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  1. I hit both indoors and the ZX4 was simply more forgiving and produced better results for me. I am not sure if its the head or the shaft length but the ZX4 just wanted to go long and straight. I was also able to get it built to match the rest of the irons I ordered.
  2. I use a standard sole on by sand and lob wedge - Ping Glide 3.0 with standard sole. There is no magic to it other than the fact that the sole and bounce work for me and I can hit bunker shots from soft sand and flops from tight lies if I had to. I used to overthink the bounce/grind thing...I tried everything...had different things in the bag and now resigned to the fact that irrespective of brand, the standard sole works for me. Prior to these, used Vokey standard soles.
  3. My ZX5's were ordered on March 10. Custom because they are 1/2" overlength...and also ordered a ZX4 4 iron. Have not heard a word. They told me 3-5 weeks...looks like at least 5 at this point.
  4. JFM628

    ISI vs eye2

    I played the ISI's for years...standard and nickel. Such a great set of irons...but I played the ISI's with the Eye 2 SW. The ISI lob may work great for you but the Eye 2 wedges are iconic and would match your set. Also very reasonable to buy.
  5. I have hit the 3 wood and not the driver. There are a few reviews on youtube on the driver and fairways and they are being reviewed very favorably. If you have not seen, I would suggest you check them out.
  6. FWIW, I am a 400 Max player with Evenflow Black 70S shaft. When I got there, fitter said that he loved a challenge but it would be hard to beat what I was already playing. We went through the TM/Titleist/Cobra heads with stock and upgraded shafts (Tour AD, Ventus Black, etc) and both the 425 heads. The bottom line, is that there MAY have been a small spin improvement with the 425 LST but there was no improvement with distance or dispersion or ball speed. Like you, I was open to buying new if there was a difference - but for me, there was nothing measurable and we trie
  7. They also seem very thin soled...the current forged model are thinner than that Glides but these seem more pronounced than that.
  8. Agree. For me, the ZX5 sole width is just fine. I am a 6 index and chose to go with a full set of ZX5 - with a ZX4 4 iron. Different strokes and all that but play what works.
  9. i will also suggest the older Cobra models. I would put the F7 up against the newer heads...marginal difference...at best. The shaft choice has a much bigger impact on performance than any performance difference in the heads over the past 5 years.
  10. Well done...I think you will really like those - and the consistency that comes with having matched wedges. Good luck.
  11. Can't tell from that pic but the original EV wedge will have an "EV" etched in the hosel. Stands for Ernie Vaderson and they are renowned as some of the best wedges ever made. The brand was sold to Golfsmith - they were still nice wedges but not nearly as good as the originals. Heads were relatively heavy and they felt great. Irrespective, given these photos, its time for new wedges! I suggested the Glide 2.0 SS - you can get them inexpensively on ebay. I also liked the the CBX suggestion.
  12. Snake Eyes! Is it the original EV wedge or the late Golfsmith version. Both are great but the EV is a classic. I know that you are going to get a lot of suggestions but I would suggest buying a slightly used Ping Glide 2.0 in 50 and 56/58* The standard sole is versatile and, as wedges go, forgiving and can fit the scratch golfer to the high handicap. They are a great, versatile wedge that fit a lot of people in the standard bounce.
  13. Agree with the consensus...B. The only thing that would make me consider A is if I used the club for a lot of business golf.
  14. It is a progression for each. The ZX5 has a little more than the ZX7 and the ZX4 has a little more than the ZX5. I will tell you that it is not off-putting or anything I felt was excessive. Per the Srixon site: ZX7: 3.5mm, ZX5: 3.9mm, ZX4: 4.4mm. Quite frankly, I didn't care...thing was a cannon that went straight.
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