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  1. > @No_Catchy_Nickname said: > > @Bigmean said: > > KC, the akira can be had for a song on auctions, sometimes in 200s. I was never drawn to them but another blade you can steal that it’s always intrigued me is the BALDO MB (I want to say 12 or some number after it?). They are flyer prices but seen plenty in $300s and supposedly forged and look really clean to me. I haven’t hit baldo anything so who knows... > > > > Akira also has the weapon to win putters from Masuda-San (Masda) If I am not mistaken(I may be). That always catches my eye.... > > Baldo MB-11 Prototypes? I have a set... > Akira/Masda Weapon to win putter? I have one... > > The putter is a heel-shafted half mallet. Nice, but the lie is a little flat for me. > Yeah, the mb11 proto (I was trying to update it I guess). Yessir. What is the deal on them, just another blade, nothing to write home about? I always liked the clean look on them on photos.....
  2. KC, the akira can be had for a song on auctions, sometimes in 200s. I was never drawn to them but another blade you can steal that it’s always intrigued me is the BALDO MB (I want to say 12 or some number after it?). They are flyer prices but seen plenty in $300s and supposedly forged and look really clean to me. I haven’t hit baldo anything so who knows... Akira also has the weapon to win putters from Masuda-San (Masda) If I am not mistaken(I may be). That always catches my eye....
  3. No need to totally forsake..... I swear with this build. I am done with irons for a decade barring breakage or if the small blades need to be stripped and restarted...I really mean it. For real..... I was on the DL myself. Cut my left hand pointer finger knuckle To bone. Did nothing, cause I’m an idiot. It got infected, finally was smart enough to go in when hand was swollen and not it is back to a bump on my Knuckle that I think I need drained/lanced. This has been like 3 weeks...So gripping clubs feels better but still hurts a little. Looking to maybe play the new set this weekend....
  4. Maybe try SW too? My 3 wood is a normal 913F with a 7X GD shaft and lead taped to a D6 and it feels perfect to me for what you are looking for. Before you go crazy in making a momentus club, try making the SW D6 or more.
  5. Interesting in shafts, In my experience I find other than feeling kick more or less, I can play R-X. Potentially getting brass shims in mail in next couple of days. I am really excited to put the roddios in those cb57s. I also hit balls yesterday with that copper onoff set and didn’t realize how much I like them as they have only seen 1 round and random shots. They are normal sized small blades, and the attas shafts make them less miura and more dense softer. Really cool set. I feel like I am now in a situation where I have too many playable sets.....I don’t think I am selling the shingos, not sure what to do with them but I won’t get what the recoil Protos are worth so I think I will hang on to them and have everything from blade to SGI covered? Argh....
  6. > @Kingcat990 said: > I'd like to see courses space tee times apart more than 4 minutes and not allow anymore than 4 in a group. Not sure what could be applied in a product format to make that happen. I haven’t played as much as I want this summer, but I walked off my last round.....just horrible, and I do this like 4 rounds a year and would like to a lot more. It literally becomes a prison out there where you can’t get into any kind of flow and it just isn’t fun. Look, everyone sucked once, I don’t care or hate on high caps, but as stated when you have a course littered with 4somes of that it forces you to: 1. Just hit balls and not play 2. Only go to higher price courses because these groups won’t go there but now golf costs you 2-3x as much 3. Not play or hit balls and just be like screw it I want to go but it won’t be worth rolling the dice. It is really bad by me and my last round had me really turned off by wanting to go at anytime, and it was twighlit when it happened. I am happy they are busy, but rangers almost need to either space appropriately or clock carts with gos and send warnings and enforce it.
  7. I recall that HFM thing going around here years ago, haven’t heard of it in a while since this post. Hopefully it really Is no more than an Inconvenience with today’s medicine but I remember the contagiousness of it being the bad part so if it is over there spreading is the big fight. The blades users Japan Regiment is looking pretty beat up....get better guys!
