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  1. Little bit of an update to the bag, new bag arrived today. Really happy with it, looks even better in person. Picked up the Mizuno ST200 Driver head from eBay, I find it a touch more forgiving than the ST190. The PXG 2 iron was mine, sold it to a mate, so just borrowing it again and trying to persuade him to sell it. Added a hybrid for when the course is soft or play a parkland course. Dunbar 3wood headcover, picked up on a trip there in September.
  2. Is Horschel a big fish? Doubt manufactures will fighting to sign him. I got this club because Billy Horschel uses it, said no one ever.
  3. I have played the 919F then went to the MP20 HMB's, I found that to me the 7, 8, 9, PW in the 919F were more forgiving than the 7, 8, 9, PW in the MP20 HMB's. The rest of the irons 4-6 are about the same levels of forgiveness, between the two sets. The MP20 HMB's sound and feel better, also look better.
  4. Picked up a new 3 wood tonight, tried a few different ones on trackman. But preferred the Sim Titanium. Easy to launch from the ground, good flight, forgiving and sounds and feels nice.
  5. Nice bag, how do you find the 919 tours?
  6. It’s an absolute rocket launcher off the tee, it is a little unforgiving though. But it always finds a way back in the bag.
  7. Last few rounds I’ve played I have favoured the Mizuno ST190 over the Epic Flash, not as long but prefer the feel and sound of the Mizuno. Also gone back to the old favourite, M2 tour 3wood. It doesn’t stay out of the bag for long.
  8. I can confirm it does sting on a cold winter morning lol, thanks for the kind comments.
  9. I find it pretty forgiving considering it’s got 16 degrees of loft. It launches easily, even off the turf. Shaft is Project X evenflow, not a bad shaft.
  10. I ordered the bag from Sugarloafssite, the import to the U.K. wasn’t to bad considering. The 1 iron isn’t that hard to hit, loads of forgiveness. It just doesn’t sound the best, sounds really hollow.
  11. Nice bag, love the Toulon putters. Wish the Toulon Garage was open to the Uk market.
  12. Nice bag. My friend has the same 2 iron, I found it surprisingly forgiving and goes a long way.
  13. I’ve a few different one’s, Titleist Premium Pencil bag, Scotty pencil bag, Titleist 4Up Stadry stand bag, Titleist Mini Staff bag. Generally use a pencil bag, not very keen on stand bags. The mini staff bag gets used when I’ve got the electric trolley out. The Mackenzie is holding up well, but if it’s forecast rain I tend to leave it at home.
  14. Bubba Whips, the Golfers Journal edition. They go really nice with the Mackenzie bag.
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