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  1. @BIGSTU we usually play Indian Wells after one of our early rounds every year. It is a hidden gem. I really enjoy playing that course. It isn't as well manicured as some of the other courses we play but man it is a fun course to play.
  2. We were supposed to leave for Myrtle beach a week from Sunday and we are thinking about going down to Orlando and playing Bay Hill, Grand cypress and a few others if Myrtle beach gets hammered.
  3. We are supposed to be leaving for our annual Golf Trip to Myrtle Beach on September 23rd and the group we have booked through are being extremely tight lipped on what happens if they get a direct hit. From what I am seeing it looks as though there is no way we will be going and we will end up booking a trip somewhere else on short notice. We are supposed to be playing The Dunes, Tidewater, Caladonia, and True Blue. All of these courses are on the water so I figure they will be flooded between the rain and the surge. What would you guys be thinking at this point. I know my worries are very neg
  4. Your bag sounds like the very guy I wouldn't want to ask to get into my skin game.
  5. Fields Ferry in Calhoun is a hidden gem in my opinion. Fast Greens, Great Fairways, and Beautiful back 9. It is in Calhoun. Whitepath is a nice mountain course to play. It has been under new management for the last 4 years and he is starting to get it into very good shape.
  6. Tommy Howell from Red Dawn and The Outsiders plays in the same group I play with every weekend. I have lost some and won some from him. He is a great guy and a blast to play golf with. Dude hits it pretty well.
  7. We pull points on our trip and your points adjust each day. We all put in 105.00 the first day and that pays close ups on the longest and shortest par 3 of the day and pays money out to winners each day. 5.00 goes in the water pot and whoever is the last person with out hitting a ball in the water gets that pot. We have a great video of one of the guys playing one out of the water so he can stay in the pot. We have a great time. It is alot to keep up with but we have fun with it.
  8. I guess you woke up this mornin really looking for something to argue about.
  9. I did the same thing 2 weeks ago. I am really trying to break 80 this year and I had a good chance. Shot a 37 on the front with 3 birdies. Go to the back and I am 1 under through 13. Then the wheels fell off and ruined th round on the last 4 holes to come in with a 45. Still shot a career best 82 but couldn't close the deal.
  10. I personally like the guy. I would really like to see him make something happen and get his game back. I did tune in just to watch him striping a 1 iron.
  11. A green dot centered above the logo and below the number. Always green to keep your mind on the fact that every shot can make or cost you money.
  12. I love my G25 irons but god help if I fine someone wanting to trade a set of AP1's for them.
  13. A guy I work with was a caddy for 4 years on the tour. We had this discussion a while back and he said that the player he caddied for left it up to him how many balls to put in the bag but if they ran out it was his a**. The reason being he was wo had to carry the weight. He had certain items he always had to have but the balls were left up to him. He told me he usually carried 9-12 depending on the course and this was during the balata days so you know alot of balls got cut up by wedges. He also said they had pretty much a unlimited supply of balls in the clubhouse. Titleist had balls wait
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