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  1. I have been playing i210 pretty much since launch. Recently I was on a “killing time” trip to GG and hit the T100S. Always admired the aesthetics of them. Have been a “PING” guy for a long time. They’ve just kinda earned my business one club at a time for a while until I just got to a point where I have all the confidence in the world in their products. Anyway, I need to order a new set of irons and it’s pretty much down to these 2 sets(dark horse being the T200.) For perspective I finished this year as a 1.8 however I have a 3 year old and a 4 month old so the amount of time I hav
  2. One thing I always wonder when people talk about sound is, are they hitting these drivers in a bay at Golf Galaxy with the max-fli rocks they provide. Sometimes people laugh but I always bring a sleeve of my pro v1x’s when I test anything.
  3. You are not the only one. Too each their own, but the sound of a driver could not matter less to me, personally. I would hit a driver that sounded like a cow mooing if it gave me the right performance. I hear so many people talk about sound though. I’ve just never cared.
  4. I’m curious where you’ve seen those reviews..? Also, we are pretty much at the point of being capped out with ball speed and drivers. I think you will start to see a shift with companies putting more emphasis on the dispersion/forgiveness of drivers versus producing the fastest things they can produce. Just my opinion.
  5. Looking for a 35” PING Scottsdale Hohum. I’m sure it will be tough but looking for something in as good a shape as possible.
  6. Anyone know what shoes Lee Westwood has been wearing lately?? I’ve tried to find them with no luck.
  7. Looking for a G400 MAX 9* head. New or like new only.
  8. I’m curious how you’ve got along with the project x lz 6.0 with these heads??
  9. This definitely helps. Admittedly I am a PING guy through and through. I am definitely waiting for the G425 before I do anything. I was for sure impressed by the tsi3’s forgiveness. I am excited to test the new PING stuff. But I’m also fine staying in the 410 if that’s what’s best too. Honestly I’ve been kicking around the idea of picking up a G400 max just to see what that offers me.
  10. So I was trying to hold out for the demo G425 to arrive before I hit the new titleist range. I caved last night and hit the TSi3 with the RDX shaft. I currently play a 9* G410 plus with a Black Velo Ventus. One thing I noticed about the TSi is it launched lower. About 11* launch with about 2300 spin(averages). Did others find they needed to loft up with the TSi range?
  11. Looking for a bit of advice/help. Currently play to a 1.8 for perspective. My current gamers are i210 with DG S300. I play Pro-V1. I love the feel of the i210 but I’m not crazy about the thicker sole. I have been kicking around the idea of the iblade lately. I’ve done as much reading as I can find on comparison. I have a couple questions. I have no problem with launch and have seen many people say the iblades launch higher than the i210. How much are we talking? I don’t have any launch monitor numbers but my i210s are typically drop and stop with a little spin back when needed.
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