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  1. I filled out the inquiry on the website about 2 weeks ago. Received an emailed quote the next day stating project would take roughly 3 weeks after payment is submitted. I accepted quote and asked him how he wanted me to provide payment. I received an email asking me to detail what I was looking to have done (head, finish, loft, lie, length, general idea of stamping, etc). I provided all the details and was told he would look things over and call me to finalize details. Have had 2 email exchanges since. One from him asking if a site circle would work instead of a site dot and one from me as
  2. My father in-law thinks the rhythm of my golf swing would be perfect for fly fishing, so I got a fly rod and reel from my in-laws. Going to get a new custom putter from Artisan, Stroke Gained or Byron Morgan ordered here shortly. Just can’t decide what route I want to go.
  3. I had the old DJ spider (black) and now have the spider x with the white insert. The spider x is noticeably softer but still gives the feedback I am looking for. I would say it is in between the spider black(firm) and red (soft) in terms of feel. My distance control with the x is much improved over the DJ model. With the DJ model I don’t think I ever left a putt short, usually blasting them bye the hole.
  4. Up for sale is a Evnroll ER1.2B. Has some slight brush marks on sole but rest of the putter is flawless. Has a Super Stroke Pistol GT 1.0 grip that has been used 4 rounds. Will come with headcover as shown. Asking $275.00. Trade interest Taylormade Spider X (slant neck or flow neck) 34 inch preferred in like condition. Specs (standard Evnroll specs) Length - 34 inches Weight - 370 grams according to website Head Material - 303 Stainless Steel Loft - 2 degrees Lie angle - 70 degrees Balance - 35 degrees toe down
  5. I had a putter made 2 years ago and it took 4-7 days on average for a response for each email sent. I sold that putter pretty quickly though. I had deep milling on the face and it did not offer the kind of feedback I was looking for. It was way to soft and muted for my liking. Craftsman ship and attention to detail were excellent though.
  6. Going to try to sneak over to Illinois from Iowa and get fitted at Bettinardi for a new putter. Hoping to find the “one” to stop the revolving door that it is my putter spot in the bag. Otherwise I am pretty content. Might look at getting a new shaft for my 3 or 5 wood. They are starting to balloon on me since my swing change.
  7. Greens are pretty soft most of the time here in Iowa. We are in a severe drought right now and still no problem holding most greens with the longer irons. Played them in many states in different conditions and they just flat out perform with my swing. Love the v-sole. Hope they work just as well for you.
  8. I play 4-Pw in the 585’s. Live in Iowa and my pitchmark with a 4 iron is usually 2-4 inches from the ball. Can hit them high and have plenty of spin (maybe decent angle) to hold the green. For me distance control is just as good as my old i25’s and s55’s. Feel is great on a pure shots and you can get feedback from less than stellar contact.
  9. Ordered in The lux knits in May. Got shipping notification on 8/20 and fed ex lost the package. My size is on back order to at least 9/21. Probably gonna ask for a refund. Going down to Florida to play Streamsong with my Dad on 9/15 and was hoping to have them by then.
  10. I just got a Evnroll 1.2 tour blade on the BST. Distance control is much improved over my Xenon Element. Like the feel, Weight and stability it offers. Going to throw a superstore slim 1.0 on it and roll it for the foreseeable future.
  11. Got a TS3 in 10.5* here on BST last week so not really interested in any trades at this time. Possibly look at like new wedge sets (Ping 3.0 or Titleist SM8). 50,54,58 or close.
  12. Up for sale is a Mint Titleist TS3 - 8.5 degree drive with HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 shaft. Club was ordered through fitter directly from Titleist. Playing length is Titleist Standard at 45.5". Club as hit a total of 7 Balls. Looks brand new. Will come with Titleist headcover and wrench. Now $285 shipped. Was $325
  13. I am 5’11, play 34” putter with 66* lie and 1* loft. Came from standard specs (34/70/3) and have never putted better. Distance control has vastly improved.
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