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  1. Yeah me too. Don't really want to get get rid of it but had a rough couple weeks haha if it doesn't sell I won't be super upset.
  2. 4 driver heads up up for sale today. No trades. PayPal please. All prices are OBO. I'm very motivated but not motivated enough to give this stuff away! So let's cut a deal! Please PM me as I will reply a lot quicker! First up is a Callaway XR driver with TC stamp. 9° headcover included. No adapter $200 Now a shaft that you won't see many of. FST "The Boss" I don't know a whole lot about the properties of this shaft. There was a post about it earlier of people asking about it but as far as exact weight, flex, tragectory, and spin, I don't know. Might be a fun project for someone w
  3. No trades please. Prefer US only. Please PM me offers and I will respond MUCH quicker! Let me know if I left anything out or you have more questions! Once again, PM is faster! Circa 62 No. 2 35" SuperStroke 2.0 Headcover included $160 OBO Next up is a Titleist 913fd 15° Tour AD-MD 7x Quattrotech MCC Plus 4 Standard Grip I believe the length is somewhere around 42 3/4 $100 OBO
  4. There's an OBO there folks. Hit me up with some cash offers!!
  5. One item today!! 2014 select squareback. 34" with a super stroke 2.0 in fair shape. Head is in great condition. Headcover was on constantly when not in use. Comes with the stock headcover and I'll even throw in a mint one time pull pistolini if you want it. Posting from my phone so ask any questions about anything I might have left out. US shipping only No trades unless you think you have something really good. PM all offers $250 OBO
  6. Straight forward sale tonight! Got these from a buddy but now a last minute vacation calls for some extra cash in my pocket! Prices include shipping and PayPal. Would REALLY prefer to ship US only. Please PM me and I will reply a lot quicker. G driver head 10.5 still in plastic! G fairway head 14.5 still in plastic! G driver $275 OBO G fairway $200 OBO Hear's the kicker... BUY BOTH FOR JUST $400(FIRM)
  7. Well I'm going to cut it to the same length or maybe just a fraction of an inch longer. Which I assume would be better than going shorter.
  8. So I as a Christmas present to myself, I am sending a putter of mine off to the custom shop and then to BOS to basically build my dream putter. I am interested in the black metal shaft band but if I'm going to spend the extra $45 I want to know if I'm able to remove it and install it on a new shaft. I didn't know if they were epoxied on or how they were installed. Any insight on this would be helpful.
  9. [quote name='SadTrombone' timestamp='1450224844' post='12725262']I ordered my TMBs 2º weak and my MBs 1º weak. I figure I'll tweak them myself (including the lie angles) on my loft and lie machine, but that'll get me in the right ballpark. when they get in. You can get just about anything. They'll go 4º flat if they need to. I've been bending everything in my shop since I got my loft and lie machine and I'm just not sure where this whole 2º "limit" myth came from. I've seen clubs go 8º-10º in either direction (loft or lie) and not snap. You'll be fine.[/quote] The two degree limit
  10. Putter gone. I'll edit when I have a chance to get on a computer.
  11. I'm gonna say +1 on the Ben Hogan clubs... I'm only 22 but I started hitting golf balls around our yard on a set of Hogans that my great grandpa played in the last several years that he was still able to play! One of these days I'll restore them! I hit a few the other day and they still feel as sweet as anything I've played!
  12. Also the AP2s are 714. Late night BST post I'm surprised that and my grammar are the only things lacking!
  13. [quote name='practicetee' timestamp='1449832546' post='12706542']"couldn't care less" Not "could care less"[/quote] THAT guy, ladies and gentleman. I could care more about my grammar. Indiana vernacular made me this way! Sorry if I offended anyone else.
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