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  1. lol he is getting a lesson on pictures. the link worked well for me. good deal on the bushnell. and if you can't see it, it looks to be good in shape!
  2. hard to believe that grown men would be so intrigued by a kid's bag... I guess it's the reality of tiger's life. although reaction has been largely positive, it would be nice if we can give them a break and leave the judgement out for the kid's game and his bag.
  3. autoflex... so intriguing. i wish it was in my spec. i would love to give that shaft a try and i am sure you will sell it in no time.
  4. o my god. I just purchased a set of t100 yesterday. I would have been all over those. this is great pricing and a great deal. I am sure you will sell them in no time.
  5. this is a silly question but would you happen to have the Aerotech's in 3 and 4 iron as well?
  6. SOLD these clubs have humbled me. i am going back to my cavity back irons. i am the original owner of these beauties. this is tiger spec so be prepared to grab a few extra clubs. 6 iron loft is 32.5 degrees, lie is 60.5 degrees, length is 37 5/16'' and swing weight d4. coolest clubs i ever had but you better have the game to play these... i play once per week and i have gamed these clubs about 25 rounds plus warm up sessions. the clubs have bag chatter and i did my best to show imperfections. priced to sell folks. SOLD
  7. this is one of the last mizuno mp lines with thin topline. I played 5 (18 holes) + warm up sessions. I am the original owner of these clubs and they are as close to "just out of box" as it gets. I hope they find a good home.
  8. I have to admit. i am wrong and you are right. I take my comment back.
  9. you will have to add an adjustor to your shaft. this is possible but I believe the adaptor will add a little length to your club. someone correct me if I am wrong here.
  10. it may be a modification to the initials. but you can't argue that it's p7tw. can't you see that they are not even close? I am always interested to see what tommy is gaming. he always has the most interesting bag and I think it speaks volume that he made such a quick change to tsi3. can't wait to get my hands on one!
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