" swing (whatever that is for you) with whatever club is preferable and more consistent than one that is less than "full".
  7. Hey, it sucks to get old, but any day you can get out there and play is a good day!
  8. I took up the game 5 years ago after having to stop playing competitive tennis due to knee tendonitis. I became an above average tennis player by teaching myself, and that's the approach I've used with golf. The resources available on the internet now were not there way back when I took up tennis, so the process is a lot easier.
  9. Or for a few bucks more, you can get a Voice Caddie SC100 or SC200 that measures other things like carry distance, ball speed and smash factor.
  10. Are any you using this training device finding you have to strengthen your grip to help square the club face?
  11. As someone who's a cheapskate, and also has the swing flaws OTT/steep, flipping and EE, I have been using this Eric Cogorno drill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APsIJ4M2oSYto shallow my downswing. I have to say it's pretty difficult to adjust to this new swing. So difficult that I had to switch to hitting foam practice balls, because I was spraying the balls way right. I've been doing this drill almost daily for a few weeks now, and took some video of myself yesterday, and I'm encouraged by what I see so far.
  12. I shot a 74 yesterday playing best-ball with myself. I averaged low 90s this year, so this tells me it's my ball striking consistency that's my big issue. What also has me psyched is that I hit my 3 wood off a tee 220 and my 5 wood 190 off the deck. I average 210 with driver, so go figure.
  13. [https://cartcrate.com/products/premium-golf-rangefinder] Anyone own one and can comment?
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