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  1. @Fujikura Golf Can you confirm that the new Ventus Blue TR is NOT counterbalanced?
  2. Bermuda rough and its pretty well manicured. I’d say low or mid bounce wedges. I have played it 3 times and it’s always pretty firm and fast.
  3. What is the difference between the ProX White Hot insert and the normal White Hot insert?
  4. Thank you Howard! I value your expertise and insights into all things club making - you truly enhance GolfWrx.
  5. It's evident the 8 iron "Spinner" trick works for full shots but does this method provide more spin for partial and chip shots?
  6. Since TM is achieving weight savings with the carbon face, maybe they didn’t have to use as much carbon on the sole. I am onboard if it truely does have ball speed retainment/forgiveness across the face and maintains the feel and sound of the OG SIM. Didn’t like the feel and sound of SIM2 as much
  7. I believe the Project X IO are the newer version of the PXI shafts.
  8. Both irons are identical with the exception of the "muscle channel" on long irons to 7 iron and stronger lofts for the T100S. The "S" version will likely have less spin when compared to the standard version and higher launch in the longer irons that have the muscle channel. Some have said there is a slight feel (which is subjective) difference between the two but the offset, iron size, sole grind etc... are identical. It all boils down to your needed launch and spin needs.
  9. +1 to the previous two posts - higher launch both off the deck and tee, slightly more spin and added forgiveness despite the smaller headsize. Can't really go wrong with either and they are both the best 3 woods I have ever put in my bag.
  10. It’s good to hear they made things right. My entire bag was fitted and built by Cool Clubs and have had two drivers and a 3 wood made by them with the adjustability intact even with a Pured shaft. Sounds like this was a “one off”. My fitting and build experiences have been first class the three times I have done it (twice with visits to my club and onsite in Scottsdale at their outdoor range). I have done Club Champion previously as well and Cool Clubs is substantially better in my opinion in both fitting and club builds. Can’t say enough good things about Cool Clubs and it’s not a surprise they owned up to and corrected their mishap.
  11. T100 and TCB should be a wash from a spin and forgiveness perspective. Top-line is thicker on TCB but they have an ever so slightly more compact blade size. ZX-7's are completely different visually. ZX-7 head size and top-line are noticeably larger than T100 or TCB. The ZX-7 sole is ideal for a "digger" while the T100's and TCB's have a similar sole that is a good fit for a wide variety of golfers. Feel is subjective, if you are a digger then you may think the ZX-7's feel best. Personally having owned all 3, I preferred the feel of the T100's.
  12. what is the hosel notch for? The i59's look great but don't love the notch.
  13. It is puzzling for sure however it wasn't why I sold the clubs. They simply weren't an improvement on what I already had in the bag. TCB's are really good golf clubs and IF they were the best fit for me, I would opt for the standard satin version of the TCB's as opposed to the Raw version.
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