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  1. Great Topic. I used to play X100. Was fitted a few years ago to the S400TI. I'm looking now to go to the AMT white X100 hardstepped once in my 5/6 iron and then either s400 or x100 on up. I hit my 5 - 190, 6 - 180. Looking for 1-2 extra yards and height to space out yardages in set. @jkc2867I'd recommend looking at something like this possibly just the AMT white. 170-175 on a 6 iron isn't long and it may also help some spacing. I also gather you're at least in your 40s, correct? Age may start may start gradually slowing down our swing speeds.
  2. It's been a few years since i've seen the numbers but Gaston was lower than many private and from what i've heard a pretty nice track.
  3. Thx for that link. I enjoy reading these articles. I do like that more courses spray the fairways. It makes it easier to see the ball and is visually pleasing to me. I agree that it doesn't really baseline the difference. Quite a few courses will turn 'green' in Aprilish but inconsistent temps doesn't really allow the Bermuda to fill in. If there was a way to consistently get 4+ weeks of grass in the spring every carolinas course would move quickly towards it. I wish more courses though would figure out a better plan for tee boxes, at least the prim
  4. 4-6 weeks earlier it says. That's pretty hard to believe. That's a 7-10 deg difference in temps not to mention the sun isn't as high nor out as long. Maybe 2016(assuming that season) was a little warming in the sprint to begin with. I could believe something like 5-10 days ahead but that's it. For all my years in the carolinas some springs it is greening up in March, others like this past not until late May. I'd place a bet on it costs less so the sup's are playing it up.
  5. Not overseeding isn't a trend that is just starting. It moved to that more than 10+ years ago. Painting fairways is the trend that is starting.
  6. Trip like these are great and you will remember them for a lifetime. To the point above it would be good to know where from and why you're looking to go here. The weather in Mt Airy will be very hit or miss this time of year. If you have flexibility it may be worth scouting out driving a few more hours south. It could be 5-10 degrees warmer and limit frost delays or even courses closing. I'd also note depending on the days of the week and if it ends up being some warmer than usual days the courses will be packed most anywhere.
  7. From what I recall a year or two ago you could however the member couldn't book the time way out in advance.
  8. My question is if the S400 shaft is 132 lbs, are the S400 AMT 9-W shafts essentially the exact same shaft with different stickers on them? The weight is the same.
  9. I like this schedule. 36 holes is tough with the daylight/weather and these courses - Greens are bermuda, covered most nights, and play can't start until after 9/10am. Also a fair chance a day will be a wash. With that said: Day 2 - You could do Pine Needles and ask about playing 9(or more) holes at Mid Pines when completed. Day 3/4 - Maybe schedule #2 the first day in case of weather...gives you a day to play it in case. You could do the same here and shoot for 9 holes or more post round. Day 5 - Play TR. Hopefully you got some of #8 in on day 3/4.
  10. @SAM_PGA- are you still liking this? @[email protected]_PGA Any thoughts on if hard stepping just keeping S400 or X100 shafts in the short irons(8-PW) instead of switching to the white? I didn't know if they're exactly the same when the weight matches. I have played x100 in the past, currently s400TI and now into my 40s and may have lost 1-2mph of swing speed when I step on it. I'd really like to add 1-3 yards and in my 4,5,6 irons as well as a small bit of height to hold firm greens. Thanks much! Current w Srixon 765 4iron
  11. Best shape of the year in Sept. You would just want to doublecheck if/when they did an aeration of the greens in August.
  12. Where are you coming from? Your tolerance for cold could be quite a bit different if it's like MN, WI, MI vs say Indy. Also places like Pinehurst or the top half of the RTJ trail 1 in 3 days will be closed due to the cold. If you want value and the days you take off are somewhat flexible you could wait until last minute when you expect the weather to be reasonable.
  13. I've mostly planned my own trips or the people I went with planned it. With that said if you're going with a larger group or to certain places that an agent has better access to tee times, may be more unknown to us like Ireland, UK, etc I would look for an agent to at least do some of it.
  14. I would do November before March and even April anytime. Turf conditions - The courses are just going dormant the beginning of Nov vs the spring they've been dormant for 5 months. Often much better conditions. Rates - Often a little better in Nov. Daylight - Nov can play 8-5:30. March 8-7:30 after daylight savings. Rain - Not overly an issue. typical you get 2-3 days a month where it may be more rain than you'd like to play in. Courses don't dry out overly well either season though slightly better in later spring with more and higher sun.
  15. MidPines/Pine Needles often have very good winter prices. I'm actually surprised that Kiawah doesn't raise their rates on their winter deal. They'd surely remain booked while charging more.
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