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  1. It's tough--if you want to have a better POP then you need to put in some effort to book something as far in advance as possible down here and the earliest tee times you can get. The only courses I play here regularly in OC are basically Costa Mesa and San Clemente. I'll play Rancho San Joaquin, but only if I can book one of the first 3-4 times. Like others have said, you kind of have to spend more and drive a little further out of OC. I typically play either Los Serranos course in Chino Hills (about 25-30 min from Irvine) and Goose Creek (about 35 min). But there are definitely so
  2. Weirdly, the shoes show up in the Nike app but not the website. So I had to login to Nike via the Rakuten app > Opened Nike app and added to my cart > Went back into Rakuten app to refresh my cart > Paid and got 6% back
  3. I picked up a pair and have worn them in the house to break in. I was quite surprised with how comfy they are to be honest. Definitely lightweight, grip seems superb compared to other spikeless shoes as well. My only complaint is I did experience some somewhat uncomfortable folding in the toe box, right before the first row of laces that was quite pronounced. I think this should go away as I wear them more. These will be a good dry/afternoon round pair of shoes.
  4. March 11th when I checked with PGA Superstore and the Roger Dunn near me
  5. Has anyone else had trouble picking up yardages? I was at the driving range and could target flags and spots on the ground, but once I started getting past 50 yards, it was hit or miss whether a yardage would appear and there would be vibration. When I tried shooting flags at 100 yards or more, the LCD would not return a yardage or vibrate. I've tried replacing it with multiple batteries but the problem still persists.
  6. I have multiple pairs last year’s spikeless and one of the prime knits. Only had one problem with the heel area being kind of prematurely worn on one of my regular SLs which resulted in a blister. Curious to see the ‘textile’ version up close, and see if it’s got a little more padding there
  7. well that was super easy. i wasn't even thinking about getting these, and just ordered a pair of 10.5s off of NDC.
  8. bout 20 minutes south you can play oceanside muni, arrowood and goat hill too.
  9. I just picked up the grey primeknits and have 3 pairs of the spikeless xts. I've walked 36 in the primeknits and they might not be as comfortable as the spikeless, but they are lighter and still very comfortable (like a 9/10 vs 10/10), The boost is pretty easy to clean, I just use my damp towel at the end of the round when I'm packing up the car and give it a quick wipe down. The SLs are easy to clean after a round too, just a quick wipe with a wet towel all over and you're good. If you really need help cleaning the boost, I've used baby wipes after a few hikes on vacation (Honest brand) on my
  10. Rustic Canyon, Oak Quarry, Goose Creek
  11. I have the the VTS Black 100g hybrid shaft in my Cobra Utility and gives me a nice mid launch but can work it low for the stinger when needed
  12. They’re spiked and the colorway was low key released months ago:https://www.adidas.com/us/tour360-xt-shoes/EE9172.html
  13. I walk 90% of my rounds, all within the first few tee times of the day, so I'll see a lot of dew and moisture to start the round. I have 3 pairs of adidas tour 360 xt spikeless, and for rainy weather I'll wear spiked nike lunar control vapors or roshe g tours. I've actually worn my 360s in the rain a couple of times when the forecast was wrong, but I didn't notice a drop in traction.
  14. Generally, spikeless is going to be slightly more comfortable because it doesn't need the rigid spine to house spikes. But to @cristphoto point, you need to shell out for quality shoes, don't settle on budget/close-out $40 shoes if your intent is to walk. $140+ shoes are expensive for a reason.
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