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  1. I used to play practice rounds with a buddy where the hole would be worth x and the person closest to the center of the green in regulation would be worth 2x. This is on a course with very fast greens that generally slope front to back. It's amazing the scores you can post from the center of the green.
  2. You may want to look at Titleist as their surefit hosel allows you to adjust loft, lie and face angle independently. A B1 setting will open the face and flatten the lie .75 degrees, getting you to 57.75 lie, while keeping loft at 15 degrees. The problem with the TM hosel is as you open the face, you go down in loft and up in lie angle. Never understand that design as if I'm trying to open the face the last thing I want is for the lie angle to increase. Callaway's newest FW's do not have adjustable hosels.
  3. Well the guy I'm speaking about is 29 years old. So doesn't really fall into the "kids who work it both ways" or the "60 year year old with a stock shot" category. I remember one of my favorite Kenny Perry quotes although I'm not sure if it's true or not. He was asked what he does for pin tucked on the right side of the green. He said, "I hit it to the middle of the green and 2 putt for par". He was then asked, "what do you do for a pin tucked on the left side of the green". His response..... "I make birde".
  4. I don't think being able to hit it both ways is a requirement to playing good golf and competing at high levels. I'd rather be very good at working it one way than average at working it both ways. A friend of mine and member of my club has won the state mid am (and player of the year) along with multiple club championships and competed in multiple USGA Am and Mid-Am events. He hits a slight draw on every shot. It's boring at times, but the scores don't lie. Seems to work for him.
  5. I was just asking which video the original post was speaking about. I realize there are probably comments about both.
  6. Sorry for being an idiot, but which video are you guys talking about? The new No Turn Cast Video or the Efficient Swing video? Or both?
  7. I couldn't even name all the putters I have in my house right now without looking!
  8. Quick question, I've had the planemate for a while, used it sporadically, but went back and watched the protocols last night. I'm struggling with the downswing. During the "delivery position" protocol, they talk about how you don't want the band to go completely limp/loose. I can't do this!! Does this mean I'm not maintaining my width?
  9. I was faced with the same decision. Got good numbers from both on the monitor. The 9* was longer, but my mishits were worse due to lack of spin. I ended up ordering the 10.5 with a slightly heavier (70g) shaft to get launch down. My thinking was I could always adjust the loft down, and since I play a draw anyway, lofting down in a TM driver typically works for me. Well, I was WRONG on that for the SIM max. I tried lofting down and was fighting the right side of the course. It was awful. Given that you already play a fade, I don't think you are going to want to loft down. I adjusted back to sta
  10. I got my set in January. Same setup.... $ Taper 120's. Coming from a set of 900 Forged with PX LZ 6.0's (lofts set 1 degree weak) I was looking for a bit more launch and spin. The 900 Forged were in my bag for the 3 years and that is a record by about 2 years ..... so needless to say, I loved them. Best set of irons I've ever owned. That said, when I first got them, it was miserable here in GA...... cold, wet, windy. I was really struggling at first with the distances. I expected to lose about a 1/2 club per iron, but this was substantially worse. My first action was to check lofts and lies an
  11. This is a great video and Kisner is fun to listen to. Simply put, move the sternum and handle at the same speed and keep the handle in front of your chest. When I start to struggle I always come back to this.
  12. Just got the t20's and they are super easy to flight down and come stock with the Tour Issue s400 shafts so those will help as well.
  13. Partially explains why I love my SIM Max 10.5. I got it and tried setting the loft "lower", but that just opened the face and I was missing a lot of shots right. I moved it back to standard and I've missed 2 FW's in my past 2 rounds of golf and they were small misses. This thing is great.
  14. dachtor

    Vokey SM8

    Tried them at a Titleist demo day at my club. Found the D grind to be awesome. Stupid easy to manufacture all kinds of shots with and really forgiving with turf interaction.
  15. Reading the book, watching the video, taking a few lessons changed my golf game for the better. I went from a high single digit hdcp to a scratch player. The game became fun. You can take the principals too far though, as I did, and have spent the last few years undoing a bit of it. I agree on the marketing and reputation comments. If you follow the Stack and Tilt social media groups, it's so contentious there it's really quite sad. I look at other examples of golf instructors on social media like Mike Bender, George Gankas, Andrew Rice, etc and their approach is so different. The S&T crow
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