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  1. I have a question. Have tried to find an answer myself for quite a while. Just curious more than anything… Let’s take Pro V1 vs Pro V1X. All things equal.. launch angle, strike, etc.. let’s say you hit it with the face a little open and that ball is going to fade. Which ball will fly straighter? A “higher spin” like the V1X or a “lower spin” like the V?? Hopefully someone can 100% answer this. I’m very curious.
  2. G425 LST 9* head. Hit about 10 balls at the range. Perfect condition.- SOLD G425 LST 14.5* head. Same as driver, hit only a few balls at the range. Perfect condition.- $260 shipped All 3 shafts have G410/425 adapter installed. Ventus Black 6s. Plays at 45”.- $260 shipped Ventus Black 7s. Plays at 42.5”.- $260 shipped Ventus Blue Hybrid 85 plays at 41”. -$180 shipped No trades!!
  3. I liked the G425 hybrid. Sometimes it was a great club for me. Other times I would be hesitant to pull it because I would fear the left miss. So I would either choke down a 3 wood and try to hit a high cut or jump on a 4 iron. I fully admit I didn’t care for the feel of the Ventus Blue I had in it. Had an ADDI on my G410 hybrid and it was great. So it’s mostly the shaft. That and compounded with the fact that I didn’t ever have much confidence in it anymore. So I got the 7 wood and put a Diamana ZF 80 gram shaft tipped 1”. I’ve only used it a few rounds but I feel like it’s just as versatile a
  4. Picked up a G425 7 wood to replace my 3 hybrid. My hybrid used to be my go to club. I had such confidence with it. It’s almost like as I got to be a better player I just got worse and worse with it. Finally picked up a 7 wood and WOW! Wish I’d done it way sooner. Point of this post is for anyone wondering if they should try the 7 wood... the answer is yes!
  5. The G425 LST is incredible. Shocking amount of forgiveness. Long. Looks awesome. It’s going to take something very special to get it out of my bag.
  6. Looking for a set of PING s55 irons. Stiff shaft, black for. The better condition, the better.
  7. Have Av Raw orange 6 and 7 in driver and 3 wood. Absolutely LOVE them. I’m trying to replace my 3 hybrid with a 7 wood. Would love to plug an 80-Something gram shaft of this into the 7 wood but alas they don’t make it. Anyone have a recommendation on a similar feeing shaft that would be a good option.
  8. I don’t/won’t release anyone’s name. Was working directly with a guy who’s well well informed at PING. Was getting fit for something else but started shooting the breeze about i210 and how good they are. Talked about how good looking iblade was/is but didn’t like the towering launch. He didn’t give specifics and I didn’t press but he said there’s something coming this summer that “you’ll love”- his words. Assuming i59. But like I said. I didn’t press him at all.
  9. Looking for ADDI shafts 6S, 7S and 95 gram hybrid. G410/425 tips are a plus.
  10. So I currently play the Ventus Black in my G425 LST and 3 wood. Absolutely love them. My issue is my hybrid. It’s all over the place. It’s gone from being my most consistent performer to a club I hesitate to pull. Even thinking about going 5 wood. I have a Ventus Blue in it. I know the Blue and Black are different profiles. I wish they made a black hybrid shaft in stiff flex. Ultimately I guess I’m looking for some shaft experts to point me in the direction of a hybrid shaft that will feel similar to the Ventus Black.
  11. I meant for a hybrid. Left out that crucial info lol
  12. So strange... I had the exact opposite effect as you. I’ve spent a lot of time on the range tinkering with the driver including loft and different settings. 9* turned up to little + and weight in the toe is far and away the winner for dispersion/distance. Tried it a lot in the heel and I couldn’t keep it from slicing super hard. Different strokes for different folks. Glad it works for both of us either way!
  13. Yeah it must be. It’s an incredible shaft. Have it in my 3 wood as well. Wish they made the black in a non tx flex.
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