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  1. Oh wow, I can now replace my Dad's Wilson ProStaff blades with absolute confidence... LOL
  2. I've entered the Smoking hot Custom Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge Giveaway!!! Black Satin 50* wedge with really cool custom GolfWRX logo laser etched into it! Sweet, very sweet!
  3. I signed up for the Bridgestone email I want to win Bridgestone e6 golf balls I predict US Open final score 276 My youngest son, who lives a couple of miles from Torre Pines, just took up golf. Torre Pines is one of the BEST PUBLIC GOLF COURSES to ever exist.
  4. Where are you located (State - US Only Please)? CA Preferred Model (Blade or Cavity Back)? Why? Cavity backed because it gives increased forgiveness Preferred Sole Grind? Why? (feel free to post pictures of your local conditions) Heel to toe for tight lies and firm turf. Prefererd Finish? Why? Black Oxide simply because it catches my eye Preferred Lofts? Gap Wedge 50, Sand Wedge 55, Lob Wedge 60 If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing review thread? We require you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the wedges. Yes indeed I'd love to participate in the ongoing review thread providing hi-res quality photos and wedge reviews.
  5. I'd love to try the new Rogue shaft as I've only know off the rack shafts... I'm a wee bit older and a high indexer so maybe a regular stiffness would work best for me. Thanks for the opportunity.
  6. Awesome way to end the season... NEW SHAFTS... Woowhoo! [attachment=2459713:TrueTemperRecommended.JPG]
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