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  1. Anyone gaming the AXS Blues? Was fitted today for LA Golf and would love to know how it compares to Accra icwt 95s. I love Accra, but very curious on LA, too. 10 more grams but no clue if anything else is comparable since it’s hard to know via their site.
  2. I hit the LA Golf AXS Blue today and was very impressed with them. Felt very stable and I was getting much better ball launch and height than any of the others. I have a set of Accra icwt 95 at home I was considering using, but haven’t hit them to know how they’d stack up against the LA’s. Anyone have any thoughts? I love Accra.
  3. Some straight down stuff is USA made. Illiac also has some expensive USA made. We need more USA made for golf!
  4. Thanks for the input guys. For me either way I am flying to SV or BD. It’s good to hear different perspectives on here. Being his first and maybe only in next 5 or so years, I think time and budget is the biggest concern. For clarity, Bandon is superior in my opinion. Nothing beats it. I was more curious on perspectives given the short time for a trip and given its this guys first trip. I don’t think SV will be a disappointment. I think he is leaning hard on that since it’s driveable for him. And if he hasn’t had any experience on a golf trip, it may hit the mark and be special without him realizing what he would be missing out on.
  5. Guys - I am planning a short two man trip. I’ve been both places but this trip is for my good buddy. Just the two of us and his first golf trip. He is pressed for time and only 5 hour drive. Any thoughts on if you’d work hard to convince him to go to Bandon over Sand Valley? Max of 3 night trip and he will want to minimize all costs. Any insight in comparing the two will be helpful.
  6. Have your hotel call. I stayed at the Cape and they setup the Q for us. Great day!
  7. I think it would be interesting to see the Tesla approach. I see it as a win-win. I assume he doesn’t need the capital based on reading through stuff. If I, as a potential consumer, put $1k down with him and it saves me a spot in line, but I get an assigned spot knowing that I was #310, so in the next 11 months I will have my turn, then I can deal with that. I have personally stopped trying to race people each time, because I have been sniped multiple times with a putter in the cart. It’s hard for me to give them my money. Good problems to have, but once production does eventually ramp up, you’re going to want more people looking to drop $2k on a putter. I’d be willing to fund all or part of my order now in order to ensure a spot. Tesla also allows you once your spot is up to delay your order or even cancel and get money back if you couldn’t wait that long. It may even mean by the time I was up, I want it so bad, I spend more on custom orders and all the headcovers and ball markers that were released until my order was up. Right now, I have realized I’m not going to ever get a putter unless I reserve a night of release and then have a less than half percent chance of getting a putter. Because of this, I’ve stopped buying other accessories because I don’t want to have everything but a putter or a Lamb cover on a Betti. For the business, it is a great story to say we have a waiting list 2 years long right now. You’re not dealing with the customer service issues of defending yourself over development or favoritism. I also think of someone like the Packers. Everyone knows how special season tickets are and those are decades in waiting. This increases the value for existing customers and those who want to pay stubhub or partners more can buy them for an elevated cost like some of these partnerships mentioned. There’s probably not a great solution and maybe Tesla is as polarizing, but there has to be a better process for the consumer and the business. Just some additional dialogue that is something constructive and not negative.
  8. Picked up the Rosche and walked a tough 18 in them yesterday. Unreal comfort. Downside is not waterproof. No slippage for me at all. Fresh out of the box my feet never felt better. I have worn nearly every brand and these are one of the absolute best for comfort assuming they fit your feet the way mine do. Great work by Nike.
  9. What did you go for? Just a donut marker. Seriously not a big deal or not being a “moaner”. I have two head covers from last year. I’d probably lose a marker, just enjoy their products and craftsmanship and love supporting small business.
  10. I grabbed one item and immediately checked out. Sniped. I suppose it matters what you pick.
  11. Had a single item in my cart each of the last three releases. First time it was a putter release. Major bummer. Then saw an IG post about sniping and the issue wasn’t supposed to happen. It wouldn’t happen in future releases. Next release, I had a donut in the cart and immediately went to pay. Nope. Didn’t wait. Didn’t add multiple items. Didn’t delay as I had a profile setup already. Third time was today. Refresh, refresh, refresh. Finally the site opens. I add a marker and go to pay. By the time I sign in and pay, the marker is gone. Crazy! Waste of time and effort. Reminds me of Apple creating a line when you know they likely have iPhones in the back room. Oh well. I’ll spend my money elsewhere again. Given I have been able to add products now to my cart only to have them gone with assurances this wouldn’t happen again makes me less interested to try for a fourth time.
  12. Extremely disappointed with Kronos. I reached out to them on their “wait list” for a putter several months ago and heard nothing from them. Recently, I reached out on Instagram and nothing from them. My mind is blown that I’m trying to throw $500-$1000 their way and I can’t even get a response from them. I’m shocked by this. I guess I’ll make the trek to Linksoul and be educated by them about someone else’s product.
  13. I ended up going to Sand Valley. What a place. I figured I had the whole day and didn't know the next time I would have the opportunity. Whereas with Erin and Whistling I think I can swing in a half day from where I would normally have future meetings. SV is in its infancy stages of greatness. This place is going to be amazing. The first course, SV, is a great track and has sprawling views of the property. The routing is great and the C&C design fits naturally on the land they have. The bunkers are wonderful, but I luckily only found myself in two fairway bunkers. I think you'll enjoy it more with a knowledgeable caddie. I had Adam and he has been there since day 1, so he knows his stuff well. Greens roll good, but not fast. It is a very playable track and I would love another crack at it. I think the flow of the layout makes for an enjoyable round for all skill levels. I also got a chance to play the 9 hole preview. It was the first day for 3 additional holes at Mammoth Dunes. Wow! That's going to be the signature course for sure. DMK seems to be hitting a HR here. The massive dune off the right of 1 plays nicely into an opening hole and then hole 2 is an amazing design leaving a tree on the hole the draws your eye toward it and a blowout bunker that seems as big as a lake. Amazing hole. The uphill hole 4 par 3 reminds me of hole 16 of Bandon Dunes uphill that can be trouble for anything short and right. Then that hole is followed up on 5 with a breathtaking view of the full property. Just awesome. All in all, by next year with both courses fully open and the par 3 course nearly open this place should be a great destination you could easily be entertained for a 3 day trip. Splurge on the caddie as you'll save on the low cost of food and a fair priced round.
  14. Hey guys I'm headed to Milwaukee and will have a free day. I will have my clubs with me for some work stuff and trying to decide if I go to SV, Whistling or try somewhere in the Chicagoland area. Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.
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