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  1. Unfortunately, I'm situated in South Africa where shafts are not that readily available, and it costs a fortune to import one. Currently these 3 are my only options while I play with a Helium Black as a backup, which is not at all working for me.
  2. Hi guys, which of the following shafts will be the most like-for-like replacement for an Evenflow White T1100: - Hzrdus Black - Motore X F1 - Tour AD XC Thanks in advance!
  3. Any specific reason why the Smoke isn't working for you? I'm just thinking it would be a much more similar shaft to the T1100 than the Helium is.
  4. Hi guys! I recently bought a Titleist TS4 with a Evenflow White T1100 6.5 65X shaft, and had been hitting it like a dream. Unfortunately the shaft cracked this past weekend, and the only backup I have is a Helium Black 5F5. I tested the Helium on the range today, and it just felt a little bit too spinny for my liking. I'm generally a very high launch/high spin player (spin numbers were around 3500rpm before switching to the TS4), so I'm considering going back to a lower launch/lower spin shaft. There is currently a Hzrdus Smoke Green 6.0 70 shaft available on Marketplace in my area, in as new condition, for an absolute bargain (equivalent of $80 in my local currency). Do you think it would be a suitable replacement? My swingspeed is currently around 108-110mph, so I'm at the crossover between stiff and x-stiff, but I'm thinking the extra weight in the shaft, should make up for the softer flex. Any thoughts?
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