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  1. For the “get fitted” crowd. I am on Tuesday. Long story short… have been playing i210 for a few years now. On my 2nd set. Power spec lofts to bring trajectory down a bit. I’m a relatively decent player. Hover around a 0-2 handicap at anytime depending on frequency of play. Anyway… got bored with i210 and just wanted to try something new. Loved the looks of P770 and read any and every review I could find. Pulled the trigger. Depending on the club I’ve lost anywhere between 10-15? yards. Went from LZ 6.0 in the i210, which I’ve played forever to just the
  2. Tee1up4

    SIM 2 Max 8*

    How can I get my hand on an 8* sim 2 max head? Don’t really need a tour issue for $700 on eBay(unfortunately, I realize that tour issue may be the only Way to get an 8*). Appreciate any help and insight.
  3. Looking for this head cover.
  4. Few items tonight… Taylormade SIM 2 9* with Tensei Raw AV Blue 60 Stiff. Plays stock length(45.75). Driver was only used for 1 round of golf.- $400 Shipped. PING G425 LST 9* Head. In excellent shape. Only used for 2 rounds and about 15 balls on the range.- $360 shipped. 3 dozen brand new in box Pro V1x balls.-SOLD
  5. Does anyone know for sure what size bit I need to use to replace the weight in my SIM 2? Trimmed the shaft 3/4 of an inch so it plays at 45”. Need to swap the 16g weight for a 24g. Just assumed the Taylormade tool would work. Nope. Thanks in advance.
  6. Have used Nike old shoes for as long as I can remember. Picked up a pair of Air Zoom Victory 2’s about a month ago. Worn them a few times. Curious if anyone else has had this issue or if maybe I got a bad pair or something. I have never experienced this with any other Nike shoes in my life but the Victory 2’s almost feel like their forcing me to walk on the outsides of my feet(like my instep is higher and slants down toward the outside of the shoe). Anyone else have this?
  7. Looking for an ad di 8s prefer new graphics Taylormade adapter is a bonus
  8. Suggested retail is $275/iron and $217.50 per wedge. Yikes!
  9. Looking for a set of P770 4-aw. Stiff flex.
  10. Really want to get another Spider X. I want the hydro blast(paint durability). Does anyone know if they plan to offer it in the short slant neck that they did with the last iteration of the Spider X??
  11. Irons are needing replacing. Currently have i210 and thinking of going to the P770’s. Looking for as much direct feedback/comparisons I can get from anyone who’s made that same transition. Thanks so much!
  12. Looking for something with a bit stiffer tip. Play the ZF in my driver, 3w and 7w. I like the feel of the ZF. Just looking for something stiffer in the tip section. Thanks.
  13. Looking for a GD AD DI 7S and 8S. Prefer orange and would really prefer the new graphics(driver has it and I’m ocd).
  14. Have read/watched everything I could find. Looking to hear from some people that have played both.
  15. What are some recommendations for the lightest weight/most breathable golf polos out there? Nike dri-fit vapor and peter millar featherweight I know are pretty good. Curious for other recommendations.
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