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  1. I play the 54*/58* Glide 3.0 SS. Considering moving to the Eye 2 grind LW but wanted to get thoughts on why people are playing this and how they use it. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  2. I have a SLDR Mini @16* that I use as a 3 wood - standard 77g X shaft. I have tried them all and I have found nothing that works better.
  3. Well said. I completely agree. I would love to play these heads with current lofts and head weights/shafts. I would bet my scores would not change from the current clubs I play.
  4. Have the 5 wood and they hype is real. I bought to take out an older 3 wood that was running through some fairways on shorter par 4's...the "problem" is that it is longer than the 3 wood I took out. Will live with that. Its just too good. I am looking for your thoughts and experience on the settings. I have it neutral and it is desirably anti-left - but too much so. I have a right miss for the first time and while a preferable miss, I'd be interested to see your experiences and thoughts on how you have the head set. Thanks for your time and help.
  5. Agree with this. I am a 6 and chose the ZX5's. Either way, if you prefer the ZX7's they are a great set and definitely a fit for your index.
  6. I like the ZX5 option. The 5 iron is 24*. Your ZX 2 Utility is 18* - the ZX 3 Utility is 20*. You could order 1* weak and you would have 18*/21*/24* and a more fluid set.
  7. I have a Mizuno STZ 5 wood which I think is fantastic. I would like to cut the standard shaft 1/2-3/4" for a couple reasons but I am not sure if it will effect sw too much. I am a 6 index that is not too sensitive to sw but am I changing the integrity of the club by doing this if I do not then add weight somewhere? I am very much naive to these things and wondering if anyone can help. Will it be noticeable to me when I use club? Will it impact the integrity of the club/performance? Do I need to add weight somewhere and is there a better way than simply lead tape? Thanks for indulging me here. I sincerely appreciate your help and time.
  8. I do. I go driver then Mizuno STZ 5 wood, turned down one degree to 17*. Quite honestly, it still goes further than I need it - or sometimes want it to. Won't look back. Deep face for tee use and easy from fairway.
  9. Let us know how you like the ZX5. I have the exact same driver setup as you (Evenflow Black 70S tipped)...I have tried most all the new stuff and I can't find a better combo for me.
  10. No - not spin related-at least not consciously. I have this at 42" and I like the mid-sized head that is more reliable when I do not need the extra 30-40 yards.
  11. I've had a mini-driver in the bag for 7years...SLDR at 16* which is effectively a 3/4 wood but its the same size as the other minis. I will provide my thoughts because I use it as most would a mini-driver that also carry a standard driver. I use it exclusively off the tee where I do not need driver length and, because its shorter and spins more, where I need accuracy primarily. I do not hit this other than the fairway and it gets played 3-4 times a round depending on the course - typically more than my hybrid. Also, because I can hit my 20* hybrid 225-235, there is no need for a 3 wood from the fairway. Quite honestly, if I have more than 230 to a green, I am not worried about hitting/holding the green.
  12. Like you, I hit everything. I bought the ZX5's with Modus 120's. I am a 6 index and went with a full set of ZX5's. Still a big fan.
  13. I also vote for the Fly Z+. With the right shaft, it remains up there with the best and latest.
  14. Can't get rid of the TM SLDR 16* mini-driver in my bag. Tried and tried but best 3 wood off the tee that I've ever hit.
  15. Very interested. I tried a Grandsport at GG yesterday and it felt great. Loved everything about it...except the price
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