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  1. What do you think of the Gravity Grip? Looking at an ER2 myself, and it has on.
  2. That’s what I had to end doing for another event. Locust on iPad and then AirPlay to big screen
  3. Yeah I have the same problem in Phoenix with DirecTV/ATT. I’m just having to watch golf channel replay late at night
  4. Not sure since I didn’t say last either. I said April “this”year. 2020. Why are you talking about possibly 2021 or some bizarro universe where 2020 had an April Masters? Why would anyone say “No I don’t want to win the 2020 Masters because it’s in November” or “No I don’t want to win this year’s Masters, I’ll wait till next year cause it’s in April. I’d much rather win in April” And since you stared the name calling for someone discussing your reasoning, it appears your the one having trouble containing your emotions, cupcake
  5. Maybe you don’t realize it, But THERE IS NO GREEN JACKET IN APRIL this year!!!!!! We are discussing the 2020 Masters, and you’re discussing some hypothetical tourney that’s didn’t and is not going to happen. Do you think he should have not entered this November version, and said “Pfft!! I’d rather win the April edition”?
  6. I always liked Rory’s TM Fastback-like Mullen proto (below). so I got a good deal on a Taylormade TP Black Copper Mullen 2. I had trouble putting as I couldn’t see any lines (too dark), so decided to strip it. Pure copper color underneath. Not sure if I like it or not. What would you guys do next? Leave? Refinish? Thanks
  7. I play with one of these soft braces. Helps a little.
  8. Monte, @MonteScheinblumSorry to impose upon this thread, but the GolfWrx messaging system said you cannot receive private messages. I bought the new No Cast turn video (as well as some previous others) about a week ago. I am now migrating my email from my DSL vendor to GMail because of problems. However, on the Rebellion website, I cannot find how to access my account information nor change my email/login address. Nor is there a contact link. So I am stuck logging in with old email address. It there an easy way to change login IDs / email addresses on Rebellion website.
  9. I stripped one once to try as a DIY torching project. Here is a pic halfway done. Had to take out as insert as the torching would have ruined it Basically used a sandblaster to remove the WBW paint, then sanded (this pic hasn’t been sanded yet)
  10. Hey @GunGun, Nice bag! I like the all black look. How do you like the Wishon wedges? I was thinking of buying a 50/54/58 set. Can you tell any feel differences between those, and something cast like Vokeys? By the way, I played once in Iceland. Was installing and operating some satellite tracking equipment over on the east side of the island, outside of Egilsstaðir. Maybe 1997? It was July, so I decided to play from like 1-3 AM so I could tell my friends/coworkers I played in the middle of the night! ? Might have been Golfklúbbur Fljótsdalshéraðs? (according to Google Maps)
  11. Yeah, for each shot you only have to record the distance remaining to the hole (yds for all swing shots and ft. for putting), and the type of shot. The type of shots are t = tee shot f = fairway r = rough s = sand x = recovery shot g = green since those are the categories Brodie has strokes gained data for (1 sheet in spreadsheet) So that only takes like 3 sec per shot to enter 2 items (distance to a hole and a letter indicating type) Spreadsheet ouputs SG Total (compared to field = Broadie data) SG Tee SG approach SG around green (think 30 yds from hole and under) SG putting
  12. 2022 Masters Champions dinner menu Appetizers- Choice of berry protein shakes 1st course - kale or spinach protein shakes entree- choice of protein shakes Dessert - protein shakes with a scoop of ice cream ??
  13. I use one of those horizontal scorecard holders that allows a folded scorecard on the left, a little memo pad notebook on the right, and a pencil in the middle (Local muni scorecard isn’t in left slot as I burned it ?. Bad round). When folded, not bigger than standard scorecard holder and fits in back pocket easy Opening notebook I’ve pre setup a strokes gained table (with ink) where I can record type of shot and distance for every shot. Takes literally 3 sec for every shot since I need to know shot distance anyway in order to select club or estimate putt strength I then put into SG spread
  14. Hey Mshills, glad to see you attempting playing again after your accident! I got hit by a car doing 45-50mph as a pedestrian while attempting roadside assistance 7-8 years ago, and ended up with a shattered spine and these rods (x2) and screws (x8). I’ve struggled as lumbar rotation and strength is important in golf swing, and I can’t rotate as much, but still do ok. Perseverance is the key, as well as accepting limitations. I’ve had to research alternative methods on various things (posture, swing methodology, how to practice w/o long hours/reps, etc), but any day on the course beats b
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