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  1. Kids cost well into the six figures by the time you’re done with them, so I’d say the outcome of my winter hobby is more costly than golf. Ice fishing consists of a few larger transactions but is cheaper on a per-time basis. RC cars are expensive and it depends on the day and when they decide to break, but I haven’t done a cost analysis on that one yet.
  2. When hit on the screws, yes. Larger clubs often have larger mass distribution, vs a smaller club which will have more of its mass in a smaller, more concentrated area. You’d have to hit a nail a lot harder with a frying pan in order to get the same result as hitting it with a hammer unless you hit it in the correct spot, which is harder to find in a frying pan than it is with a hammer.
  3. I guess I have been thinking this backwards. To me, improved performance would lead to better scores and more income. I've been playing a few different JDM brands for about 6 mos. and the feel is an improvement over US clubs I've used, in over 55 years. And maybe these guys are so good, it doesn't matter to them. It feels like they play whoever pays them the most? Also very impressed with their wedges and putters. Maybe some of them are illegal for the PGA? Some stuff isn’t conforming, but a lot is. I think you’re correct in saying that they’re good enough to play whatever they want, so they play who pays most. If you’re able to play equally as well with one club in comparison to another and comes down to 7 figure yearly payouts vs a club that feels better, I’d say option A is the chosen route. That’s the chosen route a lot of times, even when they don’t hit one clubs as well as another Cough **Rory** Cough, Cough. Lol
  4. PX are super harsh. I like the results, a lot actually, but even compared to X7’s, the seemingly rare occurrence I hit a shot that warrants a rewarding feel, I didn’t get it from PX’s.
  5. A heavy head + heavy Shaft, or the other way around, or a mix of the two could all contribute to a poor combination in relation to swing weight, as well as static weight. Weight metrics aside, the shaft being a poor fit would probably be more of a contributing factor than head in this particular scenario if you’re hitting them really poorly. The head itself might not be a perfect fit, but overall it’s an easy head to hit, so I’d look to potential Shaft changes, if you’re confident in the head
  6. You’re correct. I can’t pronounce your handle, but you win. Haha
  7. The general public has no clue (ignorance was bliss in hindsight, before finding this place). That, and you really don’t get any added value from a trade in for upgraded shafts. The average golfer with the means for new equipment semi frequently will buy whatever they’re “fitted” for (hit the furthest) and trade it in when they find another club they hit better (further).
  8. Just think old North Stars colors and you won't have to think it is the team from the other side of the border! As a Minnesotan, I’d rather justify the colors with the nostalgia of the north stars than not get it because of our questionable football team lol. I wish they’d do something sleek, like the 816DBD, but apparently the colors are necessary to grab attention or something..
  9. I haven’t hit a strong UT that’s as forgiving off the turf as a 3 wood, and while it’d be easier to get the UT and 3 wood closer together in terms of carry off the tee, I’m guessing most will hit a fairway wood further, with less spin and more carry. Carry would be the operative word, I would think, in the thought process of opting for a UT over a 3W. Personally, I prefer to count on carry distance over total distance.
  10. I bladed a sand shot this summer which was inevitably going to result in skying the green by 50 yards, till I hit a tree 10 yards past the green, ball bounced back onto the green to about 10’.
  11. JDM clubs have been in the bags of many pros for a long time.. (not opening up that can of worms entirely here though lol) but the list of golfers actually sponsored by these companies is starting to grow. You won’t find the top names playing them for a loooong time however. I’d have to guess that the yearly endorsement deals for the top golfers would leave most JDM companies in the red after operating costs, and the list of golfers who play clubs they enjoy and choose not to be paid to play is even smaller.
  12. Yes, because I’m a glutton for punishment and enjoy self degradation for 4 - 12 hrs a week. Providing that I don’t get some form of health related issue that prevents me from playing, I’d have a hard time seeing my life with no golf at all. I didn’t get to play much last year and it took the better half of the season to accept that I wasn’t going to be making a whole ton of improvements in the near future and that progress would slow or halt all together for a while, but once I accepted that, it answered my question as to whether I’d really wanna golf if I wasn’t able to play a lot and dedicate a good chunk of time to my game, and since I still enjoyed it, almost more in some ways, I can say I’d like to continue playing for life!
  13. I’m a lefty, and I do lefty things. After meeting other lefties, and occasionally playing in a full group of LH golfers, all of us are mid single digit handicaps, and even then, I’ve come to realize that we approach the game a little differently. Hitting stupid shots is commonality I’ve found in us all.. Ha
  14. It takes a real man to bend his Miuras 1* weak.. Good luck with your first sale! I’ve owned the vast majority of the clubs you’ve posted here, and I’ll tell ya, there will be some sellers remorse.. lol
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