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  1. That’s fixed in the new tp5x. Most of TM staffers wanted to play the x but couldn’t get it to spin the way they wanted on partial wedge shots. So TM has addressed this. Should see the ball on the 5th of march.
  2. I played PX 6.5, Modus 120X, 125X and 115X. I would say the MMTs are more similar to the PX 6.5 in my opinion with more feel. Spin isn't high, launch is good and ball flight may be a touch higher than PX 6.5 but that could easily vary from golfer to golfer.
  3. 1. Brand New Miura MB 101 4-P with Tour Issue X100. These are cut at standard length (38" 5 iron) and currently don't have grips on them. $1950 2. New Cobra King MIM Tour 3-P with C Taper 125 S+. These are standard length with Golf Pride 360 grips. SOLD 3. New Olson Legacy Tri-sole Putter. 34" with leather grip and head cover. $700 4. Mizuno CLK 2019 16* hybrid head. Mint condition, no head cover. $70 5. Mizuno CLK 2020 19* hybrid head. Mint condition, head cover included. $85 6. Ping G410 22* hybrid head. Good condition, small mark
  4. I don't think even the preivous gen SIM weight shifted CoG enough to even note. I think the movable weight was more shifting more mass behind hitting area rather than adjusting shot shape. Not to mention the SIM was fairly fade bias, so a lot of players had it in the heel, but that hurt the golfers who favored the toe.
  5. I read somewhere that they'll be using the weights to dial in swingweight.
  6. Don't wait for the i500 replacement. That MAY come in late summer. The ZX 7 and ZX 5 are going to be great irons that all of us should test out. Not to mention their price point is awesome.
  7. If you want, I can talk to your bag. I'm sure they'll understand and will be more than happy to welcome the new edition.
  8. 1. Brand New Toulon Garage San Diego Custom. Specs are shown. This club has never been used and come with the original box and paperwork. $550 shipped CONUS 2. Fujikura Tour Spec 2.0 6X. Honma TR20 tip on it. 44.5" raw shaft length. $200 shipped CONUS 3. Diamana D Limited 70TX. Tour Issue TM tip on it. 42" raw shaft length. $250 shipped CONUS 4. Diamana ZF 60TX. Callaway OptiFit tip on it. 43" raw shaft length. $225 shipped CONUS 5. VA Raijin 74X. No tip. 41.75" raw shaft length. $175 shipped CONUS 6. VA Drago 85X. No tip. 42.5" raw shaft length. $175 shipped CONUS
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