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  1. I never thought Polo was a good fit for him , he doesn't have that preppy look .
  2. Thats where Titleist steps in with their current offerings straightest drivers in the market imo.
  3. alpineto

    TSi3 or TSi2

    The TSI 2 is definitely more forgiving and sounds great outdoors , but as others have said try both of them but make sure you get fit correctly with a good fitter .......if you do you'll be in for a great 2021 golfing season I tried both in my fitting and ended up with the TSI 2 believe you me I wanted the 3 as I'm coming from a 915 d3 and love the shape of the 3's but the 2 just flat out performs .
  4. Beautiful , now it's time to get them dirty and give us a review on how they feel and play are they traditional lofts ? .
  5. title says it all looking for ad iz in a 5 or 6 stiff must play at least 45 inches plus , Titleist adapter would be great .
  6. I was just on their website do they not offer Nippon shafts ? congrats op very nice set of sticks .
  7. Not when I was looking at graphite design's shafts on titleist custom shaft offerings for the IZ and the ZC it said no up charge I'll look again to make sure my eyes where not playing tricks on me . I just looked and if you go to the shafts that they stock it says no up charge but then if you customize a tsi2/3 driver with the IZ in it it is a $200 upgrade , strange that it would say no up charge when looking through the list of shafts that it would say no up charge when there clearly is .
  8. I'm hoping someone can answer this question , I recently got fit for the TSI2 10' with the smoke RDX black 6.0 shaft and happened to demo a TS3 9' with graphite design AD IZ 6 shaft in it and also hit the TSI 2 with 9' head with the same shaft I'm currently gaming which I like but I found the AD IZ 6 to be much smoother now I looked on Titleist's website and they have the IZ & XC as no up charge is this a typo on Titleist's website as I've been told that these shafts where $200 up charges , thanks in advance . by the way these where demoed on a launch moni
  9. Some driver heads you need to have very fast club head speed to get the most out of them tsi3 included thats why I went with the tsi2 my swing speed is anywhere from 103 -110 mph , go and watch the TXG video on the tsi3 those guys have put it up against the Simm and the Titleist had slightly better ball speed , I think we all know that it comes down to getting fit properly and what suits your eye as all of these drivers are maxed out as far MOI goes . Also I might add that the tsi3 was the most played driver at the US open and had only been available two weeks before th
  10. Anyone demoed the p770's and the p7mc which one did you prefer and why , I'm in the market for a new set of irons thanks for your replies .
  11. Pretty much any of the male Titleist staffers will have ball speeds in the 170 mph + thats what's required to survive on the PGA tour anymore the mad bomber was only pointing out that the TSI3 heads where pretty much the same as other OEM's when it comes to the higher swing speed guys .
  12. I'd agree with what you've posted , blades definitely less forgiving , based on design alone cavity backs will have more perimeter weighting , I play Bridgestone blades and have had no issues with distance loss but I'm used to my clubs I also play blades from 5 iron up just silly not to use hybrids in the 3 &4 irons .
  13. It's all about the forgiveness now and these drivers are performing on mis hits .
  14. If these are coming I'll be all over them , really digging the look of that iron in the pic hey ping start stocking the Nippon modus in the 115 & 120 stock shaft options .
  15. If you hit the Hazardous rdx well you should be able to hit the IZ even better ,very smooth shaft .
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