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  1. The dude just ripped his shirt apart in anger, and your first sentence is “He doesn’t have the passion…”???? Do you think shirt ripping at 18 is an everyday, normal, no big deal occurrence?
  2. Sorry, I didn’t reply earlier very clearly. I can see what your saying. Let’s say compared to pro data my SG in sorta long term are Off tee: -5 strokes gained Approach: -4 Around greens: -2 Putting: -1 strokes gained Im going to prioritize long game. I don’t need to hit it 70 yards more because I play appropriate tees for my game compared to pro (Rory tees). Realistically, I’m just not gonna gain much ground prioritizing putting. I’m not going to make up 8 shots on putting when I’m not much worse than pros. They are the worlds ceiling. Your not going to do much better than a tour pro putting. Yes 70 yards would improve my score and SG off tee, but I already hit it 250. I’m not gonna hit it 320. That’s impossible. But I’m losing lots of strokes on 400 yd par 4s hitting it 250. That’s an area I could realistically improve, cause again, putting in massive amounts of time to try and putt better probably won’t help. What is a typical 10 HC strokes gained in these areas? Don’t know and don’t care. Maybe they are tee: -3.2 approach: -3.2 short game: -3.2 putting: -3.2 But knowing that doesn’t help me. My specific data is I putt ok but long game not so ok. So I need to work on what I need to work on. Not what the average of a whole bunch of other hackers (like me ) needs to work on.
  3. I am sorta in the same situation. I started bowing my wrists more (motorcycle move) to avoid fades/reduce moon balls, and I also hit it thin/clicky/fat, bad low point control, hook hybrids, etc). After looking at videos, I think I am inconsistent releasing my bowed wrists. So sometimes they don’t fully release and I get thin. I guess I also overcompensate so hit it fat too. I m just spending a lot of slow motion swings practicing good low point control / ball first contact before I speed it up
  4. I just put my distance / type shot data into a spreadsheet and it calculates SG vs pros. I’m more interested in seeing how I compare vs pros in various areas (off tee, approach, putting, etc) to know which areas I have to work on, versus how I compare to a 5 or 10 handicapper. My goal is not to be a 10HC.
  5. Especially since 92.68% of stats are made up!
  6. Here’s PGA Tour performance from a couple years ago DIST. 1PUTT% 2PUTT% 3PUTTS+ AVG. 1 foot 100% 0.0% 0.0% 1.001 2 feet 99% 0.6% 0.1% 1.009 3 feet 95% 4.8%. 0.2% 1.053 4 feet 86% 14% 0.2% 1.147 so pros from 3ft and in are much better. I guess if you don’t want to practice, then you shouldn’t expect their level of results
  7. Sure there’s an effect…. on concrete surfaces. The game of golf, however, is not played on concrete surface greens.
  8. I’d play that bag if they weren’t all backwards! just kidding. Classic legends. Really replied to ask who did your putter refinish? Thanks!
  9. I found an actual study on horizontal error Putts of 3.2 m were completed with a mechanical putting arm (four putter-ball combinations, total of 160 trials) and human participants (two putter-ball combinations, total of 337 trials). The variability caused by ‘dimple error’ was minimal with the mechanical putting arm and not evident with human participants. Differences between the mechanical putting arm and human participants may be due to the way impulse is imparted on the ball. Thereforeit is concluded that variability of impact point on the golf ball has a minimal effect on putting performance.
  10. Bryson says he is now putting 5ft and in short putts better because he is compressing the dimple edges https://golf.com/gear/bryson-dechambeau-short-putts-ball-dimples/?amp=1 “So I did some study and some research on the golf ball and the geometry of those dimples,” DeChambeau said on the podcast. “And so, and this is getting a bit technical, so the dimples, they have edges on them, right. And if you hit the dimple on the edge at the wrong angle, it can come off horizontally or vertically.” “So the firmer you hit it, the more the golf ball compresses. So when you’re hitting something a lot harder, it’s compressing and it doesn’t come off at a weird angle. When you’re hitting it softer, like a 5-footer or like a 3-footer, you hit it a little bit off the edges, it can now come off line.”
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