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  1. That sim hybrid combo wowzers very tempting right now especially with the cover
  2. I keep seeing the sims launch low!! I’m trying my sim TI 8* tomorrow for the first time.
  3. current gamer is a PXG 0811X set at 7* with a Tensei Pro Orange 70TX with a JumboMax ultralite small waiting for my PXG proto head to come and see if it lives up to the hype....
  4. Real good call on keeping the gamer in the bag! Unfortunately for me I have been on the wrong side of its goodness!
  5. When you were fit was the 34 feeling good? As someone that really needs a putter fitting, just curious why you would change?
  6. Does anyone honestly think he would really put graphite in those zero offset butter knives??
  7. NCW never fails with a nice iron. Will the buck club every become a reality?
  8. Wow didn’t realize these were $450 guess if it works who cares about price
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