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  1. Yeah me too. Don't really want to get get rid of it but had a rough couple weeks haha if it doesn't sell I won't be super upset.
  2. 4 driver heads up up for sale today. No trades. PayPal please. All prices are OBO. I'm very motivated but not motivated enough to give this stuff away! So let's cut a deal! Please PM me as I will reply a lot quicker! First up is a Callaway XR driver with TC stamp. 9° headcover included. No adapter $200 Now a shaft that you won't see many of. FST "The Boss" I don't know a whole lot about the properties of this shaft. There was a post about it earlier of people asking about it but as far as exact weight, flex, tragectory, and spin, I don't know. Might be a fun project for someone w
  3. No trades please. Prefer US only. Please PM me offers and I will respond MUCH quicker! Let me know if I left anything out or you have more questions! Once again, PM is faster! Circa 62 No. 2 35" SuperStroke 2.0 Headcover included $160 OBO Next up is a Titleist 913fd 15° Tour AD-MD 7x Quattrotech MCC Plus 4 Standard Grip I believe the length is somewhere around 42 3/4 $100 OBO
  4. There's an OBO there folks. Hit me up with some cash offers!!
  5. One item today!! 2014 select squareback. 34" with a super stroke 2.0 in fair shape. Head is in great condition. Headcover was on constantly when not in use. Comes with the stock headcover and I'll even throw in a mint one time pull pistolini if you want it. Posting from my phone so ask any questions about anything I might have left out. US shipping only No trades unless you think you have something really good. PM all offers $250 OBO
  6. Straight forward sale tonight! Got these from a buddy but now a last minute vacation calls for some extra cash in my pocket! Prices include shipping and PayPal. Would REALLY prefer to ship US only. Please PM me and I will reply a lot quicker. G driver head 10.5 still in plastic! G fairway head 14.5 still in plastic! G driver $275 OBO G fairway $200 OBO Hear's the kicker... BUY BOTH FOR JUST $400(FIRM)
  7. Well I'm going to cut it to the same length or maybe just a fraction of an inch longer. Which I assume would be better than going shorter.
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