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  1. I've tried a bunch of balls this past year and I have to agree with the Snell MTB-X if you like a firmer feeling ball with tons of greenside spin. For the price, they are hard to beat.
  2. Can't go wrong w MMC. From your wish list, they check all the boxes. I'd stay away from the JPX line. I went that route once and struggled coming from MPs. To each their own, but if you want buttery feel, thin top line and some easy to hit player irons, the MMCs are hard to beat. I haven't tried many of the others because once I hit the the MMCs I was sold.
  3. Golfers are a marketer's dream. Shiny new gimmicks, then player gets giddy, uses and it's the bestest ever...then a few miss hits, a little dirty and the old unicorn comes back out of the closet or they buy into the next shiny new toy. Wash, rinse and repeat. If someone finds a new driver head to work better than anything made in the last few years, that's awesome as this game is mostly mental and confidence is a big deal. But if you 500 or more hoping to hit a new driver a lot farther or straighter...well no wonder it's named after something that doesn't exist.
  4. This is the corect answer and has been for a while now. Technology on drivers has been maxed out for years, however there will be plenty of gimmicks and talks of "speed", "forgiveness" and other catch phrases that make golfers dream of longer, straight drivers.
  5. The correct answer is of course not, but there will be plenty who get caught up in marketing hype and state how great their new driver is, only to slowly fade away back to their old reliable, or better yet, start the whole cycle over again next year...wash, rinse and repeat.
  6. I play the MMCs, but man those are just so gorgeous.
  7. Love my M4 HL "3 wood". Super easy to hit off the tee and deck and plenty long. Had an M2 HL 3 wood and loved it (stolen). It was long and felt great. The M4 is just as long and can be had for about 100.00 right now. My miss with any club is a slight pull or over draw and the M4 flies high and straight. Ok
  8. Cally SS Snell Black Precept Extra Spin Tour RZN Black TP Red Taylormade Distance +
  9. Just curious what other Mizuno irons you tried in the past were? Of course feel is completely subjective, but having played mutiple sets of MPs and a few of the JPX lines, the MMCs feel better than any.
  10. I was in your shoes and decided to go full set of MMCs w $Taper 120s. Zero regrets and my all time favorite set of irons.
  11. Played them for the first time last weekend and they are long. I gained a half club easily with my irons. The greens are my club are super fast right now, but also very soft. So I can give feedback on how they hold on hard greens.
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