  8. Bigmean

    Putter/ Line

    If you mean can a putter draw or fade a ball to bring back an inside out or outside in stroke then I am sure if you hit it with high sidespin producing motion that it would fight forward roll as far as energy translating to direction in direction the spin wants to go until it loses to the powerful spin of forward roll...... but I am not sure it is something one wants to be doing on purpose... I would think this is a swing issue not a performance of club benefit. Whatever you are doing to make that happen with your putter you would probably do with Mine or anyone else’s.
  9. I buy what NR and Richard are selling on that with the plating. Maybe there are plating combos that alter sound enough to make a small difference, and there are certainly quality platings and crappy ones and all in between. Miura nickel finishes simply look better, the copper I had professionally done looked the part, and I think bright chrome has a mental association with being more clicky. I think better platings just wear better and look better. Seems stupid to say, but it is finish work, you know a good plating when you see it. You can just tell if a finish looks cheap or well done. Feel, meh....I think raw is only Thing that could be debatable on that front. You all know that I am a big feel guy, I know I can tell feels in head and shaft combos well and remember them when hitting others, but I do think the plating is really not playing a factor much or at all detectable. Yeah my mp14s felt softer after I stripped them, but I am objective enough to even wonder how much of that was placebo effect perception. My Vegas, those really were something soft raw. I feel like I could argue either side of stripping them, but how much of what we do gear wise is based on achievement of positive perceptions, and with that I am not sure I see much harm in thinking one way or another. There is a physical difference and I am sure a measurable vibration alteration, but to what degree of realistic human physical perception? My .02
  10. > @No_Catchy_Nickname said: > > @Nard_S said: > > Perhaps they could have injected some more Astro-Goo in the mattress to make it more forgiving. > > Funny you mention that. When I raised the topic of injecting "Astro Goo" with a couple of the nurses, the police arrived shortly afterwards. > I'm sure it was a language barrier thing. So I am standing at my cnc Machine reading the forums cause duh, looking at phone is how you are supposed to work in 2019, and I just started laughing out loud, literally, and one of my guys just looked over at me like WTF.... awesomely played.... NCN is crushing the wit since laid up, the golden toilet and what is “obnoxious” not overlooked in Bentley thread. Love the humor tangents.....
  11. I always thought the beds were more like mat on the floor? I would imagine that the JDM beds have Better turf interaction than oversized western beds...
  12. Mizuno makes some really good GI clubs, and has a well balanced lineup. I don’t think that is what they are saying, I think Mizuno is just the only big brand that truly makes stuff with logic instilled and creating an offering that is neither redundant, nor uneccessarily cluttered with advertising to pick up slack in moving clubs that don’t create a niche for themselves and cant be easily figured out by the consumer. Mizuno is just the best large OEM out there, like they are truly the closest thing to some boutique maker could be on the scale they are on.
  13. That sucks, and it is easy to say take it slow now, but when you can actually swing ok is the hard part. Also, FWIW, everyone here should have known that ping blades would have deep seeded evil in them. I am not shocked in the least. In memory of NCNs injury, which was clearly caused by this abomination of a clubhead made by manufacturer that has spewed hate at such a design since inception, I promise to never hit them, ever. Yes it will be difficult as my desire to hit these was already at next to nothing, but I will be strong for NCN and not endorse this product..... Get well soon brother! I know how it is, I got your back!!!!!(see what I did there?)
  14. I fought off even entertaining these despite the fact they should be the perfect cb compliment to my irons because I was so fixated on something different....seeing them and hitting in person was really an eye opener to how dumb that desire for difference was. Even if for some reason I find some faults, mark my words, I am NOT buying another iron set for at least 5 years. I am really over it, just want to play and hit balls in sim and just get away from the equiptnent end for a good while.
  15. I had that set of miurfields for a little bit. Really pretty clubs, pretty playable, but just really pretty to my eye. Went to shaft up the 1957 cbs last night and DOH....my calipers are at work but I am positive that the previous owner of the heads failed to mention that he had the hosels bored out for .370 parallel graphite shafts, this actually may have affected my purchase, but they are pretty dang clean and at $50/head I still can't complain........so i guess I am ordering shims...
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