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  1. JPX 900 F were the first set of irons I was fitted for and bought brand new. I struggled with them for 18 months as I didn't want to dump them since I has invested so much time and money. I even took them to a Mizuno demo day and was "refitted" for a different shaft. Better, but just never got along w them. I actually had my clubs stolen so I was forced to rebuild my bag. Started with my old MP30s and my ball striking immediately improved. Fast forward to today and I'm playing a set of MP20 MMCs I bought off Ebay and couldn't be happier.
  2. I'm a 2 handicap and was playing to a 5 last summer. This winter I added a 7wd and 9wd. Both game changers for me. Could I hit a 4 iron decently? Sure. But I would flush one in every 5 hit. My 9wd is stupid easy to hit. Now I carry 4wd, 7wd, 9wd. Im only 46, so my buddies give me s*** for the 9wd, but who cares if your scores improve and confidence in hitting a 190-200 yard shot.
  3. I did the same. So much easier to hit and launch, then a long iron. I used to dread the long par 3 over the water, but know I look forward to using my 9 wood. I've shot my lowest scores ever with these 2 clubs added to my bag.
  4. I was looking for a 7 wood last month and decided on the Tour Edge EX10...it's quickly become my favorite club in the bag and gives me a great 220-225 yard club that is super easy to it. It seems fairly compact to my eye.
  5. As for OP question, I played MP30s prior to a "fitting" for more forgiving JPX 900 Forged. Struggled w my ball striking for 2 years, but since it was my first fitting and first brand new set of irons, I decided I had to make it work. I now play MP-20 MMCS and I'm playing the best golf of my life. Also, if you can hit MP30s well, you wouldn't have any issues with new blades or maybe better yet an iron like the MMCs.
  6. My course was punched this week. Here in Florida, they typically punch before summer and again towards the end of summer.
  7. Just get the MMCs and enjoy the perfect iron.
  8. Went from M2 HL to M4 HL and the M4 was everything I liked about the M2, but more forgiving.
  9. Good to know. For me it was a complete shot in the dark as I couldn't find many 7 woods with stiff shafts. I saw the EX10 listed with a Tour AD shaft and it was only 70.00. Figured I've heard good things about both TEE and the shaft so I pulled the trigger.
  10. Just got a EX10 7 wood and took it out today for 18 holes. Super easy to hit and used it on a lot off the tee on shorter par 4s and an approach on a par 5. Launches high and easy to work both ways. Already one of my favorite clubs in my bag and fits perfectly between my 16.5 4 wood and my 4 iron.
  11. Mizuno irons and driver Ping Putter 2 Vokey wedges Callaway wedge TM 4 wood Tour Edge 7 wood So 6 for now
  12. Love my MMCs. I almost did a combo with MBs, but decided to go full set of MMCs and glad I did. Shot under par last week for the first time ever.
  13. AVX is good for wind, but not so much for hard greens..IMO.
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