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  1. Trackman is good for numbers, but if you want more distance, as mentioned before you need to get into the center of that clubface more. You want a smash factor that's averaging around 1.48. The only way to do that is to improve your swing to become more consistent at returning the club face square to target at impact. You'd benefit more from swing advice, than trackman advice, imo.
  2. Can you change my username to GolfSINC, please and thank you.
  3. If you haven't sold it by the end of next week. Let's talk. I'm in Skillman.
  4. Can we please have seller and buy feedback? I could be missing it, but it was always helpful to know who we were buying from in the past.
  5. GolfSINC

    Toulon Garage

    Just checked the site. I know they did some updates, but it appears that the Austin is no longer on the list for custom putters. Anyone know why this is?
  6. > @Laznasty said: > You have an instructor and he can't give you a recommendation for iron shafts? He knows your swing better than any of us This 1000%. We don't know your tendencies, misses, trajectory, any of it.
  7. So pumped to watch him play this week!
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