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  1. Just received my smooth face Hakon in time for a quick 9 tonight. Love the feel of the face and distance control was very good. Putter is easy to swing and feels really stable. Pretty sure it is kicking my Piretti GOAT to the bench. Nordberg feels just as good and allows me to have a smoother stroke. Craftsmanship is excellent.
  2. Just ordered this guy that I saw on his Instagram feed. Being left eye dominant and right handed, I find that I can see my line better with a center shaft and no offset. Tried a couple of SeeMores and a L.A.B. B2 but for me they were lacking in the looks and feel department. Pretty excited that this has smooth face as I have been rolling a Piretti GOAT and have come to love the feel of a smooth face.
  3. I am looking forward to receiving my annual rejection letter as well. My wife has suggested getting tickets for the Women’s amateur event so we could go see the course in person.
  4. Piretti GOAT (sees the most playing time) Xenon Element Bradley Widowmaker Ping Anser 2 (BeCu) Odyssey Versa #9 (wife loves this putter so it’s her gamer) Looking at adding a SWAG Savage Too C to the rotation. I really get along with Center shafted putters and would like to try a mid mallet. I try to keep the collection at 5-7 putters at a time. Have sold numerous Spiders, Evnrolls and SeeMores in the last couple of years.
  5. Thanks for the review. I hope you putting continues to improve.
  6. Strokes Gained. https://strokes-gained-customs.myshopify.com/
  7. Was thinking the exact same thing. Got a laugh out of this post. Well done.
  8. I’m not going to judge anyone for buying one but 10k seems a little excessive.
  9. I own Widowmaker that has about the same toe hang as my Piretti GOAT. I bought a block a while back and it blew my away when I received it.
  10. The nearest location to me offering Quintic is 4+ hours a way. For the ultimate fitting experience, Quintic is the best way to go. SAM is great but doesn’t show ball data like Quintic. For peace of mind, I would get fitted on Quintic if possible. SAM did a great job of recommending correct loft and lie angle and ball looks to be rolling truer. I was already in the correct style of putter (blade, toe hang, length) according to their recommendations.
  11. I have not been fitted using this technology. I am very tempted in going to Bettinatdis studio to be fitted (5 hours a way). I have watched videos (TXG in Canada had videos on YouTube showing people being fitted on Quintic) though and it looks superior to SAM putting lab. They both offer club head data but Quintic videos the ball to show launch, skidding, roll, etc. I was fitting on SAM and it gives recommendations after 7 putts from 10 ft.
  12. Quintic. Depending on where you live it maybe very hard to find a location with this technology.
  13. Not from the tourney tees. I last played out there in Aug 2019. Winds were between 10-15 MPH with gust in the late afternoon (last 5 holes of round two) at 25+. Shot 81 and 86 from the Ocean Tees. Our caddy had us play from tourney tees on 5 of the holes to get the full Ocean Course experience. My caddy was awesome and probably saved me 4-5 strokes each round.
  14. Putter Spa by Jeremy Richards. Great communication, Fast service and has always exceeded my expectations.
  15. Looking at a SWAG Savage Too Center shaft putter and wondering if anyone has any experience with it. I am right handed and left eye dominant so I am wanting to give a center shafted putter a go to see if it is easier to aim. I have used a SeeMore a couple of years ago but didn’t love the feel of it. Any feedback on either Savage model would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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