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  1. The short answer to the OP is no, a lighter shaft will not make the club feel heavier, but it obviously changes the static balance of the club and the resultant swingweight and MOI. So I believe that what the OP was really trying to say is that the weight distribution of the club will change, with more of the overall weight now being credited to the head as opposed to the shaft+grip. As noted in a previous post in this thread, the golf swing deals with multiple torque axes and also angular momentum. These forces are readily felt by the golfer during the golf swing. Although the
  2. I do not. I own the wedge and the iron.
  3. Don't confuse the club's total MOI versus the head's self-MOI. Swingweight lives in the world of the club's total MOI. It doesn't not have any effect on the club head's ability to resist twisting depending on ball impact location. Note that where you add the weight on the club head to change the swingweight can have an impact on the head's MOI (resistance to twisting). This is especially true for the driver head.
  4. You're still referring to swingweight values as if they're absolute measurements. They are measurements of balance that do not account for the overall weight of the club being measured. You will readily feel changes to the overall weight that the swingweight scale does not detect.
  5. Loft gapping into your iron set does have some dependence on where your wedges currently sit. So that's a good approach and one that I have used in my own bag. Once you determine the highest lofted wedge you want to carry, the remaining clubs can be derived from there (if your goal is to have consistent yardage gapping). I specialize in optimizing whatever you bring me for a build. I do lots of rebuilds. Because I do this on the side, I don't have fitting carts for every major manufacturer (although I do have the Mizuno swing DNA optimizer). If you're looking for new clubs, go
  6. And I didn't do much of what either of the previous couple posts stated. I took enough pain meds so that I could do the Flexbar exercises (I only ever use the green bar). I did those religiously every day (twice a day). It took about 6 weeks the first time around, but then I was able to hit again with very little pain. Note that I literally didn't swing a club for 6 months and the pain immediately came back at the beginning of the new season. So I don't think any amount of rest actually solves the problem if you ever want to play golf again. The key is to use the Flexbar exerc
  7. I continued to play through the pain, but all the while using the Theraband Flexbar exercises. Those were the key to eliminating all of the pain and they are one of the most important parts of my pre-season routine to proactively avoid the problem over the past 2 golf seasons.
  8. Yep, my dad is aware of the major delay for most things Ping lately. It will test his patience, but if they're the right clubs for him I will encourage him to wait for the right stuff.
  9. I've told him that the G710 is one he really should focus on. He was excited about the G410, but it sure sounds like the G710 is the better option for what he needs. Of course the launch monitor will prove this all out. How is the black finish on the G710? Is it durable? I actually don't think he will care, but I was just wondering.
  10. You realize you just opened a large can of worms by posting all of your numbers? Joking aside, these numbers point out some other significant issues, but before I get into that, it's important to realize that none of these numbers are meaningful without proper calibration of the SkyPro. So please check that you are doing it absolutely correctly and that you know the ACTUAL loft and lie angle of these putters. I have the sneakin' suspicion that you might have "guessed" at the loft and lie or used the manufacturer's published numbers rather than measuring them yourself. What the
  11. I am now gaming the Mizuno MP-A304. I've been very happy with it, but I am eyeing the new Mizuno M-Craft Type III. https://www.golfalot.com/equipment-reviews/mizuno-mp-a-series-putter-review-2564.aspx
  12. I also was a center shaft putter guy for years until I got my SkyPro. Now I use a double-bend heel-shafted putter that has a slight arc bias. Ain't science grand? The beauty of the double-bend putter shaft is that it is easily customized to change the putter's lie angle, loft angle, offset, and toe hang. I picked up a cheap double-bend shaft bending jig and it was great to be able to dial in these aspects while getting feedback from the SkyPro.
  13. Path is fairly inconsequential when it comes to the putter. Where the ball goes is like 99% face angle. You can prove this to yourself by exaggerating a crazy out-to-in path, but with the face squared up to the target and you should see that the ball still pretty much goes where the face is pointing. So the moral of the story is to not get caught up in a very minimal path issue as long as it's consistent.
  14. If you listen to what they've said across the Autoflex videos, they are following the manufacturer's guidance because the Autoflex is a different beast. So they were comparing a fitted "gamer" shaft against what KHT recommended.
  15. Fitting scheduled for after T-day at a PGASS. Thanks for all of your input. I'll update the thread with what he ends up choosing.
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