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  1. Looking for some help. Which GD shaft would be most similar to an RDX Smoke black. I won a free GD shaft of my choice and have Demo’d RDX several times with good results.
  2. Exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for! Thank you!
  3. Had some of the original Super Stroke S-Tech grips. Really liked them but the durability wasn’t great. Felt the new Super Stroke S tech cord last night and it felt really nice. Curious if anyone uses them and what are some thoughts?? Thanks.!
  4. Selling a brand new set of 2021 Titleist T100S irons. 4-PW with Project X LZ 6.0 shafts. Stand L/L/L. $1200 shipped
  5. I played Apex Pro for most of this season. Was playing really well with them so obviously I bought a set of T100S. Same shaft in both. For me the T100s wasn’t even close in forgiveness, especially in the long irons. I will be posting my Titleist irons over the next couple days to go back to the apex Pro.
  6. Looking for a set of KBS Tour V 4-p stiff flex. Need it shipped quickly
  7. I have to say… I am just stumped. Maybe the most stumped I’ve ever been about a club selection. I literally flip top 28 times a day about what clubs I’ll go with. T100s definitely feels better and has a good amount of forgiveness, for reference if my swing is sloppy I’m missing more toe-side and t100s handles that well. I’ve always been in the camp that a smaller head makes you focus more and inevitably hit better shots vs knowing your have something more “forgiving” and the club will offset the flaws. Also, the clubs really do look SO similar at address. Then that makes me think well why not just play the t200 knowing you’ve got the forgiveness there if you need it. I think in the long run if I kept t200 I’d be disappointed in the sound/feel and not keeping t100s. Just wanted to give an update because I promised one. in short, I’m no closer to deciding now than I was prior lol
  8. Have played PX LZ for a long time. Hit the ball very high with too much spin. Relatively decent player. Giving a serious look at the KBS Tour V. Curious if anyone has made this jump and what your thoughts are?? Thanks!
  9. Looking to buy a set of AMT white shafts s300 4-pw
  10. Will update you tomorrow after my round.
  11. Yeah I came from 718 ap2’s and I really loved those. Too be honest I was just kind of itching for something new.
  12. Well I bought a set of T200 irons. Hover between a scratch and 2 normally. Have 2 young daughters so don’t get to practice as much. Figured I would take the help since the look wasn’t offensive. 2 rounds later… not for me. The feel is NOT good(too be fair have used one piece forged for a while). Just very clicks and harsh. I could definitely see using it in a 3-4 iron or so. Definitely effortless distance. Just not for me. T100 delivered today.
  13. When I first saw the P770 I thought it was maybe the best looking iron I’d ever seen. Hover around scratch and with 2 small kids(not able to play or practice near as much). So I picked up a set for the forgiveness(716 AP2s before that). I could not have been more disappointed. The distance dispersion was terrible for me. I would be curious to see what happens when/of the 2nd iteration comes out.
  14. Curious if anyone has any experience and comparisons between the 2 of these shafts? Thanks.
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