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  1. Very cool seeing him sporting a classic Ping B60 putter. I had one stolen from me in HS
  2. > @Baitkiller said: > OJ In 1992 I played in a tournament at Arcola CC in NJ where OJ was a member. After someone pointed out his locker I remember thinking " that's cool, should I take his name plate?"
  3. Caddied for: Several players on 1994 NY Rangers team USS Indianapolis Survivor Bryant Gumble ( prick ) Maury Povich ( nice guy) Sgt. Slaughter ( camouflage golf bag )
  4. > @lchang said: > My friend just played a course in LA where the course-provided carts have streaming radio stations built into the carts (controlled by the built-in touch screen). When it’s so explicitly encouraged by the course, is it now inappropriate to tell someone to turn off their music?! :# What’s next DirectTV ? I would never play there
  5. > @larrybud said: > Music on the course is the worst thing to happen to the game in the last 20 years, bar none. > @larrybud said: > Music on the course is the worst thing to happen to the game in the last 20 years, bar none. Couldn’t agree more. I was fortunate to play Sebonack in the Hamptons last summer and walking down the fairway with some guys loud music took away from that incredible experience. Unfortunately we live in a society where we have been programmed to constantly seek outside influences and it takes away from being in the moment.
  6. It was my friends online poker name 20yrs ago and i told him i had to steal it > @bscinstnct said: > 2R Rossi? Lol
  7. I can't believe this shaft isn't more popular. I've tried every shaft the last 6yrs and this is still my favorite by a mile
  8. Sorry Shooter, my mistake. Can I just delete this?
  9. My used M3 arrived today in time for the weekend and when I pulled the shaft from the head the adaptor is clearly crooked. I assume a crooked adaptor mean the loft and lie are wrong. Any advice would be appreciated
  10. > 300 Tour a close second to J's Professional Weapon. I still have my 300 Tour
  11. > @GSDriver said: > Bridgestone J's Professional Weapon > Original GBB Ruger Titanium > R510TP > FT3 Tour Hands down J's professional Weapon!!! Guys like Nicklaus and Floyd instantly added 40yrds
  12. After that shot I expected his caddy to walk off the course
  13. Rahm clearly had (almost) no chance to clear the water on 11. If he laid up does he win the tournament?
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