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  1. I also have an Optishot 2 and am very happy with it. Of course you are always wondering how this stacks up to SkyTrak and other high dollar units. But for $118 shipped brand new sealed on eBay and $40 a year for the online membership you cant beat the price. Agreed there are a few errant shots every now and then, but that is mainly due to my lighting setup as well. I currently use real balls, hitting into my Rukket net, and a custom hitting platform topped with Matzilla 48"x60" (coupled with optishot matzilla top). Currently interested in stepping up the setup with a projector and hit
  2. $40 shipped via paypal verified funds for the blue/grey nike and the adidas shirts? send request to [email protected] thanks
  3. I will be super careful in the garage thanks for the heads up and sorry you had to learn the hard way. Thank you for the tips and vids I am going to work on the takeaway. Have a 4 man scramble charity tourney on Monday so I will keep you guys posted.
  4. wow... you guys are the best. you can see all of that from crappy cell phone vids in the garage. any tips on how I can make the vids better to show progress? thanks for the help.
  5. are they good to go now? jeez new guy here lol thanks for the help.
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