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  1. Yeah, it has been looking like that for years.
  2. Does Baywood have the new 9 open across the street?
  3. Enjoy, I'll be down there in a couple weeks also. It is my favorite track down there and is certainly a tale of two completely different 9's.
  4. ACCC & Ballamor should be your main choices.
  5. Prices cover Paypal and priority shipping to lower 48. Cash is king, no trades please. Pictures tell the story of the condition. First up is a mint TM OG Mini Driver at 11.5 degrees w/ stock Diamana stiff shaft. This does not fit the gap as I was looking for as I played 2 rounds with this and it goes as far my driver. $Sold Next is a brand new Ping G425 4 Hybrid w/ Tensei Orange Stiff. Hit 10 balls but can't even tell. $sold Last is a mint, never hit TM P790 2 Iron w/ Hzrdus Black Smoke 90 Stiff. $Sold
  6. I have not been over there in a couple of years so I can't provide much insight, sorry. One of my close friends was a member for several years and when I played with him the course was pretty much empty. I'm sure they will take care of you if you stop down there and ask to check the place out.
  7. I don't belong here but I do live a couple minutes away and run past the course several times a week and never see anyone playing. I really like the course and if my budget could afford more than Basking Ridge, I would join.
  8. I go down every year in May and my rotation is to hit Baywood on the way down then play Rum Pointe, Bayside and Links. You can play Bayside in the afternoon for $100. I was not aware Baywood finally opened up the other 9 that they have been working on for years. Let me know how it is if you play it.
  9. I'm a member at Basking Ridge and have played Fairmount, Canoe Brook, Roxiticus and Brooklake many times. If you are looking for a club that has the amenities that Roxiticus and Canoe Brook provide then Basking Ridge will not be for you. NJgolfer is right about Roxiticus as the new clubhouse is amazing and I could hang out there all day. Brooklake gets no play at all as I actually live about a mile from there and run by the course each day and never see anyone out there. Think of Basking Ridge as a glorified muni as you can pick up a weekday twilight membership for a couple G's
  10. I don't know about the other courses but I belong to Basking Ridge and there is no initiation and if you are between 30-37 then $5.5k will get you unlimited golf 6 days a week and pool privileges. If you want to get a round in to check out the course let me know and I can point you in the right direction.
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