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  1. Second batch up for grabs. I will discount each item $5 when you buy multiples. Please don’t send offers outside of that unless you want to buy the whole lot. Numbers and photos are in order. 1. Black/Blue Puma Polo XL - $40 2. White Puma Polo XL - $40 3. Gray Camo Puma Polo XL - $40 4. Dark Gray/Blue + Light Gray Sleeve Puma Polo - $40 5. Orange Puma Polo XL - $40 6. Gray Puma Polo XL - $40 7. Blue/Black Camo Polo XL - $40 8. Dark Blueish Puma Polo XL - $40 9. Purple Puma Polo XL - $40 10. Travis Matthew Polo XL - $40
  2. I’ve got a ton of clothing I need to unload from some weight loss recently. Some of these polos have never been worn and others have been worn minimally. 1. Navy Senseicool XL 1/4 Zip - $45 2. White Sensicool XL 1/4 Zip - $45 3. Blue Sensiwarm 1/4 Zip - $45 4. Black Sensicool 1/4 Zip - $45 5. Gray Heather Sensicool Polo - $35 6. Blueish Gray Sensicool Polo - $35 7. Gray Sensicool Polo - $35 8. Dark Gray Polo - $35 9. Black Sensicool Polo - $35 10. Red Sensicool Polo - $35 If you buy multiple, I will take $5 off each item you buy. I have more Ping items and some Puma clothing that will uploaded as these go as well. (Not sure if that’s legal or not, so please inform me if not).
  3. 1. TaylorMade SIM2 Max 5 Wood Fujikura Ventus Blue 8X (VeloCore) 42.5” cut length Tour Velvet grip Headcover included Small paint imperfection on top of crown. It’s tough to see at address but it is there. Asking $300 shipped CONUS 2. Ping G410 3 19* Hybrid Head only Mint condition No headcover or tool Asking $75 shipped CONUS 3. TaylorMade MG2 Black Wedge New in Plastic 58.11 Standard bounce DG S200 Shaft Standard specs Asking $100 shipped CONUS 4. TaylorMade MG2 Chrome Wedge New in Plastic 58.12 High bounce DG S200 Shaft Standard specs Asking $100 shipped CONUS 5. Fujikura Ventus Black 6X Tipped 1” 44.75” from tip to butt (no grip installed) Tip is prepped and ready to be installed This was a one time pull Asking $275 shipped CONUS 6. Fujikura Ventus Blue 6X No tipping 43.75” from tip to butt of grip (TV 360 installed) This was a one time pull Asking $275 shipped CONUS 7. Fujikura Ventus Black 6X No tipping 43.5” from tip to butt of grip (TV installed) This was a one time pull Asking $275 shipped CONUS 8. Diamana TB 60TX Tipped 0.5” 43.75” from tip to butt of grip (Crossline Cord) This was a one time pull Asking $275 shipped CONUS 9. Honma TR20 V/P Combo Set Heads only 4.5.6. TR20P TR20V (There are two 5 and 6 irons - 1 TR20P and 1 TR20V) The 6 iron and P of the TR20V have had leading edge relief ground on them Asking $450 shipped CONUS 10. Graphite Design ADHD 6TX Unsure of tipping on this one (I think 0.5”) 44.5 from tip of adapter to butt of grip (TV Align) Tour Issue Red Dot Callaway Adapter Asking $275 shipped CONUS Apologies for the massive picture dump and the unorganized photos, but I tried to get them organized. Please reach out with questions. No trades at this time and low ball offers will be ignored. May discount for multiple purchases.
  4. $ Taper ZX7s are sold. I like the ZX7s a lot, but I don't play but maybe 5-10 rounds a year so moving money and priorities to other places.
  5. Looking to sell a few things. Playing less golf because of work and starting to get into another hobby. 1. Srixon ZX7 4-P. MMT 125TX (4 iron has 105TX). 37.75” 5 iron (0.5” increments). Tour wrap grips. Great condition. $1300 shipped. 2. Srixon ZX7 4-P with $Taper 130X. Never used. 38” 5 iron. Tour velvet grips. SOLD 3. Honma TR20 440 8.5 head. Good shape. Headcover included. $300 shipped. 4. Honma TR20 460 8.5 head. Great shape. Headcover included. $315 shipped. 5. New SIM UDI 2 iron. Stock setup. 2 iron. $210 shipped. 6. MINT TM SIM2 Max 5 wood with real Ventus Blue 8X. 42.5”. Headcover included. $400 shipped.
  6. Just the 3 items for sale tonight. No trades at the moment. All price are shipped CONUS. I will ship to Canada, buyer pays for shipping. Brand new TM SIM2 Max 18 5 wood with VeloCore Ventus Blue 8X. Shaft tipped 0.5" and cut at 42.5" then gripped with Tour Velvet Align. Comes with head cover. Retail is $549.99. $500 shipped Mint Srixon ZX UT 3 Iron (20*) with VeloCore Ventus Blue 9X. Shaft was not tipped and was cut at 39.25" then gripped with Tour Velvet Align. $300 shipped Brand new TM SIM UDI 2 iron with Diamana Thump 90g Stiff. This club is bone stock and still has plastic on the head. $220 shipped Please let me know if you have questions. Have a good night!
  7. That’s fixed in the new tp5x. Most of TM staffers wanted to play the x but couldn’t get it to spin the way they wanted on partial wedge shots. So TM has addressed this. Should see the ball on the 5th of march.
  8. I played PX 6.5, Modus 120X, 125X and 115X. I would say the MMTs are more similar to the PX 6.5 in my opinion with more feel. Spin isn't high, launch is good and ball flight may be a touch higher than PX 6.5 but that could easily vary from golfer to golfer.
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