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  1. Been playing Mizuno for 15 or so years now. Played MP 30s, JPX 919F, and now MP20 mmcs. Loved my MP30s (still have them) and I'm absolutely in love with my MP20s. For me, the JPX model wasn't great for me. I prefer the MPs. You really can't go wrong with Mizunos irons. I also play the ST190 driver and it's fantastic as well.
  2. I'm playing to about a 3 index now and I ditched my 4iron for a 9 wood this year. Best decision I've made. I also added a 7 wood and it's now my favorite club in my bag. My 9 wood flies about 185. Soooo much easier to hit than a 4 or 5 iron for me.
  3. Both great clubs. It comes down to which turf interaction you get along with best. I play the MMCs and love everything about them.
  4. Truth is there is very little distance in all those clubs you mentioned and anything else out there. You're talking a few yards here and there. You seem to be asking questions, but already have the answers in your head and not listening to the correct answers...which are lessons first and foremost, move up a tee box and enjoy hitting wedges into greens instead of woods and long irons. Hate to break it to ya..but there is no magical 3 wood out there that will increase your distance and dispersion. Happy hunting;)
  5. I've lived in Florida my entire life and I've played for 30 years. I've always kept my clubs in my car and never had any issues with the heat effecting my STICKS. However, I had my car stolen a few years ago...I got my car back, buy not my clubs. 12 month old set of fitted Mizuno irons, a brand new fitted TS3 Driver, my bag, balls, shows, range finder, etc. SUCKED! So don't worry about the heat.. worry about thugs.
  6. Exactly... Guy takes the time to open thread, then post in it. Grow up kiddo
  7. winner winner chicken dinner
  8. Hard to beat the MMCs. If anything, maybe you should be looking at a shaft change.
  9. Why would anyone want to swing over 115 mph? I guess if you're trying to compete in some long drive competition..but if you just want to play good golf, there's no need to swing that fast. All in my humble opinion ofcourse.
  10. The most surprising thing to me of this entire survey, is that 18 people have just 1 brand throughout their bag. That's some OCD weirdness right there.
  11. The MMC with the KBS $taper is $$$$$
  12. I know my angle of attack is steep and maybe its more a technique issue than bounce, but still curious if he's suggestion makes sense.
  13. Ok so I know what bounce is, but nit exactly how it works in regards to sand play. I was playing Friday and the course had some bunkers with little sand and hard pan underneath. I had some disastrous bunker shots where I could feel the could skipping off the hard sand and sending screamers over the green. My caddy told me I should ditch my sand wedge (Jaws 58 degree 10s) and get something with more bounce. Would more bounce help with that issue? In my mind, more bounce seems like it would make that shot even worse. Thanks for any input
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